The Anti-Defamation League run by Abe Foxman on a $100 million dollar annual budget is dedicated to smearing the names of those whose views it opposes, and suppressing free speech.
Comments by any Western intellectual claiming, as did Grass, that it is Israel, not Iran, which is a threat to world peace would have evoked criticism and condemnation. The fact that they were made by a German raises the decibel level dramatically. And the fact that they were made by an individual who for decades concealed that he volunteered to serve in the Waffen SS, the German killing machine of Jews during World War II, brings the reaction to still another level.
Words from Abe Foxman …. not me.
Words that fit into the mentality and dishonesty of one of the most hateful individuals in the United States.
Words that prove Gunter Grass is correct in his…

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