PALESTINE NEWS | April 21, 2012

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
Apr 21, 2012 | 23352 Days Since Al-Nakba & Gaza has been under siege for 1774 days

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URGENT: Administrative detainee Zuhair Lubada suffering serious health deterioration

Palestinain detention against Intl. law _ VIDEO

How many walls will secure the Zionist regime in Palestine?  ~ by Franklin Lamb

Prisoner society challenges Marwan Barghouthi confession report

33 Days: Israel’s War on Umm Abbas

South Sinai governor: Israeli travel warnings aim to affect tourism in Egypt

Sawaf: Ramallah Festival disregards the prisoners’ suffering

The Wall, 10 years on ( Part 4 ) Trapped on the wrong side

This Sunday, 60 Minutes’ Bob Simon to cover exodus of Palestinian Christians;cnav

IOF soldiers quell Beit Ummar weekly anti-wall march, wound 10

Dutch veto against condemnation of settlers’ violations

Israel’s jailors storm prison cells, confiscate prisoners’ belongings | #IsraeliJails #PalHunger

EU condemns Israeli eviction of Jerusalemite family from its home

German medical delegation to arrive in Gaza Strip

Witnesses: Soldiers cordon off neighborhood after explosion

More new photos: Rebuilding homes, Fasayil Al Wusta, Jordan Valley, Apr. 20, 2012:

Israel agency raises tax-exempt US, UK funds to put settlers in occupied Golan Heights, northern Palestine

@Najib_Mikati @alifakh @jou3an that’s not true! He’s still inside. We are waiting outside and in contact with their families.

New way to steal land: ‘Strong men wanted to legally evacuate Arab squatters’

PHOTOS | Farming action in Beit Hanoun, north #Gaza Strip, Apr. 21, 2012:

Report: Vice PM says settler removal to collapse Israeli government

‘Flytilla’ organizers eye future fly-ins  | #Airflotilla2 #Airflotilla3

More new photos: Bilin weekly demonstration, Apr. 20, 2012:

The siege in the sea: Accompanying Gaza’s fishermen under attack by the Israeli Navy by @rosa_schiano

April Memories: Deir Yassin Remembered

Occupation to cut off electricity supply to Palestinian hamlet

Meet #Israel: Israeli settlers assault UN delegation in al-Khalil

PHOTOS | Beit Ommar weekly protest, Apr. 21, 2012:

Israeli radio: Grand Mufti’s visit to Jerusalem was in coordination with the IOF

Aéroport de Tel Aviv : le courage des opposants israéliens (vidéo)

Le Front de Gauche solidaire de la mission Bienvenue en Palestine

Bienvenue Palestine : Mustapha Barghouti et Mick Napier répondent aux mensonges israéliens (Vidéo)

Burin Youth Center targeted once again: 10 youth arrested in 200 soldier raid

Israeli forces assault 5 non-violent anti-Wall demonstrations, 1 demonstrator #critically injured

IOF soldiers arrest 5 Palestinians in Al-Khalil

Pro-Palestine Scottish activists return home after detention in Israel | #Scotland #Airflotilla2

Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners join the hunger strike

#BilalTamimi arrested by #Israel because it fears #TRUTH captured by a camera: Here’s 1 of #BilalTamimi’s children:

#BilalTamimi arrested by #Israel because it fears #TRUTH captured by a camera: Here’s another of #BilalTamimi’s kids:

IOF soldiers suppress peaceful march in Yatta, arrest five

Addameer Calls for Continued Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners as Mass Hunger Strike is Launched

Christine Milne is ignorant of #BDS & Israeli crimes against the environment, especially Palestinians’ environment.

Nablus residents protest against rubbish dump

“Jews do not support Zionism (the return to the land called “Israel”) and why the Zionist ideology… What is Zionism?

Israeli Soldier Reveals 1948 Palestinian Genocide and Zionist Ideology of Ethnic Cleansing

Video from Nabisaleh demo: Min 6:00 Israeli army attacked Palestinian women Min 7:30 Arresting cameraman Billal Tamimi

Israeli undercover unit’s murder of Palestinian civilian was part of “training exercise”

Video by Israel Puterman from the demo yesterday against the Israeli #occupation in #Nabisaleh

Photo: Rebuilding homes in the #Jordanvalley in a village demolished 3 times Palestine Occupation #Israel

More new photos: #NabiSaleh weekly demonstration, Apr. 20, 2012:

Israel Counterterrorism Bureau calls on Israelis to leave #Sinai, citing immediate threat – Haaretz

Ralph Nader: The Prisoners In Gaza, Their Blackout Nightmare – OpEd

Settlers Attack Local, International Law Professors In Hebron

PA expects written reply from Netanyahu

Israeli violations of international law (12 – 18 April 2012)

Recently released prisoner brutally murdered

PRC denies accusations it fired Grads at Eilat

Haneyya: Palestinian prisoners are victims of ferocious Israeli campaign

#GazaUnderAttack | IOF artillery shelling targets Beit Hanun

Israeli democracy was dead on arrival: Peter Beinart’s “Crisis of Zionism” reviewed (Rod Such – Electronic @Intifada

‘Hunger strike a signal to world’s oppressed’ ~ by @LinahAlsaafin (Al Jazeera)

Welcome to Palestine | 2012 | Bienvenue en Palestine | Check-point à/in #Roissy #France – VIDEO

Palestine football star seriously ill from four-week hunger strike

How Palestine became israel: (a very sad story that sets the record straight) The Catastrophe, aka: Al Nakba

Wilf’s Colonialism Denial ~ by @YousefMunayyer

Jewish Chronicle Editor Threatens Lawsuits Over White Supremacist Blog It Hosted

Zionist Occupation Forces Storm Al-Khalil and Jenin

Republicans eye $680 mln for Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ shield

4124 Pre K 88,000 on incarceration per child

To #US #OWS #Occupy Write your congress to stop cuts on education/health and especially on FUNDING #ISRAEL’s war!

While #US disabled get CUT from AID
#US funds more bombs so #Israel can bomb off legs of people in #Palestine

After 30 BN $ of #US tax payers sour earned money Americans now choke up additional 680 MN$ for an Israeli dome”

Israeli settlers assault UN delegation in al-Khalil

Settlers Attack Local International Law Professors In Hebron: Extremist Israeli settlers attacked on Friday loca…

NYT’s Isabel Kershner completely misses the point of any and all development in the Naqab with this piece…

one of Kershner’s many gems: “The Jewish National Fund, a century-old Zionist group most associated with planting trees in Israel made an unusual strategic investment of $3 million in a twist on the early national ideal of trying to make the desert bloom.”

it seems like Lone Star Communications is involved in promoting the solar energy project that NYT focuses on,

German firm Siemens partners with ethnic cleansing anti-Palestinian racist group JNF in Israeli solar project.

same Lone Star Comm. that got Kershner’s former boss, Ethan Bronner, into hot water last year

No bombs today on Gaza but bullets from the Israeli soldiers. The daily life under the siege. Gaza today


آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
Apr 21, 2012 | 23352 Days Since Al-Nakba & Gaza has been under siege for 1774 days

For news of previous news days | Daily News Overviews

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Continuous updates..

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