#PalHunger | The Red Cross is worried about the striking prisoners’ health conditions

[ PIC 08/05/2012 – 09:44 AM ]

GAZA (PIC) – The International Committee of the Red Cross expressed, on Monday, its worry about the health conditions of the hunger striking Palestinian prisoners in occupation jails, especially those striking since twenty-one days.

Ayman Shihabi, the spokesman for the International Committee of the Red Cross in the Gaza Strip, told “AFP” of the committee’s concern for the hunger strikers’ health conditions, especially those striking since a long time.

Shihabi also confirmed that “the International Committee of the Red Cross visit these detainees to check on their health condition and to ensure that they are receiving necessary medical care -according to international standards applicable in the case of the hunger strikes”. He added that the “Red Cross regularly holds non-publicized bilateral meetings with the concerned [Israeli] authorities to discuss the results of those visits.”

He further explained, “The International Committee communicates with the hunger strikers’ families to reassure them about their sons,” adding that “the International Committee of the Red Cross reminds the Israeli authorities with their obligations and duties in accordance with the Fourth Geneva Convention.”

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