Human Rights violated in #Holland. Once a Showcase of Tolerance. Now of Apartheid

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May 18, 2012 by occpal

My “Two Cents” on Dutch Refugee Deportation Policies

Colonial mentalities never seem to die. In the aftermath of the fallen cabinet lead by xenophobia and foreign silenced lobbies, the Netherlands, once taking pride in being an example and light for nations regarding tolerance, now decayed to a shameful “oasis” in the First World were everything seems to be available but humanitarian sense.

Why on this blog? Well, the Netherlands lately seem to becoming a second colony itself of the “State of Israel” and surely is adopting not only it’s rethoric but also methods of deprivation of human rights, needs and (humanitarian) as well as legal obligations as rooted in International law. Disputes on national legal issues or (un)willingness to reconsider decisions made or taken do not justify violation of fundamental human rights.

While behind the curtains, and closed doors meetings with apartheid Israel, the government of the Netherlands is keeping it’s population stupid by unilateral deciding to block an EU report about settler violence (leaked by Dries van Agt’s The Rights Forum) and on cost of “Henk and Ingrid” stays aiding a nation violating every imaginable right possible and even assists to make the desert bloom, improve agriculture and lending techniques and more shekels for development of stolen lands as well as aid to the great israeli gas theft (Speech Verhaegen)

Abuse of Dutch Tax Money

Click to see the full album

Funneling aid up to an apartheid entity which is committing an ongoing genocide on Palestinians, dumping in some tax-euros for agriculture and development in occupied territories while exports are being stalled by apartheid and Prince Bernard’s once favourite carnations now are upgraded to food for the donkeys and cows in Gaza.

Silence for your (tax) money

I bet (now demissionair ) Minister Uri Rosenthal did not only block the reports on settler terrorism in Palestine but neither propagated the facts about ongoing waste and abuse of Dutch taxpayers money by Israel aside from all which is silenced and muted already:

On 17 May 2012 Daan Bauwens wrote in the Electronic Intifada about the EU denouncing  Israel’s destruction of aid projects in West Bank. All 27 foreign ministers of the European Union this week criticized Israeli demolitions in the occupied West Bank. Since the beginning of 2011, no fewer than 60 EU-funded projects have been demolished while 110 others are currently at risk. Several analysts claim the Israeli authorities are specifically targeting EU-funded project

Squeezing out Human Rights

Not only for Palestinians.

The Netherlands, embracing Israel tighter and tighter and squeezing out human rights more and more.

Not only for the Dutch.

Now suffering the costly aftermath of “Wilder’s (Close friend of notorious Islamophobic blogger of Atlas Shrugs Pamela Geller and the Horowitz) Kampf” in the low lands for which they will pay with pain in the pocket the coming year(s) by further decreasing on social security of the Dutch themselves.

But also throwing away every moral (obligation) and pride which it previously weared with pride…. became a main supporter in the word and deed by funding apartheid while it now goes beyond every imaginary borders of loss of humanitarian consciousness and practices.

Apparently colonial VOC mentalities never die.

It now is literally raping every (moral) law, obligation and humanity by taking it on a few hundred refugees.

Refugees. From Desperation to Suicide

In April 2011 36 year old Iranian Kambiz Roustayi set himself on fire on Dam Square in Amsterdam’s city centre. One, of the 3 beyond desperation and in fear of deportation who committed suicide in 2011.

A second Liberian man self-immolated himself to death in the South of the Netherlands and another man driven to insanity by Dutch refugee procedures and policies even killed his friend and a police officer in Baflo in the province of Groningen.

In 2012, recently even,  a 36 year old man from Burundi killed himself, allegedly to prevent his children would be deported and Minister Leers was questioned by the government about these events.

And now.. Refugees camping in Ter Apel (updated)

Photo by Fenhartje

In an attempt to get attention for their dire situation, refugees now are camping in Ter Apel. Deprived of literally every basic need. The stories are baffling. One waterhose (after threats of closure of water completely) for over 300 people while water and sanitation are a basic need and a human right.

Stories of people, who aided the dutch military working as translators during the Dutch involvement in wars of which they became a victim and consequentively a victim for doing a job, landed on a deathlist and now are being threatened by the same government that once used their “services” to send them back. A de facto death sentence by proxy.

One family undergoes nightmares because the mother of the family as single person is fearing deportation, while others are allowed to stay. Violating the very essence of every civilized, moral and legal obligation of Art 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. And much more.

Another refugee is a 5 month old pregnant woman. Sleeping in the cold in a tent now. These kind of nauseasting facts are happening now in the middle of the welfare apartheid state of Holland where even animals seem to be protected more by law. It is an utter shame.

Some aid was previously brought to the camp by supporting Dutch people and were denied by the police. There can never be such a thing as denying a person to give or receive humanitarian aid or basic needs to survive, especially not as long as a hosting country is denying what is primarily obligated to supply for everyone present on its territory.

Finally today, May 18 the mayor of the town visited the camp accompanied by a UN representative who was not willing to talk to the press about his findings. (Video)

Update May 22, 2012:  In the meanwhile the Red Cross refuses to aid,  rumours the IND (Dutch Immigration Authorities) forbade them too, initially stated at May 11 to be in state of readiness to deliver aid as can be read here. Some dirty game must be going on or at least some corrupt political lobbying for the initial cause and fact of the camp being a protest is stated in the same article as well. Today (May 22, 2012) Red Cross diverts any discussion by stating the refugees received an offer for shelter but refused it and therefor wasted their chances on “Help”

Let’s be clear:

