Israeli police kill Palestinian in Tayeba city

[ PIC 17/05/2012 – 09:54 AM ]

NAZARETH, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation police on Wednesday killed a Palestinian citizen in Tayeba city of the 1948 occupied lands and wounded others during a raid on a house.

Palestinian sources said that after the attack, an ambulance transferred the wounded Palestinians to Meir hospital and one of them aged 21 died there of serious injuries.

The sources added policemen wearing masks stormed a house in the city to arrest Palestinians from the same family, but things went ugly and turned into an armed confrontation between them and the young men.

Many residents of the area where the attack happened fled their homes and a large number of police forces were deployed throughout the city.

The citizens deplored the Israeli attack on the house and affirmed that the Israeli police escalated recently its provocative raids on homes in the city and spread a state of panic among the local population.

For its part, the Israeli police issued orders prohibiting its members from revealing any details about the incident or the investigations taking place.

For his part, Arab Knesset member Taleb Al-Sanea demanded the minister of the internal security to form a fact-finding committee to probe this incident.


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