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آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
May 3, 2012 | 23364 Days Since Al-Nakba & Gaza has been under siege for 1786 days

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#PalHunger – 3000 Palestinians fight for Human Rights & Dignity

“Surviving Israeli jail: Torture, humiliation and giving birth”:

#PalHunger | Ameer Makhoul: still shaking the foundations of Israeli apartheid after 2 years in jail

‘Israel tightens inhumane siege of Gaza’ – video

#PalHunger | Fayyad: Israel PM responsible for prisoners

#PalHunger | Palestinian Prisoners Remembered – Palestine Chronicle

66 Days: Bobby Sands died, Khader Adnan lived, Bilal and Thaer struggling to survive

PHOTOS | Protest in support of prisoners, Jerusalem, May, 3, 2012:

PHOTOS | Rally in support of prisoners, #Gaza City, May, 3, 2012:

#PalHunger | Fascist police violence on civilian protesters at Ramle – May 3, 2012 – More and Live updates, as well as Video here :

Palestinian Resistance Shifts to Hunger Strikes

More new photos: Protest in support of prisoners, Ofer prison, May, 3, 2012:

More new photos: Protest in support of prisoners, #Ofer prison, May, 2, 2012:

#PalHunger | Fascist police violence on civilian protesters at Ramle – May 3, 2012 – Video

More new photos: Protest in support of prisoners, Ramallah, May, 3, 2012:

#PalHunger | Police violence & arrests of activists who attend demo at Ramle – May, 3, 2012 – Photography

PHOTOS | Protest in support of prisoners, #Ramle, May, 3, 2012: by @activestills

Hey presto! Now it’s kosher: tricks that make settlements ‘legal’

#PalHunger | Russian activists call on UN to press occupation to fulfill prisoners’ demands

Ward Kayyal, 15 years old @Majdkayyal’s brother, has been evacuated to hospital after severe beatings by Israel’s democratic police.!/RanaGaza/status/198116614221217792

Arresting a young man leads into a hard confrontations in Silwan

Anees Khatib one of 15 arrested at Ramleh prison demo was tasered after his arrest! Israeli police displaying its bestiality!/LinahAlsaafin/status/198115148148383744

The PA tv carrying out a show in nablus downtown near the prisoners tent. they r interviewing prisoner families

Prisoner on hunger strike collapses in court; judges postpone ruling

#PalHunger | Arab League to hold urgent meeting on Palestinian prisoners

#PalHunger | Courtroom drama: Tibi treats unconscious Palestinian prisoner,7340,L-4224424,00.html

#PalHunger | Israeli court postpones hunger strike appeal decision

Illegal Settlements Bonanza: Israel Plots an Endgame ~  by Ramzy Baroud

First Step to Peace: Conquering Nakba Denial

#PalHunger | Abu Daka: Web controversy obscures hunger strike

NOW at #PalHunger demonstration in front of Al Ramleh prison: 25 injuries and 8 arrests by #IOF soldiers.!/Gazanism/status/198101441020305410

Qatari fuel aid to Gaza facing Israeli obstacles

Israel issues more house demolition orders to Jerusalemites in Silwan

Photo of @Maathmusleh as police arrest him outside ramle prison during #palhunger demo

Another protester was just arrested in Ramleh, while waiting outside the police station after the solidarity demo with the hunger strike!/PSCC_Palestine/status/198099506338861060

Interview with the Joudeh Family-#Muslim Custodians of the Key of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher

PHOTOS | Israeli Forces Demolish Restaurant in Beit Jala, May, 3, 2012:

VIDEO | Ofer demo in solidarity with prisoners – Apr 3, 2012 – By | #PalHunger

First photos from police attacking #palhunger demo outside ramle prison, at least ten arrested

Land supervisors are trying to erase Palestinian lands so they pass them under the settler’s name

300 protesting in #Ramle in front of prison administrative hospital for #PalHunger

Prison guard refuses Israel Sup Crt Justice’s order to let Dr. MK Tibi treat Palestinian prisoner w/o a written order

Solidarity hunger-strikes begin in Gaza City

Israeli public preps for elections: Just ‘don’t mention the war!’

Israeli military court refuses appeal for release of MP

Israeli concerns increase as hunger strike broadens

Resheq: Report on Mishaal-Olmert contacts sheer lies

#PalHunger | Joint Call for Action | Palestinian Political Prisoners Subject to Collective Punishment as Mass Hunger Strike Continues

#PalHunger | Israeli military court delays decision on two hunger strikers

IOF kidnap noted Hamas figure in Jenin

Omar Abu Shalal’s sister:”I demand that Abu Mazen take a stance on this issue which is one of the pillars of our cause”

Captive Abu Sebaa faces hearing loss because of medical neglect | #PalHunger

Extension of detention for 3 kid and 7 youth in Silwan

The child Suhaib was arrested 3 times and now is serving a house arrest

#PalHunger | Teibi: Occupation responsible for lives of captives

Gravely ill Palestinian hunger striker faints in court as Israeli judges sentence him to slow death

#PalHunger | The Massive Palestinian Hunger Strike: Traveling below the Western Radar – Foreign Policy Journal

‘US wants an Egypt supportive of Israel’

Two children were arrested in Silwan

The era of Bronner corruption @rudoren must fix continues with Kershner’s scandalous malpractice. Report by @alexbkane

Act & ask> why is mainstream media ignoring the 2000 Palestinians hunger strikers protesting in Israeli prisons ?

