Israeli concerns increase as hunger strike broadens | #PalHunger

[ PIC 02/05/2012 – 08:54 PM ]

OCCUPIED PALESTINE,(PIC)– The Ahrar Center for Prisoners Studies and Human Rights has confirmed that the prison service resorted to a new way to discourage and intimidate prisoners against going on hunger strike.

Fouad Khuffash, the director of the Al-Ahrar Center, affirmed that the prison service distributed to the strikers medical bulletins in Arabic, warning them from the negative consequences of the strike on their health, in an attempt to intimidate the prisoners.

He added that the prisoners did not show any interest to these bulletins where they collect them and throw them out of their rooms, saying to the prison administration “we will continue to strike until our demands are met”.

He noted that the prison service is extremely disturbed by the strike, trying to end it by any way as soon as possible before it expands more. He said that prisoners are determined to continue the strike.

Meanwhile, the director of The Prisoners Studies Centre, Raafat Hamdouna, said in a statement that the prisoners’ strike became a political and security issue to the Israeli occupation government. Despite the huge urgent political issues especially the early election, the Israeli PM is following up the strike issue with deep concern.

Hamouda stated that there is an unprecedented Israeli occupation political offensive towards the Palestinian prisoners, where many occupation ministers called for enacting laws to crack down on prisoners.

The released detainee Hamdouna called on the Palestinian, Arab, and Islamist organizations, human rights institutions and media to work for the prisoners release and to press on the occupation and decision makers in EU to intervene to end the prisoners’ suffering.

About 2000 Palestinian captives in occupation jails went on hunger strike since 17 April to protest their incarceration conditions, the policy of solitary confinement for years on end against some prisoners and administrative detention without charge or trial.

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