#Denmark | In New Scandal: Israeli Army Appoints Col. Eisner in New Position

Al-Qassam  Brigades | 05-05-2012,08:14

Al Qassam website (Agencies) – Israel’s channel 2 revealed that Israeli occupation army appointed Lt. Col. Eisner, who attacked a Danish ISM activist in the face with his rifle at the end of the confrontation on April 14, as a deputy commander of the Tactical Training Center in Tze’elim.

In his new position, Eisner will be responsible for training battalions of infantry and armor in battlefield simulations.

A Hebrew-language newspaper reported that through a private conversation taped by a third part and was broadcasted on Channel 10, Israeli officers and students from the military school supported Eisner.

Chief of Staff Benny Grantz who issued a decision to remove Eisner from his post as deputy commander of the Jordan Valley Brigade following the incident of April, also supported Eisner and contradicted the decision he has taken earlier.

“The IDF is a large military force and there are many events in many places and people can make mistakes. We work hard at it, but this incident is not representative of the IDF, or of Lt. Col. Eisner,” said Grantz

Though Israeli army has announced the attack on the Pro-Palestinians activist and Eisner’s removal was on “Moral grounds”, Israeli officers described the incident as Just “professional and command failures.”

Eisner hits with an M16. Lets hit BACK with FACTS ~ The Danish Beauty & The Israeli Beast

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