Eisner hits with his M16. Let’s hit back with some Facts ~ The Danish Beauty & The Israeli Beast (updated with full video of assault)


April 19, 2012 ~ by occpal

Andreas Ias from Denmark is a humanitarian activist who was touring around in Uja with his Palestinian and European group of peace activists when they were stopped by the zionist occupation forced and for half an hour sang songs when he was attacked by satanic kippah wearing light of the Nations’ own Shalom Eisner.

An officer but not exactly a gentleman. Although “Israel” thinks otherwise.

Eisner apparently overdosed with testosterone and dripping of aggression used the butt stroke technique to down a beautiful non violent and unarmed Danish young man who was singing songs and enjoying the Palestinian Nature with his comrades.

Israeli media (and especially zionist brainwashed fans) lauded the attack on the cycler and even called Eisner:  “A real man.

Factcheck: Behold the “Real Man”…

The PR (Damage Control) campaign starts….

Bibi stated

“The incident does not reflect the values of the IDF. It will be investigated thoroughly and will be dealt with sternly,” said Gantz and “considered the incident to be very serious”.

Oh serious. Well that’s something.  Especially hypocritical to the summum!  The same  “butt stroke”  Eisner gave the Danish man, is one of the first of the most deadliest combatstyles teached in for example in US Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) as well as in Israel.  IOF teaches it’s newbies these standard skills in their first-week training as part of one of the many “disciplines” of this Krav Maga technique (the others cover the  rest of the whole spectrum of any possible physical violence imaginable) which, as usual is deployed on solely unarmed people.  For anyone holding something which even (not) looks like a weapon will be shot at range before the “chayal” becomes in need of becoming “physical”.

A M16 buttstroke aims the head, by turning the torso and keeping the M16 in line with the bowed underarm, concentrating the impactpower and speed up to 20MpH. Which reaches an impact on cheekbones of 138lbs and if aimed at the jaw of 184lbs. Reminder that some Israeli sources even lauded the barbarian Eisner for his “self-control”.

Values? Self-control? Or not?

So according to Bibi these are not Israel’s values. Lets behold these “values” for a moment. Even if not at physicial range at all, IOF’s elite hunters shoot people at long range as it seems merely for fun.

Where Ultra long sniping, normally deployed by an army to target command-,  control personel – or to take out communication – Israel uses it to extrajudicial execute or assassinate at ranges over 2,430 meters (2,657 yd/1.51 miles). Even if not ultra long sniping for example the 2000 HTR can be “effective” and in precision at a range of 1200 with a maximum of 1500 meters,  apparently enough for “hunting-games” in Gaza. Targeting farming children, men and even women.

Like yesterday.

An Israeli sniper shot a woman in Gaza who was working on her land on a 1 Mile distance.  Surely his visor was not of enough quality to distinguish the possibly potato or tools in her hands from a Kalaznikov at only 1 Mile distance? But he could see well enough to aim a woman at work in her head.

Imaginary values and self-control is even a group-thing in “Israel”

Another example of Israeli “values” and combat techniques. Don’t let them fool you this neither would be immoral and not representative for Israeli “values” for the technique of breaking bones was officially unleashed by Yitzhak Rabin who instructed the troopers to break  arms and legs of Palestinians, when they began the first Intifada in 1987.

On July 12, 1990 Israel’s Parliament decided not to investigate charges about the breaking bones policy, by the same – always in denial of their crimes and refusing to self-investigate those- Israel, while it’s own soldiers testified at Colonel Meir’s trial saying Rabin and other senior commanders told them privately that beatings should be used to punish Arabs known to be troublemakers and a company commander under Colonel Meir, testified in April that he was told by Colonel Meir to ”break the arms and legs” of Arabs ” because the detention camps are full.” Full story

Factcheck: You don’t need words. Just watch & make up your mind

In 1988 against the backdrop of the first intifada HaMoked was founded. An Israeli organisation whose aim it was to help Palestinians who got wounded, disabled or otherwise violated by the “broken bones” policy. The story of Wa’al Jawda, the victim in the worldwide broadcasted video can be read here.

Eisner sees no need to be televised!

The “real man” stated:

‘What’s more important, fulfilling the task or looking good for the camera?’ according to YNet

So behold: This is called doing a job. Surrounded by at least 7 soldiers hitting an unarmed man to the head:

Which brings us exactly to the point. Self denial, mental disorder, normalization of excessive violence, white washing and covering up crimes which are in reality daily, common. As well as the facts that for decades now straight policies of violence are being deployed on unarmed Palestinians which merely become a “problem” and “not representative” for “Israel’s values” if they get televized!

Yet after the butt stroke, Krava Maga basics are standard training for the zionist occupation troopers. Israel hides behind an appalled look and it’s leaders “issue” a so called condemnation to polish up the PR campaign (Again. Like they did after the televized version of breaking the bones).  Again. Exposed.

What Israel really wants….

