#PalHunger | Hassan Salameh loses 12 kilograms of his weight

[ PIC 13/05/2012 – 08:43 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– The liberated prisoner Akram Salameh, 38, confirmed that his brother Hassan Salameh, a leader in Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, 9 years in isolation, serving 48 life sentences and 35 years, has lost 12 kilograms of his weight since the start of his hunger strike, according to his last letter.

Akram Salameh, who spent 15 years in occupation prisons and who was released in Wafa Al-Ahrar deal, told Quds press that his brother Hassan is in very good spirits. “He is very pleased with the prisoners’ determination to end isolation policy,” he said.

Akram Salameh said that the isolated prisoners could never think of stopping the strike, pointing out that it is the first time the prisoners demanded the abolition of isolation as an essential demand in the strike, and stressing that the isolated prisoners are insisting to continue the strike till ending their isolation because of what they have been facing in isolated cells.

He has also confirmed that he is in contact with the prisoners in occupation prisons, saying that the prisons service is moving prisoners from jail to jail in an attempt to break the strike using very dirty methods to break the prisoners’ will and spirit. “There is a prisoners’ commitment , especially Hamas and PFLP prisoners not to negotiate on the issue of strike but only the authorized brothers who were agreed in advance have the authority to speak about the strike,” he added.

“The prisoners’ living conditions are so difficult due to the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) punitive measures, attempting to repress them. The jailers storm prisoners’ rooms at night, confiscating all their possessions, and removing everything the cells contain causing a big mess in a very provocative way. They are living within real graves however they are keeping their spirits up,” he said.

He pointed out that the occupation is pressuring patient prisoners in the Ramle prison to break their strike, but they are determined to continue it to the end, noting that the IPS threatened the detainee Akram Rihawi who needs continuously a breathing device, to cut off the device if the strike is not stopped.

Akram Salameh has confirmed that the striking prisoners are determined to continue the strike till their demands are met, predicting that the strike will last no more than 30 days in which all the prisoners’ demands will be achieved due to the sensitive situation.

He added that if the strike is broken the next period will be so difficult, and the death of any prisoner will push the prisoners forwards to continue what they had begun. He praised the popular support for the prisoners’ issue, calling for more solidarity activities and to activate media role on covering Palestinian prisoners’ news just like the broad media campaign to free Shalit.

The liberated captive Akram Salameh called on the neighboring and western countries and the US to work for the prisoners’ issue and to raise it to the international courts.

It is noted that Akram Salameh was arrested at Lod airport on 1996 during his return from his studies in Khartoum, under the pretext of belonging to Al Qassam Brigades, he was sentenced 30 years, after just 40 days of his brother Hassan’s arrest.

Akram was released within the exchange deal between Hamas and the Israeli occupation, on October 2011 under the auspices of Egypt while the deal did not include his brother Hassan.


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