PA pressures Fatah prisoners to not participate in the hunger strike

[ Palestinian Information Center – 20/04/2012 – 07:25 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Sources from occupation prisons told PIC on Thursday that the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah pressured prisoners affiliated with Fatah movement to not participate in the Hunger strike, which was launched three days ago.

The sources added that the PA leadership ordered imprisoned Fatah leaders in occupation jails to not participate in the strike organized by all factions arguing that Hamas is using this campaign to divert attention from its own internal divisions. As a result, a division appeared amongst prisoners belonging to Fatah, between those who want to participate in the strike despite the PA opposition and others who want to submit to Fatah’s pressures.

Some prisoners said that on the day the captives’ movement announced the strike they needed all political support. Instead, they received a stab in the back when the PA sent messages to Netanyahu and when Nimer Hammad, advisor to President Abbas, stated that the liberation of prisoners using arms is suicide, not resistance.

According to observers, the prisoners’ strike leads to confusion within the PA that has proven its unwillingness to encourage the public to support the captives because this would lead to the destabilization of the occupation’s security as well as marches and confrontations with the occupation that may end with Martyrs

Ex-prisoners told PIC’s reporter that this strike is the first of its kind since the last strike of 2004 and which ended without all the demands of the prisoners being met and with many promises being reneged on by the occupation.

The hunger strikers were sure of public and media’s support for their cause. They said: “Setting up tents in solidarity with our cause is good, but not sufficient. The support must evolve to be more popular so that the occupation will notice the seriousness of its situation in case of not fulfilling our demands which are no more than our legitimate rights.


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