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April 26, 2012 ~ by occpal

Last night in Jaffa, peace activists of Zochrot were besieged for reading names of villages which were ethnic cleansed by Israel in an attempt to commemorate the Nakba of Palestine.

They got detained. Like him. 
More photos and the video of the event can be seen here


Today Jpost reports several Palestinians got arrested in an attempt to lay out posters

Now that’s something! They didn’t even use glue!

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On September 25, 2011 zionist settlers glued posters all over the west bank with a Call to kill Arabs

The crazy settlers glued racist posters  along the Jerusalem-Hebron road, and around all settlements extending from the southern part of Bethlehem district to the northern part of Hebron.

Some of the posters read “We Will Slaughter All Arabs”, “This is the land of our fathers and forefathers”, and dozens of similar racist posters.

The settlers also camped in Palestinian farmlands and orchards south of Bethlehem, and preventing the residents from reaching their own lands.

Settlers living in the city of Hebron also hung Israeli flags and racist posters threatening to kill the Palestinians and calling for their expulsion.

That’s not all!

The “Jewish State”‘s settlers is turning the West Bank of Palestine into a genuine Wild-West. Although… this is no 18th century cowboy story, but 2011  when they declared a bounty hunt on Palestinians. Wanted dead, not alive

Settlers handing out bounties up to  100.000$ to kill 2 Palestinians who just we’re released after receiving a PRESIDENTIAL PARDON  by the president Peres in the exchange agreement so Israel got Gilad Shalit back, ALIVE and well treated and eventually as he stated himself to be treated that way and even was in a good shape.

The only democracy in the Middle East?

Lo! And behold, this is free speech in Israel! Yet only valid if your one of God’s Chosen of the “Holy Land of Israel”. Not to forget it was Netanyahu who called Sinai the Wild West just 2 days ago. (For what it’s worth…) Make up your own mind about that!

So don’t use “glue” unless you’re a “Jew” because aside using posters, real wild-west-behaviour is solely allowed for by  zion-only Chosen ones!

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