#Nakba64 | Arab League stresses on the Palestinian refugees’ right of return

[ 16/05/2012 – 09:25 PM ]

CAIRO (PIC) — The Arab League stressed, on the 64th anniversary of the Nakba, on the right of Palestinians in the Diasporas to return to their lands, and demanded the Zionist entity to stop its ongoing practices and violations in the occupied territories.

The Arab League also emphasized, in a press statement, on the Arab countries’ adherence to the application of the UN Resolution 194 of 1948 concerning the Palestinian refugees’ right of return, to the Arab Peace Initiative and to the two-state solution, based on the 1967 borders.

It also reminded of the Zionist measures based on displacing more than 700 thousand Palestinians from their land by force of arms and terrorism and destroying more than 531 towns and villages, along with dozens of massacres committed by the Zionist occupation in an attempt to erase the Palestinian identity, to falsify the history and to implement the Zionist colonial project.

Meanwhile, the Arab League applauded the steadfastness of the Palestinian people, who have been struggling against the Zionist injustice, persecution and daily repressive practices. In addition, it expressed its support for Palestinian prisoners and their Battle of empty stomachs which ended up with their victory represented in the deal held to end the strike, which the Arab league considered as a step towards freeing all Palestinian prisoners from Zionist jails.

The Arab league called on Member States in the UN Security Council and the Quartet as well as all the peace-loving people and countries for serious action to achieve the desired peace and stability and the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

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