The BBC Scotland Headquarters were occupied, hundreds of demonstrators marched in solidarity with the Karamah (Dignity) Hunger Strike, and three people were arrested, as people in Glasgow marked Palestinian prisoners day yesterday.

Before midday on Tuesday, over 30 activists entered the BBC Scotland building demanding mainstream media coverage for over 1200 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails who have embarked on an historic indefinite hunger strike for their rights as political detainees.


The demonstrators occupied the main lobby, flew Palestinian flags and chanted “BBC shame on you, put the prisoners on the news” and “Dignity, Karmah, we support the Intifada”. The police were soon called and asked that protesters leave. The occupiers, however, instead demanded a meeting with BBC Scotland management before doing so, and after 3 hours of negotiation this request was finally granted.

Four representatives from the ‘We Are All Hana Shalabi’ network met with Ian Small…

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