Imprisoned Dreams

Hurt, abused, raped and confused,
Her eyes radiate a longing for love, someone to hold her,
Looking deep into her eyes I see a fallen neglected rose that struggled and grew
I wonder where she is, if she looks for me
Unveiled love, it was hidden and so she never knew
Blind folded, humiliated so worthless and weak
A plundered romance, her Charisma now laced with venom;
She no longer shines, Her future so bleak

Wishing upon a star wont help I tried in vain
For what use is a star when the sun exists to weep
She doesn’t look at me the same we she used to
Existing but no longer living
A lost soul with a stolen identity
This was not meant to happen,
She had the grace of a ballerina She has the most beautiful of names, Falustina

Attracted to her like a moth to…

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