Egypt Cancels Gas Deal with Israel (including update) ~ by @Zeinobia

Egyptian Chronicles (For REAL NEWS from Egypt) By @Zeinobia | April 22, 2012

Al Arabiya News network has reported from short awhile ago that Egypt has cancelled the gas deal with Israel today from one side.
Haartez has published that the National gas company in Egypt “EGAS” has notified EMG that it will cancel the gas deal with Israel on Sunday. Of course this word “will” means that it is not confirmed 100%. There is no official reaction from Cairo or Tel Aviv up till now.

The Israeli media consider this a breach to the Egyptian Israeli Peace agreement. According to some experts in the Egyptian Israeli peace agreement there is nothing about gas deal to Israel. There is nothing regarding Jordan though as it is a deal originally between two companies “EMG” and “Ampal

The decision was taken after the public hero aka Masked man has blown up the gas pipeline of gas to Israel and Jordan nearly 14 times. There have been many theories about who really stood behind these explosions. On public level there is a complete refusal for exporting gas to Israel in Egypt whether before or after the revolution. The Egyptian parliament after the revolution has demanded the government to stop exporting gas to Israel.

Already Hosni Mubarak and Husseim Salem as well former minister of oil Sameh Fahmy are accused of exporting gas to Israel among the charges… Read more at @Zeinobia’s blog

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