Israeli Occupation punishes captives for going on hunger strike | #PalHunger

[ PIC 27/04/2012 – 09:58 PM ]

A reconstruction of an assault on Palestinian captives

GAZA, (PIC)– The PFLP’s Palestinian Prisoners Committee said that a number of its captives at Megiddo prison were punished for going on hunger strike.

The committee said in a statement on Friday that occupation forces launched a vicious attack on the captives to break their will to continue with their battle for rights and that a number of comrades including leaders Hasan Fatafta, Thabet Nassar and Fada’ Zughaibi, in Megiddo prison were assaulted.

The committee added that the prisoners were then led to an unknown destination and the captives were warned that there will be more assaults until they stop their hunger strike.

High Morale

The Palestinian centre for the defence of prisoners earlier said that all the captives in occupation jails enjoy very high morale, adding that prisoners expressed, through short messages they sent, that they were steadfast and determined in the face of the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) which is trying to break the strike in any way possible.

The centre said in a statement on Thursday that the IPS tried to negotiate with leaders of the captives’ movement, but these negotiations failed as the captives told the IPS that there is a strike committee which they can negotiate with.

Quoting the prisoners, the centre said that they are going through this fight (the hunger strike) for the just cause of achieving their human rights, stressing that going on hunger strike was their only option to achieve their just demands which have been guaranteed by international law.

The captives said that some isolated prisoners have been moved into cells fitted with 4 cctv cameras to be watched around the clock. Prison administrations have also resorted to denying captives their clothes as a means of punishment for their protest. In addition, electrical appliances and salt have been denied to captives in a desperate attempt by the occupation to break the will of the captives. The captives also said that the IPS is not providing medical treatment to captives to increase the pressure on them.

The captives said that they expect broad support in their fight for justice from the Palestinian people and all free people around the world and called on the media to intensify coverage of their open-ended hunger strike to pressure the occupation to listen to their just demands.
More than 1600 Palestinian captives in occupation jails started an open end hunger strike on 17 April to demand an end to the policy of solitary confinement (some prisoners have been in solitary for almost 10 years), visitation and education rights as well as an end to administrative detention without charge or trial.


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