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youth against settlement statement regarding Issa Amro arrest:
ارجو متابعة اللغة العربية بالاسفل:

the Israel Occupation arrested the coordinator of youth against settlements Issa Amro

The occupation forces arrested the Coordinator of Youth Against Settlement, IssaAmro,

Wednesday afternoon in Al-Shuhada Street in Hebron.
The arrest happened during a tour organized by YAS to a group of British MPs in the Old City,

Al-Shuhada Street and the areas bordering settlementsin Hebron.

Amro was arrested in Al-Shuhada Street underthe pretext of violating a military order by

trespassing into a closedarea, which has been closed for years.
Ahmed Amro, Issa’sbrother,

said “it’s getting too much that we feel that targeting my brother is personal,

rather than being merely a questionof regular occupation practices.

He has not committed a crime when he walked in Al-Shuhada Street, which is a Palestinian property.

What is happening has no explanation except that…

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