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Today a group of Activist closed the entrance of the UN offices building in Ramallah, demanding a direct and serious actions from the UN to help saving the lives of the Palestinian prisoners in hunger strike.

Before taking this actions the protesters sent a message to the UN with their demands, the message “see below” asked the Ban Ki-Moon and the UN to help saving the Palestinian hunger strikers in the Israeli prison complex.

Their inaction triggered our action. 
Police was there
Prisoners families joined us too
Leaving marks

The Message we sent to the UN 
May 10, 2012
His Excellency Ban Ki-Moon
Secretary-General of the United Nations
New York
Dear Mr. Secretary-General,
We, Palestinians for Dignity, represent a network of movements and individuals united in the struggle to achieve equality, justice and freedom for the Palestinian people wherever they reside. In your capacity as the United Nations Secretary General and in support of the rule of International law, we are writing to urge you to take urgent action to stop Israel’s continued violations of the rights of the over 4,600 Palestinians currently held in Israeli jails.
Over 1,600 Palestinian prisoners initiated on April 17th an open-ended hunger strike to protest abuse at the hands of the Israeli Prison Service and to demand that their basic rights be respected. Hundreds more prisoners joined the hunger strike since then bringing the number of hunger strikers up to an estimated 2,500 prisoners.  Their plight has become even more urgent with the deteriorating health condition of eight prisoners, five of whom are held under the illegal practice of administrative detention, and some of whom have been on hunger strike for over two months.
Physicians for Human Rights-Israel said yesterday that the lives of Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahla are in danger, and demanded that Israel transfer them to a civilian hospital, without moving them back and forth to the prison. Israel has thus far refused to do so, highlighting Israel’s disregard for the lives of Palestinians. The cruel, inhuman and degrading practices that Palestinian prisoners are subjected to include denial of access to medical care, torture, solitary confinement, limits to family visitation, violations of children’s rights and bans on education, not to mention hundreds of them were never charged or given legal due process and are being held in Administrative Detention..
We note with disappointment your silence ever since this protest movement began in December 2011 with Khader Adnan’s arbitrary arrest and subsequent hunger strike. This stands in stark contrast to your vocal and persistent remarks in support of formerly incarcerated Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Though Shalit has been released, Palestinian prisoners are still suffering under the so-called “Shalit Law”, which imposed harsher measures on their conditions of detention.
We remind you of your responsibilities as Secretary-General of the UN. We invoke the norms of international law that guarantee basic rights to Palestinian prisoners, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions, the UN Convention Against Torture and the World Medical Association Malta Declaration on Hunger Strikers.
We urge you to take a firm and vocal position in opposition to Israel’s abuse and violation of Palestinian prisoners’ rights and encourage, through UN mechanisms at your disposal, measures of accountability for these violations. We urge you to take an official position in linewith the Palestinian prisoners’ demands and to encourage member states to stand against these gross human rights’ violations. We await your urgent response.
Palestinians For Dignity

Navanethem Pillay UN Commissioner for Human Rights
Robert Serry, UN Special Coordinator of the Middle East Peace Process
Bilal Diab 72 days of hunger strike
Thaer Halahleh 72 days of hunger strike 
Hassan AlSafadi 66 days of hunger strike 
Omar Abu Shalal 64 days of hunger strike 
Muhamad Taj 53days of hunger strike
Mahmoud Sarsak 52 days of hunger strike 
Jaafar Azzedien 49 days of hunger strike 
Abduallah Al Barghoti 28 days of hunger strike 
more than 1500 23 days of hunger strike 



Photos by @Animer @Angrywhitekid, WAFA, Abbas Momani, Mohamad Torokman

Video by Asa Winstanley

Video by @AngryWhiteKid

On May 9, Palestinian youth and family members of political prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails blockaded all the entrances to the UN compound in Ramallah, Occupied Palestine, to denounce the UN’s inaction regarding the mass prisoners hunger strike. More than 2,500 Palestinian prisoners have been on strike for between 23 and 72 days – several are at immediate risk of death.!/samikishawi/status/200332380756643840

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Live Updates

Thousands of tweets which were tweeted today can be found here #UNClosed


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