19 Prisoners in solitary confinement, thousands demonstrate in solidarity

[ PIC 18/04/2012 – 10:40 PM ]

NABLUS, GAZA, (PIC)– There are still nineteen Palestinian prisoners in solitary confinement, in the Israeli occupation prisons, according to Tadamun International.

Ahmed Al-Betawi, researcher at Tadamun International for Human Rights, said in a statement to Quds Press Agency that “the end of the solitary confinement is one of the most prominent demands for which Palestinian captives in the occupation prisons launched their indefinite hunger strike

The families of captives from Jerusalem and the religious and national figures demonstrated on Tuesday outside the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem and handed out a statement to reporters in which they demanded the release of all prisoners unconditionally

It called on the international community and human rights institutions to compel the occupation forces to respect international law and to stop its repressive measures against more than six thousand Palestinian captives, including 258 from Jerusalem and appealed to all the factions and leaders to end their division and participate in the Prisoners’ Day

Meanwhile, in the Gaza Strip, thousands of Palestinians demonstrated with alongside representatives of all Palestinian national and Islamic forces and factions and prisoners’ families in front of the Red Cross headquarters in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners and calling for the need to support them so that they can regain their freedom.

Dr. Ahmed Bahar, deputy speaker of the Legislative Council in a speech pointed out that 17th April is a historical day and is considered the start of a third intifada to free the prisoners
For his part, Minister of the Prisoners’ Affairs, Atallah Abu Sabeh, stressed the importance of the support from Arab and Muslim states calling on those who have diplomatic relations with the occupation state to sever them. While the former Minister Hisham Abdel Razek stressed on the importance of national unity and called on the Arabs, the Muslims and all the human rights international institutions to support the prisoners.
As for the ex-prisoners, they stressed that supporting the prisoners requires ending the Palestinian division
The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s employees also stood in solidarity with prisoners at the ministry’s headquarters in Gaza emphasizing their loyalty for the Palestinian prisoners and calling on the international human rights organizations to intervene to help prisoners, especially the powerless detainees as the sick, the elderly and the children

Also the Awqaf stressed on the nation’s duty to support the prisoners who launched an open hunger strike and revealed it was writing to Imams of Mosques around the Strip to remind them to include the prisoners’ issue in their Friday sermons.


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