#PalHunger | Mushtaha: Continuity of strike suspension depends on occupation’s commitment

[ PIC 15/05/2012 – 09:50 PM ]

GAZA,(PIC)– The head of the delegation of ex-detainees who returned from Cairo, Rawhi Mushtaha, confirmed that the continuity of the strike suspension depends on the fulfillment and commitment of the occupation and seriousness upon what they have agreed.

Mushtaha, who returned to Gaza with a delegation of liberated detainees on Tuesday (15/5), said during the press conference, after several official, media, and popular meetings to follow the prisoners’ strike which ended by achieving their demands, that Zionist officials have told the Egyptian general intelligence service that they are committed to implement the agreement’s terms, pointing out that this is the first agreement that includes administrative detainees.

The administrative detainees’ names will be announced officially as soon as they come out of isolation, within 72 hours after the agreement, predicting that the visits’ item will be activated within two months because it needs coordination between the Red Cross, Zionist authorities, and the Palestinian authorities in Gaza, Mushtaha confirmed.

He said, in a press conference held upon his arrival at the Rafah crossing, that the delegation presented the prisoners’ issue during a meeting with the Secretary-General of the Arab League, Nabil Arabi, Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr, leaders of Egyptian Intelligence Service and General leaders (G.L.) of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and institutions and trade unions representatives.

He added that they explained to all attending parties that it is an Arab Islamic must to liberate the Palestinian prisoners and end their suffering. The delegation confirmed that the Egyptian foreign minister promised to adopt and to internationalize the prisoners’ issue till classifying them as war prisoners.

He added that the Secretary-General of the Arab League has apologized for not activating their support to the prisoners, promising to work for internationalizing their issue, suggesting appointing an official at the High Commissioner for Human Rights to follow up the prisoners’ issues.

He also added that the leader of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt adopted the same previous position, confirming that his movement is working for the prisoners’ liberation.

He said that the delegation has held several media meeting concerning the prisoners’ issue, praising the role of media, human rights activists and the Egyptian Intelligence Service and all who participated in this victory.

He thanked the Palestinian heroes in occupation prisons and the Palestinian people in Diaspora and in Palestine and all free people all over the world.

After 28 days of their historical and legendary open hunger strike, “Israel” has succumbed to the prisoners’ demands, and has signed with the leadership of the prisoners’ strike in the presence of the Egyptian Ambassador in the Israeli entity, on Monday, an agreement ending the strike and achieving most of the prisoners’ demands.


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