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PalestineJN | April 26, 2012

Dear All,
Many peaceful supporters to the successful Palestinian campaign “Welcome to Palestine 2012″ were denied access to their flights going to Tel-Aviv. As a result I have decided to boycott those airlines that yielded to the pressure coming from the Israeli apartheid regime. Thus I urge each one of you to send your complaints to those airlines and let them know that you are excluding them from all your future travels. Let us show them that their uncalculated and biased actions did not pass unnoticed. If Israel uses its cash power to terrify those airline companies, then let them know that we hold equal if not greater power!!
For your convenience I have included below some links through which you can have a direct access to the complaints section on their websites and send your complaints directly to those airlines:
Below is a complaint I have sent to Air France, you can read their reply to me as well (I have removed my personal details in case you wanted to forward this e-mail.. Please send your complaints, it makes a HUGE difference!!! Together we are stronger!
Thank YOU for taking part in this!
Note: Please forward and remember to delete email addresses when doing so.
Air France:
Swiss Air:
Brussels Airlines:
Jet2 (unfortunately they don’t have an online complains section, but you can either phone them up or write them)
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Air France
Dear Mr……,

In application of the Chicago convention, Air France like all others airlines, has to refuse to board any passenger declared non admissible by the destination country (Israel).

On all flights to Tel-Aviv, the Israeli authorities systematically control the passenger list. No aircraft is allowed to fly to Israel without their approval.

On flight AF4384 Nice-Tel-Aviv on 15 April, the Israeli authorities asked to question one of the passengers. As the passenger’s response did not satisfy the Israeli authorities, the passenger had to be disembarked at their request.

Like all other airlines and in application of the Chicago convention, Air France complies with the legislation in force in the countries where it operates.This also minimizes inconvenience to passengers during disembarkation.

Thank you for your understanding.
Best regards

The Air France Web Support Team

Société Air France, Société Anonyme au capital de 1 901 231 625 Euros, immatriculée au registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de Bobigny sous le numéro d’identification 420 495 178.

Siège social: 45 rue de Paris 95747 Roissy CDG Cedex

Le message d’origine suit : ————————

Title…………………………….. :

Last name…………………………. :

First name………………………… :

E-mail……………………………. :

Do you have an Air France or KLM card?.. : No

Your message………………………. : I am writing you this message to let you know that I was very much disturbed by the actions you took against supporters of Palestine who wanted to fly from France to Israel with Air France and were denied access to their flights! As a consequence to your hostile measures taken against peaceful supporters to the suffering Palestinian people, I decided never to consider Air France in any of my future travels and I will spread the word out about your blind support to the apartheid state of Israel, hoping this would give you a chance to review your non-civilized actions and make you reconsider similar future ones!

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