#PalHunger | Abu Zahri: PA arrest of prisoners’ supporters could abort the strike

[ PIC 06/05/2012 – 07:20 PM ]

GAZA (PIC) — Hamas denounced the broad arrest campaign launched by PA in occupied West Bank against students from Birzeit and Abu Dis Universities on the backdrop of their participation in a march organized in solidarity with the hunger striking prisoners in the occupation jails, as well as chasing the injured in Ofer prison’s events and detaining some of them.

Abu Zahri said in a press statement on Sunday : “These arrests confirm the complicity of PA against the prisoners’ strike and its quest to quell all voices that are in solidarity with the hunger strikers.”

Besides, he revealed that the security chases, which resulted from the march in solidarity with the prisoners, prove that the PA’s claims about adopting the peaceful resistance’s option are false and that PA is fighting all forms of resistance, even the peaceful one.

Hamas’ spokesman called on PA to undo these security chases and to permit all the Palestinian people to express their Solidarity with the prisoners who are exposed to slow death in the occupation’s prisons.

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