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آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
May 9, 2012 | 23370 Days Since Al-Nakba & Gaza has been under siege for 1792 days

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#PalHunger – 3000 Palestinians fight for Human Rights & Dignity

“Surviving Israeli jail: Torture, humiliation and giving birth”:

Michael Warshawski: ‘Big’ government is the Israeli way

Flotilla News from Sweden! @Ship2GazaSE will be sailing again this year on the M/S Estelle to break the siege!/ShiptoGazaSE/status/200287941577281536

On the death of my aunt Houda, killed during an Israeli air-strike

Court reverses decision, prevents eviction of Palestinian family by JNF

Humanitarian Aid Convoy “The Right to Return” Heading to Gaza Arrives in Lattakia

Over 100 elected UK student leaders condemn racist policy at Israeli college

Demonstration in support of the prisoners’ hunger strike to take place tomorrow at noon in Beitunia in front of Ofer prison / military court!/PSCC_Palestine/status/200282321163780096

Illegal Settlements encroach on Bedouin land and culture.

UNRWA strike still going strong

Netanyahu crowns himself king of Israel ~ by Jonathan Cook

Palestine protesters thrown out of Brighton concert

Israeli forces ‘detain 4 teenagers’ in Azzun of which 3 children

Israeli authorities demolish building in East Jerusalem

Couple report what they saw in Palestine – Albany Democrat Herald

Gaza children’s drawings turned into call for MPs to take action – Enfield Independent #UK

PHOTOS | Israeli Army Demolishes Three Buildings near Bethlehem, May, 9, 2012:

Palestinians block UN building in Ramallah for hunger striking prisoners – #UNclosed – Video

#PalHunger | Demonstration in Ramallah in support of the striking prisoners

Egyptian businessmen support the endowment project to support Jerusalem

PHOTOS | Israel demolished a house in Beit Hanina, May 9, 2012:

Event: .@BekahWolf of the Palestine Solidarity Project Speaking at Evergreen!

FLASHMOB: Palestinian Prisoners Hunger Strike in Ottawa, Canada. RT AND JOIN:

Israel to solve ‘Bedouin problem’ by forcibly moving thousands to refuse dump

#PalHunger | May 09 2012 EU Event Protest in Ramallah – Video by @farouri

Protesters demand UN back Palestinian hunger strikers

Report from the Palestinian prisoner hunger strike, and the movement growing to support it: Lia Tarachansky

Annette Groth, spokesperson for humanrights of Left Party in German parliament calls for urgent action on Palhunger

THINK people.. THINK…. Which country feels endangered by a KID’s DRAWING? Here’s your answer:

Gaza children’s drawings turned into call for MPs to take action by New Southgate girl

Historic Hunger Strikes: Lightning in the Skies of Palestine – Richard Falk

Don’t let prisoners struggle in vain. Find a local target: stop the racist JNF on Friday

Haneyya urges hunger strikers to stay united and steadfast

12 Jerusalemites injured in Israeli quelling of their march

Emergency statement by Jews for Justice for Palestinians: Act now for starving political prisoners

Official: Settlers torch trees in Nablus

ICRC urges Palestinians hospitalization

#PalHunger | #Anonymous hacks UN site for “ignoring” #Palhunger strikers

#PalHunger | Long-term hunger strikers refuse Israeli offer to deport them to Gaza

Too many tears have been shed in Palestine; let us laugh again

Urgent Alert: Imminent Displacement Risk in the Jerusalem Periphery

2 Palestinian administrative detainees are near death after #Palhunger strike of over 70 days:

Learning from the #PalHunger strikers – DIGNITY FIRST! ~ Cartoon by @CarlosLatuff

#BREAKING: #Palestinian activists block access to #UN building in #Ramallah [VIDEO]

Occupation bulldozes lands in Al-Khalil

All of Nafha prison is now on hunger strike #palhunger!/Addameer_ps/status/200194196039151617

#PalHunger | Abu Zuhri calls on EU to take practical steps for saving prisoners

Lieberman to push new unity gov’t to bypass High Court, legalize WB outpost
& BIBI shouted he wants peace #UNClosed!

Media Covering #UnClosed at @UN Ramallah This action is in support with #Palestinian Prisoner hunger strike on day 22

Protest is still going on @UN Rmallah is still #UNCLOSED more people needed to take shifts

@CarlosLatuff is UNSTOPPABLE! Can’t close him down;) #UnClosed #PalHunger   #Palestine Another cartoon:

@hafezomar: I posted 6 photos on Facebook in the album “#unclosed”

UN in Amman now #UNclosed #PalHunger

Palestinian hunger strikes: Media missing in action. AlJazeera

UN Geneva Demanding UN to take an official position towards Israel’s crimes against Palestinian Prisoners

IOF launch military drills in Dura town, terrorize citizens | #UNClosed!

Hamas urges Hollande to change France’s attitude towards Palestinian rights

Israeli forces raid Palestinian NGO’s office in Ramallah (Mya Guarnieri, +972 Blog)

Red Cross backs Palestinian hunger strikers

#PalHunger | Long-term hunger striker not backing down (Ma’an News Agency)

Prisoners: Hunger Strike Reached Point Of No Return

Palestinian Demonstrators block entrance to UN in Ramallah

EU asks Israel to let families visit hunger strikers by.@AFP

PHOTO | ‏ by.@haneentawalbeh | #UNCLOSED now in #Amman #Ramallah #Geneva

Joint Palestinian-Israeli declaration in support of Palestinian prisoner struggle

Dear #UN, complete your duties or get OUT #PalHunger #UNclosed

Freedom for Palestinian Prisoners – Art by.@impalestinian

Palestinian prisoners on #Palhunger strike fighting for their most basic rights: Bilal Diab- Day 72

VIDEO | #UNClosed Palestinian protestors who closed UN building sing get out UN in Syrian style

Reports about transferring AnasAlqadomi to hospital after his heart stopped suddenly. he is in hunger strike for 23 days #Palhunger

ام الاسير مجد زيادة تتحدث عن مطالب الاسرى الان من امام مقر الامم المتحدة:‏ ‎‪#unclosed‏ ‎

PICTURE| comrades are still standing at the gates of the UN building in Ramallah NOBODY IN NOBODY OUT #UNclosed

“UN closed today, we demand UN to act immediately to save lives of prisoners on hunger strike” #UNclosed #PalHunger

OFFICES CLOSED where is justice? #BilalDiab #thaerHalahleh 71 days hunger strike? #UNCLOSED #PALHUNGER

Breaking #UNClosed: Activists shut down UN building to raise awareness about Palestinian hunger strikers

A prisoners mother asking the PA police to join them”stand with us” #UNCLOSED

Photo: UN doors closed with #PalHunger stickers. #UNclosed @UN

PHOTO | Here another picture of #UNClosed in Ramallah

PHOTOS | Protest in support of prisoners, Jenin, May, 7, 2012:

PHOTOS | Protest in support of prisoners, Gaza City, May, 7, 2O12:

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