Solidarity activities are continuing in parallel with the hunger Strike | #PalHunger

[ PIC 25/04/2012 – 09:35 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Palestinian prisoners continue their mass hunger strike for 9 days running to claim basic rights and stop occupation violations against them such as isolation and strip search, in parallel with popular solidarity activities in occupied WB, Gaza strip, occupied Jerusalem, and European countries.

Lawyer Jawad Boulos,head of the legal unit in the Prisoner Club, stated that 150 prisoners have joined the hunger strike and a 100 other prisoners in early May despite the repressive measures against the strikers.

Prison sources affirmed that prison administration is trying to meet the strike leaders individually in a desperate attempt to break the strike.

The detainee Shallaldah stressed on the prisoners’ unity and strength in face of the prison authorities’ plans and measures, insisting that the strike’s aims are not only to improve the prisoners’ conditions but also to achieve freedom for all of them, according to Boulos.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ahmed Bahar, Palestinian Legislative Council Vice President, stated, in a set-in organized by the resistance forces alliance and Waad association in the Legislative council in solidarity with the hunger strikers, that the solidarity activities will be continued in coordination with the prisoners strike, stressing that they will continue to support the strikers till achieving their freedom, and calling on the PA to stop negotiations with the occupation and to respect the prisoners’ sacrifices.

For his part, the released detainee Tawfik Abu Naim said that all the released detainees in the last deal and all the Palestinian people and factions are all behind the prisoners’ fair and legitimate issue, calling on the resistance factions to unite and liberate them from occupation prisons.

Meanwhile, the resistance forces declared their loyalty to the prisoners’ issue who are the heroes of this battle, they said. They also warned the prison administration that they will stand by the prisoners and react against any physical assault on them, stressing that the Palestinian liberation is through resistance and not negotiation.

They have also stated that the Arab and Muslim support to the prisoners’ issue do not live up to the prisoners’ sacrifices and suffering, pointing out that the prisoners’ issue has an Arab, religious, and humanitarian dimensions, and calling for more support from the Arab spring countries.


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