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Al Qassam Brigade | 14-05-2012,11:41
ِAl Qassam website- Occupied West bank, Gaza- Ahrar Center for Prisoners’ Studies and Human Rights revealed that it had received a special and exclusive statement from the strike’s leaders in which they stressed that they are the only body to declare an end for the strike which is still ongoing and that no consultative meetings have been held during the past two days.The strike leadership Committee emphasized, in its statement on Saturday 12 May, that there would not be an end for the strike until the Prison Service responds to all demands, particularly the end of the solitary confinement, and that the strike committee, which includes members from all factions, is the one to decide to continue or to stop the strike.

The committee also congratulated the prisoners liberated from solitary confinement; Dean of Hamas prisoners Mahmoud Issa and the journalist and writer Walid Khalid, considering this as a victory. It also revealed that it will not break the strike until the end of solitary confinement against all the isolated prisoners stressing that it will not give up any of the prisoners’ rights.

Meanwhile, the human rights researcher Fuad Khuffash stressed on the hunger striking prisoners’ unity, calling on the specialists in the prisoners’ issues to check accuracy before disseminating any news and to confirm that the strike’s leadership is the one in charge of decisions.

Khuffash praised all the bodies’ efforts, which resulted in an international positive reaction and sympathy towards the prisoners, and called for more support activities at all levels.

Mr. Nidal Mekdad, secretary of western Gaza in Ahrar movement, emphasized on the movement’s support for the prisoners who are on hunger strike for the twenty sixth day, respectively, during the movement’s supporting stand in a solidarity tent in Gaza City that was held on Saturday.

In a statement issued by Ahrar’s media office, the movement warned from the occupation’s attempts to break the strike through providing some fake facilities aiming at tricking the prisoners and convincing the public that it has responded to the captives’ demands.

Besides, in its statement, the movement called on all the striking prisoners to persist on their strike till achieving all their demands, and called on the masses of the Arab and Islamic nation for a broad campaign in solidarity with the prisoners. Furthermore, it warned the Zionist enemy from attacking the prisoners asserting that all the Palestinian people will not stand idly in front of any Zionist aggression against the brave prisoners, according to Ahrar movement.


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