Financial corruption and internal conflicts in Ramallah government

[ PIC 27/04/2012 – 06:04 PM ]

RAMALLAH,(PIC)– Conflicts and differences are plaguing the unconstitutional Fayyad’s government and Fath authority in Ramallah over decision-making positions.

Mashour Abu Daka, Palestinian Authority’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology, resigned after he had accused the PA Attorney General of being involved in illegal censorship of several Websites.

Pro-government media confirmed that Fayyad had immediately accepted Daka’s resignation, claiming that it came under planned ministerial changes within the government that official media have talked about over the past few weeks.

It is believed that Abu Daka’s resignation is related to his role in exposing the Palestinian Authority’s censorship of websites critical of Mahmoud Abbas. “Blocking websites is against the public interest” Daka said, adding that there is no Palestinian law that permits Web censorship and the attorney general knows it.

This new dispute came at time where the differences have been deepening between Fayyad and Abbas over the letter that Fayyad refused to deliver to Netanyahu.

Meanwhile, other differences have appeared where sources confirmed that Yasser Abed Rabu has been removed from his post in charge of PA media in response to Fatah pressures that came as a reaction to his support for Fayyad’s government.

Multiple sources confirmed that Abed Rabu-Fayyad’s team, is still pressing on Abbas to adopt the team’s vision using western financial support, pointing out that there is a hidden conflict between both teams with an American, European and Zionist intervention.

Fayyad’s government, which always claimed transparency, has passed through many bad times where many of its ministers had resigned and others tried for corruption. This is what happened with the ministers of agriculture and economy, and now the Foreign Minister, Reyadh al-Maliki is being investigated.

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