Israeli ISP Bans Access to Tikun Olam Website ~ by @Richards1052

Tikun Olam – By Richard Silverstein – April 22, 2012

Israeli isp blocks tikun olam

Thanks to an Israeli reader who was visiting a Haredi community, Beitar, and tried unsuccessfully to access my blog.  Using the ISP Etrog, he received the following message:

Dear User,

This site is blocked by Etrog Internet.

In the event that you think this is an error, click here…

With blessings,

Search Content Staff

Apparently, for Israel’s ultra-Orthodox community, Tikun Olam ranks up there with pornography and snuff films.  This begins to remind me of Google’s troubles with the Chinese censors who banned websites sympathetic to such dissident movements as Falun Gong.  So mazel tov, users of Etrog, your minder/censors have determined the ideas at this site are too threatening for you to be allowed to see.

If I wanted to be charitable I’d acknowledge there is a post featuring a picture of a scantily clad Israeli club DJ and one post that makes a reference to gay pornography (in a totally non-prurient manner, I swear).  I suppose it’s possible that a Haredi search for such naughty words/images might’ve determined my site was treif.  I’ve written to the ISP to determine the reason I’ve been banned.

Welcome to Israeli democracy!

Source and more at Tikun Olam, which if you encounter a block, can easily be accessed by using a porxyserver… even in Israel!

Truth does not matter for “Israel”. Buttons Do. To mute.

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