#PalHunger | Palestinian prisoners remain steadfast despite the occupation’s tyranny

[ PIC 25/04/2012 – 09:58 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian captives in occupation jails continue the battle of “empty stomachs” against the Zionist violations showing great steadfastness and heroic resistance in face of the occupation’s plans to break their will.

Mazen Fokaha, the spokesman of the high national committee for the support of prisoners, told the Palestinian Information Center that the exact strikers’ number is unknown but he confirmed that most of the occupation prisons had joined the strike and that most of the isolated prisoners are from the captives’ leaderships.

He predicted that if the strike continues and more prisoners join the strike and if the solidarity activities continue, the strike will surely succeed and all the prisoners’ demands will be achieved.

He also added that the high national committee for the support of prisoners is going to organize a number of solidarity activities, marches, and sit-ins in support of the prisoners’ strike.

The released detainee Nidhal Moines, 42, who spent 9 years in the occupation prisons, said in a press statement that the prisoners are determined to go on the strike until achieving their rights despite the occupation brutal and bitter measures, calling for more support and more solidarity activities all over the world.

Meanwhile, prison administration continues its violations against the prisoners by launching a wide campaign of movement in lines of prisoners, in addition to confiscating prisoners’ private possessions, according to prison sources.

The International Coalition to Break the Shackles, in the meantime, stated that the prisons service is doing its best to weaken the prisoners’ determination, pointing out that they tried to negotiate with some prisoners individually to stop the strike but it was in vain. The coalition called on international human rights organizations to stand by the prisoners and support their demands.

The prisoners confirmed, on Wednesday afternoon, that they continue the hunger strike which entered its ninth day, calling to step up solidarity campaigns with them on all levels, pointing out that the prison service tried to benefit from the Fath-Hamas conflict but the captives’ leaders refuse to accept any negotiation before achieving the prisoners’ demands.

The detainee Abdullah Barghouti, a leader in Izz el-Deen al-Qassam brigades, said, in an exclusive interview with “the Palestinian Information Center” on Wednesday (25-4), that there is no compromise in the battle of “empty stomachs”, stressing that they will continue their strike until their demands are met.

He added that he is in good health condition and he will resist with all his brothers in occupation prisons, stressing that this strike aims to put an end to the aggressive, repressive and brutal practices of the occupation, and called on the resistance to capture more occupation soldiers to exchange them with Palestinian captives.

Barghouthi called on the Palestinian people to rise up against the occupation and its lackeys and sent his greetings to all Palestinians, Muslims and Christians, wherever they are. He also greeted all people who love and support Palestinians around the world and thanked the PIC for highlighting the suffering of Palestinian prisoners.


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