Occupation Punishes the Hunger Strikers

[ Palestinian Information Center 19/04/2012 – 09:25 PM ]

WEST BANK,GAZA, (PIC)– The prisons administration started, in provocative moves, imposing strict measures and harassing Palestinian prisoners as a reaction to the mass hunger strike in different occupation prisons.

The Israeli Metsada special forces, specialized in storming prisons, broke into Ofer prison with the support of the so-called Nahacon forces, on Thursday morning, and assaulted the prisoners and fired gas inside their rooms.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Prisoners Affairs confirmed, in a press statement, that the occupation prisons administration has isolated the hunger strikers in individual rooms and sections, cutting off electricity to prevent any kind of communication with external events, and threatening to remove them to unknown destination.

The Palestinian Centre for the Defense of Prisoners affirmed that the occupation prisons are witnessing a high state of tensions and confusion, where the Israeli oppression units heavily armed used tear gas and batons to oppress a large number of prisoners in more than three prisons so far, especially of the hunger strikers.

These Zionist provocations aimed to stop the prisoners’ hunger strike that demands basic human rights in the prison and an end to the unjust laws that have been applied against them for several years.


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Hunger Strikers, Risks for Health & Life

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