Azhar called on the nation to support and protect Jerusalem from Zionist plans

[ PIC 25/04/2012 – 09:50 PM ]

CAIRO (PIC) — During a speech, on Tuesday, to the Egyptian Conference to break the siege on Jerusalem, Sheikh of Al-Azhar Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb emphasized Egypt’s and Al-Azhar’s support for the Palestinian people and to breaking the Zionist siege imposed on occupied Jerusalem explaining that supporting Jerusalemites in their battle against the brutal Zionist occupation is a deep-rooted doctrine for the Arabs both Muslims as well as Christians.

The Conference was held in the presence of representatives of the Episcopal Church, some Arab labor organizations, civil society organizations, and the Jerusalem committees of the Arab Doctors Union and under the framework of the international campaign to break the siege of Jerusalem that will be launched on 15 May in many countries.

Al-Tayeb emphasized on Al-Azhar’s support for the campaign, for Al Aqsa Mosque and for the Palestinian people expressing its rejection of the Zionist entity’s attempt to change Jerusalem’s identity. He called on Muslims, Arabs and Arabic and international organizations to protect both Islamic and Christian landmarks and appealed to all Palestinians to unite in the face of Zionist practices.

Meanwhile, the Episcopal Church’s representative Minister Gabriel Yinnie Gabriel asserted that Egyptian Christians will join the Muslims in this campaign.

The director of Al-Azhar’s Department of Information Dr. Mohamed Jamiaa called for unity between all Arabs appealing to Palestinians from Fatah and Hamas to reject their differences and coordinate their efforts in the face of the continued Israeli attempts to judaise Jerusalem.

Hani Sharif, General Coordinator of the International Campaign to break the siege, announced the escalation of activities supporting the steadfastness of Jerusalemites, stressing on the need for an Arab, Islamic and Christian unity. He further affirmed that breaking the siege needs resisting the Israeli criminal practices, and not visiting Jerusalem under the Zionist occupation.

The Egyptian Conference to break the siege of Jerusalem includes intellectual meetings and social, cultural, parliamentary and public activities in different provinces with the participation of different Egyptian bodies to support the international campaign to break the siege of Jerusalem, which will be launched on 9 May and to which many of the Arab, Palestinian and international institutions will participate.

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