"The Harsh truth of the camera-eye" Photo by Moztastic

Is that you stay the hell out of Israel, especially with your camera’s but even not even get in so you will not witness this, what goes on in real life, day in and day out. So they can continue their aggression and disproportional violence and ethnic cleansing on the Palestinian people without being seen. Without getting exposed.

The butt stroke is nor an incident nor needs Israel’s firsters to show their acting skills in looking appalled for they aren’t!  The attack reflects very clear and without any addition of more words the nature of zionist sickness and violence which is daily deplyed on man, women and even children, and Israel’s expletives now recall a form of  “seriousness”  because truth and reality was exposed by media.

For Israel, the exposure of this video will not change their violence against Palestinians or those who support Palestinians. It does not harm their ego, their violent nature, they do not even bother about the damage to a head of a beautiful peaceful unarmed international yet only bother about P.R.

The same reason that makes activists in general or non-violent missions like Flotilla1 when 9 people were assassinated, Flotilla2 which was merely sabotages and sailors put on a genuine-to-silence-“hitlist” by zionists, Airflotilla1 & Airflotilla2, Global Marches and everyone even attempting to be a friend of- or help to Palestine a danger for Israel.  For those who saw are able to recall. To convey something about Palestine’s harsh reality under occupation. And is unwelcome or nowadays declared persona non grata, not received with any hospitality but violence and even with more than displayed in the video above.

These are no incidents. If you check this blogs video section you will find numerous videos of internationals being beaten, shot, wounded and even killed during weekly demos across the West Bank where even visiting diplomats get gassed. Press and journalists  routinely are being targeted so you won’t witness the truth they film or to prevent they write such down equipment is ransacked. Stolen. Demolished or confiscated.

(Works… as long as Israel’s own troopers do not “show off” their mental disorder themselves: Israel’s own Abu Ghraib Style Trophy-Pictures)

Factcheck: When the camera runs….

Say gveenah (cheese)… You’re on camera!

This video shows how Israeli are indoctrinated into believing racist fallacies and how the de-humanistation of the Palestinians is the real obstacle to peace.

Factcheck: Fear for the eyes…

Click to enlarge

Lately in the light of the new “threat” to Israel’s credibility and to block possible exposure Israel not only undertakes world wide efforts to bar activists like Andreas Ias but even has become as paranoia for “foreigners” who could become a witness that Israel nowadays makes people sign a form in which they declare not to involve with anything Palestinian at all on possible punishment and sanctions of detention, deportation and even permanent denial of entry.

Factcheck: Violating Palestine and International Rights

Click to enlarge

Using literally beyond all moral and imaginary human standards of banning people from boarding in their own country for not being “Jewish” (Written proof of Air France). Violating rights, not even from Palestinians, but remote control also the right of free movement of European citizens and abusing the same recently signed aviation agreement with Europe solely for it’s own good while transgressing all rights towards humans. To sustain the lies. The Myths. To be able to sustain and exploit the global rape by zionism.

To ensure, one does not even become a witness of the ugly reality of occupation.

Eisner did a “great job…”

In exposing himself.  Debunking the myth of the most moral army in the world. In the same week in which thousands of non violent people in a humanitarian mission Welcome to Palestine were brutally kept out, some still detained in the newest Israeli attempt to silence and avoid exposure; the “soldier” Eisner achieved to get even more attention from worldwide media ON HIS OWN than all the voices of all the barred flotillas and people of conscience could produce together.

Where thousands traveled for days, endured hardship, violence by behest of Israel outside the “forbidden zone” Eisner achieved a global buzz with one butt stroke of an M16.


Video released showing Israeli officer attacking multiple activists, contradicting his claims

April 20, 2012 | by @Samikishawi | Sixteen minutes to Palestine weblog

Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner was filmed striking a Danish activist in the face with his M-16 weapon on Saturday during a pro-Palestine bicycle rally in the Jordan Valley. Eisner argued that he was provoked into attacking the international solidarity activist, but new footage released by B’Tselem reveals that Eisner attacked five different individuals, none of whom threatened Eisner or provoked the brutal force used on them.

In statements made after the original clip went viral, Eisner regretted beating the activist in front of cameras. He also claimed that the Danish activist, identified as Andreas Ias, had been hostile towards the senior officer and had physically provoked the attack.

But footage just released by Israeli human rights group B’Tselem shows that no such physical provocation occurred before Eisner attacked Ias and other activists.

Eisner was dismissed from his post following the incident.

Why Israel bars people: Truth, does not bother Israel. Muting does.

The state of Israel with all it’s arms technology, to the teeth armed troopers, who are able to kill with bare hands and rifle butts, dressed with the most advanced protection gear does not fear cyclists biking through a Jordan Valley. It does not fear a fishing boat on which people try to catch a fish to sustain their family. It has war ships. Drones. Tanks. Long range missiles. “Domes”, F16’2 and Drones. And yet.. it fears the most non violent of all: Eyes that witness truth

Think again…
And keep your eyes open…

More about Israeli’s propaganda war : Israel’s Own Web War Declaration

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