‘I Write On Behalf of 1500 Palestinian Hunger Striking Prisoners’ | #PalHunger

Prisoners Intifada

By: Fatima Bhorat | Channel Islam | Apr 4, 2012
“You might throw our youth to years of imprisonment, but, WE WILL FIGHT!!”

I write for freedom and justice! I write for peace and dignity! And I write on behalf of Bilal Diab, Tha’ir Halaleh, Hasan Safadi, Ja’far Izzideen and all Palestinian-hunger striking prisoners!
More than 1500 Palestinian Prisoners have started a hunger strike demanding freedom and the right to live in freedom, dignity and peace.
We have been isolated from the world, tortured and hurt. We have been abused and our rights have been violated.
We dream of days when we will witness the beauty of the Palestinian sunset while our daughters and sons play in nearby fields beautified with blossomed flowers. We long to hug our parents, who have joined us in our hunger strikes despite their old age and fragile bodies. We’ve become weak and tired, but we are steadfast and determined to break the shackles of oppression. From the darkness of our jails, know that we are not afraid for we have Allah by our side, imaan in our hearts and Laa ilaaha ilallah on our tongues.
Khader Adnan and Hana Shalabi who paved the road for us, to walk the path of pride and dignity, and we will all walk this path until victory and freedom. It is either Freedom or Martyrdom!

How many Palestinian Prisoners need to die before the world stands for justice?! How many of these Prisoners children need to become orphans and … Read the full story at Channel Islam


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