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[ PIC 16/05/2012 – 07:22 PM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)– Tadamun for Human Rights has revealed more details of the agreement signed the day before yesterday under the Egyptian auspices between the captive movement’s leadership and the occupation Prison Service.

Ahmed Al-Betawi, a researcher at the Foundation, quoted Mohamed Sabha, a leader in the captive movement, as saying that all isolated prisoners will be moved out of isolation within 96 hours.

Bitawi pointed out that occupation had begun in coordination with the Red Cross on Tuesday to make arrangements to allow family visits for first degree relatives to prisoners from the Gaza Strip and for families from the West Bank who have been denied visits based on vague “security reasons” will be reinstated within one month.

Bitawi confirmed that there will be no new administrative detention orders or renewals of administrative detention orders for the 308 Palestinians currently in administrative detention without clear evidence against them.

“For the five administrative detainees on protracted hunger strikes, including Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahleh, who engaged in hunger strike for a miraculous 77 days, their administrative detention orders will not be renewed and they will be released upon the expiration of their current orders. These five have been transferred to public hospitals to receive adequate healthcare during their fragile recovery periods,” Addameer stated in its latest statement.

The researcher at the Foundation affirmed that among the agreements’ items is to form a committee to facilitate meetings between the IPS and prisoners in order to improve their daily conditions such as providing a doctor to each patient prisoner, continuing their education within their imprisonment, adding several banned channels and other several prisoners’ rights.

The agreement also guarantees the striking prisoners’ return to the prisons in which they were detained before their hunger strike in addition to end all punitive measures against them.

For his part, the detainee Mohamed Sabha stated that this agreement is an historic achievement for the captive movement which is considered the most successful strike the movement had fought.

Sabha confirmed that the Prison Service considered itself as the loser of this strike, expressing their discontent and dissatisfaction during and after the signing of the agreement.

“We are satisfied by what we have achieved,” Sabha expressed, noting that it is the first time the prisoners have achieved a written agreement signed by the prison service and captive leadership under Egyptian sponsorship.

In the same context, the isolated detainee Ibrahim Hamid confirmed that according to the signed agreement he has to be moved out the isolation within the next 48 hours where he will live among other prisoners for the first time since his arrest.

Hamid expressed his deep satisfaction by this agreement especially after shaking hands with members of the hunger striking prisoner committee which is the first handshake for him since his arrest in 2006.


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