Israel exerts physical and psychological pressure on prisoners to end hunger-strike | #PalHunger

PHOTOS | Protest in support of prisoners, Ramallah, May, 3, 2012:

Prisoner Mahmoud Essa, detained in 1993, In solitary confinement since 1999. until today! #Palhunger

Hamas renews rejection of Jerusalem visit under occupation

Nessuna decisione è stata presa all’udienza israeliani di oggi dell’ alta corte…

#PalHunger | Palestinian Hunger Strike Solidarity | VIDEO

#PalHunger | 120 new prisoners join the hunger strike

Erekat: President asks Blair to intervene for prisoners

Jewish settlers wound Palestinian, damage fruit trees

Barghouti Slams Israel’s Demolition Plans in East Jerusalem’sDemolitionPlansinEastJerusalem.aspx

Hamas slams Israel’s decision to close file of slain family in Gaza

Dozens treated for suffocation in Al-Aroub refugee camp clashes

Cancer disease increasing after Israeli war on Gaza

Read about 75 TONS depleted uranium on #Gaza

News from Russell Tribunal on Palestine

Empty Stomach Warriors (III): Omar Abu Shalal Sets His Mind | Al Akhbar English

#ThaerHalahleh ‪#Palhunger @ThameenaHusary: ثائر حلاحلة!/ANimer/status/197987673204465664

Israel lobby group attacks a UCLA prof for his endorsement of BDS; UCLA reprimands instead of defends academic freedom

#BREAKING | #BilalThiab & #ThaerHalahleh going back to Ramle prison hospital, no decision undertaken by high court. v.@LinahAlsaafin!/LinahAlsaafin/status/197983766222876672

Boycott Israel, at any and every age

The ruins of the Al-Makhur restaurant in #BeitJalah just demolished

Photo gallery: #JNF #Israel will start in few days to plant a forest on the land of Bedouin village #Alarakib

Israeli Soldiers Arrest Eleven Palestinians:

Two children were arrested in Silwan

#PalHunger | The occupation escalates its repressive measures against the striking prisoners

#PalHunger | Israeli soldiers detain 20 Palestinian protestors

#PalHunger | The launch of a broad campaign in Europe to support the prisoners’ issue

Bilal Diab was pulled back to the ambulance because he fainted during #HalahlehDiabTrial according to @ThameenaHusary who is in the court.!/RanaGaza/status/197970317421977600

#BREAKING | IOF fired sound bombs &gas towards the citizens in Al-Arroub camp (Al-khalil) and injured dozens by suffocation!/majds/status/197969422386868225

Israeli politics in tailspin over Iran –

#PalHunger | The Massive Palestinian Hunger Strike: Traveling below the Western Radar ~ by Prof. Richard Falk

Jewish settlers destroy 200 olive trees in Aqraba (Nablus)

Missing Israeli Soldier Found Dead

University security banned the students with Khader Adnan from shouting any chants in solidarity with the prisoner #PalHunger Nablus!/BeesanRam/status/197965568047980544

#PalHunger | 1 of the hungerstrikers is football player Mahmoud Sarsak detained without trial for 3 years

NOW Palestinian journalst protesting against #USAID and the US consulate event for #PressFreedomDay in Ramallah

NY Times fails to publish professors’ letter of protest at Horowitz advert


#PalHunger | The Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa’adat

المحامي جميل خطيب: لن تكون هناك صفقات. معنويات بلال وثائر عالية ولو رفض طلب إخلاء السبيل سيستمران ‎‪#HalahlehDiabTrial‏ ‎

Hamas says it’s holding talks with 5 EU countries – The Associated Press

An eviction order the PA issued to the al-Makhrour restaurant Beit Jalah

Israeli Bulldozers began demolishing in Beit Jala

The Month in Pictures: April 2012

A very different response to protests – Israel vs. the West Bank. An illustrated account

A Picture from the protest in front of the Israeli high court #HalahlehDiabTrial photo by @ThameenaHusary

Israel’s Decision to Close Samouni Case Makes Mockery of Victims’ Rights, International Law

Israel’s 64 years of discrimination – Gulf Daily News

#PalHunger | Teibi: Occupation responsible for lives of captives

#PalHunger | Plight of Palestinian prisoners – Al Arabiya News

Jewish Voice 4Peace Statement on United Methodist Church Efforts to Divest from Companies Profiting Israeli Occupation

Bardawil: Hebrew report on Mishaal losing control on QB “Hallucination”

Book review: fresh thought on Israeli colonialism offered by “Globalized Palestine

Al-Quds & Al-Aqsa and Ethnic Cleansing

Ethnic cleansing & Denial of Palestinian identity – Special Topic
Israel’s Likud threatens to invade Al-Aqsa Mosque – Overview
More Information about Al-Aqsa Under Threats – PDF
All posts about Al-Aqsa Mosque – Category

Israel. Not looking for Peace. Nor Talks. But this…


Al-Aqsa Assault – February 19, 2012 – Video & Photography
Al-Aqsa Assault – February 24, 2012 – Photography

Illegal Detention & Human Rights abuses of (Child)Prisoners

Palestine’s Prisoners Pictures
Palestinian Prisoners Special Topic
Palestinian Prisoners Category
The History of Israeli Torture Topic
All posts about Torture Category
Child Arrests – Topic

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