Abbas Sayed calls for immediate support for the striking prisoners | #PalHunger

#5MayPPSolidarityMay 5: Mobilize in support of Palestinian political prisoners

[ PIC 01/05/2012 – 07:13 PM ]

SPECIAL TO PIC– In a letter leaked from his isolation cell in Gilboa prison, Qassam leader Abbas al-Sayed called on the Ummah’s scholars, Secretary General of the Arab League, Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the benevolent rulers, kings, princes, and ministers to stand for the prisoners in the battle of empty stomachs against the occupation.

In an exclusive letter to PIC, Sayed called on the released detainees especially those who held positions of responsibility inside prison, who had previously gone on strikes and made plans which they sent to those outside jails to spare no effort to muster the support of official, popular and diplomatic sides all over the world. To those ex-prisoner who blamed the outside world for their passivity, he said please practice what you had known by heart in jails and to act to free the prisoners.

Sayed said that the enemy’s media are unprofessional and immoral, calling on national media to highlight the prisoners’ issue and suffering.

He asserted in his letter that the steadfastness of captives and the support of Palestinian people is the only way to achieve victory, pointing out that the occupation is violating all international laws and even its own laws in inhuman ways.

He added that he knows nothing about his brothers in administrative detention who went on hunger strike for more than 60 days, praying for their safety.

He called for shortening the hunger strike by escalating the support, revealing the occupation ugly face to the world, and exposing the occupation’s violations


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