Occupation displaces hundreds of families from southern al-Khalil

[ PIC 11/05/2012 – 09:39 PM ]

AL-KHALIL (PIC)– IOF troops, on Thursday raided the eastern region of Yatta city south of Al-Khalil, in the occupied West Bank, and notified its residents to evacuate the area, as preparations for the demolition of houses within one month from the notification’s date.

Hajj Essam Mohammed Abu Musab told PIC reporter that the occupation forces, accompanied by a Jeep belonging to the so-called the Israeli Civil Administration, raided areas in the eastern hamlets to the south of al-Khalil and notified its residents to completely leave the area so that the occupation could demolish the houses and artesian wells.

Haj Mahmoud al-Yatim Rabi told our reporter that the notifications were handed over to all the families that live in caves, homes and tents, and that they were warned that anyone who does not comply with the decision will face arrest and confiscation of all his properties and belongings.

It has been mentioned that since four months, the occupation forces have deliberately humiliated and maltreated the residents of the eastern regions of Yatta to push them to leave their lands through demolishing a mosque and a school, arresting teachers and confiscating private properties.

Meanwhile, Haji Mohammad Jaber Abu Aram, the mayor in “Al-Berka” East of Yatta, said that during these days the occupation is deliberately abusing citizens of several villages to push them to leave their lands.

Thus, he called on the international and official institutions to support the residents as well as the eastern regions, revealing the occupation’s attempt to strangle the city of Yatta by expanding 11 settlements surrounding it at the expense of the citizens’ lands.

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