#PalHunger | ‘Do not pass judgment before spending a night in Israeli jails’ ~ by @QaanitahHunter


Qaanitah Hunter – Cii News – May 7, 2012

Muslims are generally advised not to put themselves in difficulty but the situation in facing Palestinian prisoners are completely different according to head of the South African Relief Agency (SARA), Sheikh Walid As Saadi.

Speaking to Cii News, Sheikh As Saadi proclaimed his support for the Palestinian hunger strikers, some who have remained steadfast despite the onset of severe medical conditions.

“The situation is that no one can help these prisoners, there is no international law to help them,” he said. The Sheikh stated that the entire world has forgotten about them and the only way to draw international attention to their plight is via hunger striking.

He noted that SARA supported the Palestinian cause all the way and they continue to do so. “The hunger strike is for all of Palestine. If you look at Sheikh Khader Adnan, he did not stay away from food for himself only, he said I am doing it for my country, for Masjidul Aqsa, for my people,” Sheikh As Saadi said.

“The hunger strike is not for some Dunya (material) thing, it is for Huqooqul Insaan, for the rights of human beings.”

The activists substantiated his claim of support with the Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed (SAW):  ‘Whoever of you sees something wrong should change it with his hand; if he cannot, then with his tongue; if he cannot, then with his heart, and that is the weakest form of belief.’ [Muslim]

Sheikh As Saadi, stated that people are not in a position to judge the act of hunger striking because they haven’t spend even a night in Israeli jails.

“No one stood for Hana Shalabi, no United Nations, no one thought about her until she started the hunger strike,” he said.

SARA will take their support to another level by taking a panel of South African lawyers as part of their second convoy to Gaza to meet the Minister of Detainees.

The convoy will also take medical supplies and a team of doctors to help the people of Palestine.

People wanting to donate can visit the site; www.sarelief.net for more information.


Source and much more at Channel Islam Website

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