Palestinian prisoners are still steadfast until demands met | #PalHunger

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[ PIC 30/04/2012 – 07:00 PM ]

OCCUPIED PALESTINE, (PIC)– Head of the Legal Unit at the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS), Lawyer Jawad Boulos, confirmed that the detainee Bilal Diab, 62 days on hunger strike, collapsed during the lawyer’s visit at Ramla Prison Hospital on Sunday.

“During my conversation with him he suddenly dropped the phone and his face became pale then he fell off his wheelchair unconscious,” Boulos said in a press release, adding that he called on the guards to help him and they took him to a hospital room where he was revived.

He added that Diab is in a very bad health condition where he is suffering from a non-stop pain, in addition he became very thin and pale and he finds hard to speak or move, imploring all the medical and human rights organizations to visit the Ramla Prison Hospital where prisoners are dying.

Diab who is administratively detained without any charge affirmed that he is continuing on hunger strike “until freedom or martyrdom.”

Meanwhile, the Higher National Leadership Committee of the Prisoners’ Struggle in occupation prisons confirmed that the prisoners, on the 13th day of the open hunger strike in a row, are stronger than before and more determined to continue it until their demands are met.

The Committee explained in a press release published in “born free” the Hamas prisoners website, that the only spokesman for the dignity strike is the committee that was elected by the strikers themselves in all occupation prisons in occupied Palestine and no one but it has the right to negotiate on their demands.

There are about two thousands Palestinian prisoners in occupation prisons who went on an open-ended hunger strike since the 17th of April where they are determined to continue the strike until their demands met.


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