#Anonymous hacks UN site for “ignoring” Palestine’s hunger strikers | #UNClosed

Protestors wave the Palestinian flag and hold a poster picturing Thaer Halahleh during a demonstration in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails outside the Massiyahu Prison in Ramle, near Tel Aviv, on 3 May 2012 (Photo: AFP – Ahmad Gharabli)

Updated 3:26pm: Hacktivist group Anonymous took down the main website of the UN on Wednesday after accusing the world body of “ignoring” the plight of several Palestinian hunger strikers protesting their detention without trial by Israel.

Anonymous announced on Twitter that they had taken down the site, which had returned to full operation as this article was written.

The group said the attack was aimed at raising international awareness on the fate of the hunger strikers, some of whom are nearing death, “because ignorance is not a bliss!”



The growing campaign for the hunger strikers came as Aziz Halahleh, father of 72-day hunger striker Thaer, condemned international organizations purporting to support the detained Palestinians as a “propaganda” stunt.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on Tuesday called on Israel to transfer six Palestinians hunger strikers to hospital and allow visits from their families, while the EU “expressed concern” over their fate.

“The calls of the EU and the Red Cross – their demands to allow them to visit the families – are just a plot with the occupation,” he told Al-Akhbar.

“It is propaganda more than actual action to help the strikers, it is only a media game. Europe and all the other countries are interfering to help Israel and not to help Palestinians,” he added.

Over 2,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails began an open-ended hunger strike on 17 April 2012, in solidarity with Thaer, Bilal Thiab and other hunger strikers.

Aziz dismissed Israeli accusations his son, who is protesting against his detention without charge under Israel’s draconian administrative detention laws, was a criminal.

The medical condition of Thaer – who has a one-year-old daughter he has never seen outside of prison – is rapidly deteriorating and he could suffer organ failure in the coming days, according to Physicians for Human Rightsl.

“Our children (on hunger strike) are fighting for the freedom of our country and for the freedom of our children, they are not criminals,” Aziz said.

“We are very concerned about his health and we are not allowed to visit them. They are not allowed to get any treatment or freedom whatsoever,” he added.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas warned on Tuesday that the death of any one of the hunger strikers would be a “disaster” and could trigger a backlash that might slip out of control.

“If anybody dies today or tomorrow or after a week it would be a disaster and no one could control the situation,” Abbas said.

“I told the Israelis and the Americans if they do not find a solution for this hunger strike immediately, they will be committing a crime.”

Protests for the hunger strikers have been ongoing throughout the West Bank this week, many of which have ended in clashes with Israeli troops using force to disperse the crowds.

Indigenous Palestinians have been suffering under Israeli occupation in the West Bank since 1967, after having had their homeland wiped off the map by mostly European Jewish colonizers in 1948.




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