  • It started with a protest as covered by media on May 11, 2012, the status quo has not changed, it still is a protest
  • Protest or non violent, peaceful assembly is a right as stated in for example EVRM Art 11
  • Human rights, not  aught to be subjected to no negotiations, coercion deals or conditions at all
  • Further on was reported, the Red Cross refuses help now because of an offer of a week shelter (allegedly because of weather conditions) which was rejected by the camping refugees (People not protest for shelter but against deportation!!!).
  • Human rights are fundamental rights, not to be subjected to negotiations, no parameters nor conditions for coercion deals and last but not least weather conditions are definitely no condition to lend or nor lend humanitarian aid!
  • The Red Cross reported now, that the event has turned into political. This ass twisting  is also a blatant show of propaganda an prostitution of unwillingness, for on May 11 they were aware of the fact and protests aim to be political to challenge the political of democratic process or reality.
  • Not to forget…. Art 1 of the Dutch Constitution, clearly stated: EVERYONE PRESENT ON DUTCH LANDS…  (Read Art 1 Grondwet)

Article 1

“Allen die zich in Nederland bevinden, worden in gelijke gevallen gelijk behandeld. Discriminatie wegens godsdienst, levensovertuiging, politieke gezindheid, ras, geslacht of op welke grond dan ook, is niet toegestaan.”  


“All persons in the Netherlands shall be treated equally in equal circumstances. Discrimination on the grounds of religion, belief, political opinion, race or sex or on any other grounds whatsoever shall not be permitted.”

(Kindly notice the official english translation does not emphasize the physical presence as it is clearly stated in the Dutch version, which is actually stating: all physically present inside Dutch territory)

More information about Article 1 of the Dutch Fundamental Rights:

Art.1 works within the framework of the international conventions in which human rights have been laid down, and which therefore exercise constraints upon policy and legislation in the Netherlands in the battle against discrimination. These conventions include among others article 13 of the Treaty of Amsterdam (the EC-Treaty), the International Convention for the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) and International Convention for the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). Art.1 exerts influence on international developments through advice, research, lobbying, and through participation in the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) and other networks.

Media silence

Aside from the appalling practices it is even more appalling media silences the plight of these refugees. Not even silencing media. Yesterday evening  twitter suspended @SteunTerApel.

@SteunTerApel, shouting out to barely 170 followers at that time – in effort to create awareness for this humanitarian disaster – was deactivated for shouting out for the suffering, for help, for supplies and needs probably became victim of some reporting trolls.

Luckely the account is reinstated and I want to request all with a conscience and humanitarian sense to follow them.

Update May 23, 2012: The twitteraccount of Steun Ter Apel has been suspended again exactly at the time that riot police raided the refugee camp. Apparently the though police was at work too. So far your right to information as stated in Art 19 ICCPR! Suggestion: Follow hashtag #TerApel #HulpTerApel for updates and news.

Action Alert: The Situation and needs in Ter Apel

  • Media attention: Please amplify this call as well as the blogposts at the hulpterapel weblog and the tweets of @SteunTerApel
  • Urgent needs: Sanitation (human right) for a full and frequently updated list of required supplies and needs check the hulpterapel weblog
  • Awareness: Refugees are humans too, and deserve to be treated this way and enjoy human rights in the fullest. It is beyond shame a country which is hosting the ICC is violating the most basic rights imaginable. Engage by spreading info and sending it to your local media to ask coverage.
  • Aid: Several collection points are realized to collect and distribute by  Dutch donated aid and goods. More info here
  • Write your representatives to make a change: Do not let them silence or tolerate these atrocities which have been going on for too long already and have proven to be lethal. Expressions of politicians they regret are way far off by now. Make contact
  • Medical assistance: Reports of doctors refusing to give medical support or not for the reduced fee which is stated by Dutch regulations.  If you are a medical professional try to engage and volunteer. More possibilities for access to medical aid here
  • Prime is calling on lawyers: To write a reaction and show solidarity with the refugees. Website Prime

Press information, footage, video, related articles in media and follow ups are posted below and continuously updated day by day as situation develops.

More information

Reblog from HulpTerApel


NETHERLANDS, Ter Apel | More than 300 refugees, which have been denied access to the Netherlands are camping to protest the Dutch decision they should return to their home countries. That many of the Iraqi’s, Iranians, Somalians and Afghani’s are facing death when they are sent home, doesn’t bother the local politics. In fact, Dutch politics even deny their basic human rights, such as water, food and shelter. Volunteers from all across the country are trying to help, but many are stopped by Dutch police.

They have been camping for 9 days now, and what used to be a small emergency solution grew to a massive protest camp. Refugees and volunteers from all over the Netherlands are flocking together to protest the Dutch policy of immigration (under the rule of minister Leers) which clearly violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Human Rights Declaration and the International Treaty of Refugees. That the Dutch country, which houses the International Court of Justice in The Hague gets away with these violations, is a huge thorn in the eye of both the global community and the members that support the United Nations.

A van, stuffed with goods by volunteers, was stopped by the police. “We simply could not deliver the chairs that we were bringing. People are sitting on wet grass soil in one of the rainiest countries Europe knows, but the police finds it more important to stop volunteers than to assist the public health and provide for human rights”, one of the volunteers tells. “It is clear that politics are tangled up in their own bureaucracy and can’t see or think clearly anymore.” The red cross, who originally wanted to assist, was officially asked not to help in this situation. The city council also decided to close and block the water provision.

Dozens of volunteers around the country have picked up on the idea through the social media. They are printing flyers, collecting foods and goods in almost every city and try to provide the camp as much as they can. “It’s amazing,” someone says, “it’s like we are all working for this goal of humanity and this feeling gives us energy to go on. The Dutch people and the public’s opinion is also very clear on this. We need to help them. They have no other option.”

Artists are also joining the call and are organizing a love and unity festival on Saturday at the camp site in the North of Netherlands to draw more attention to this human cooperation. Also they are inviting all refugees and volunteers to join and assist in the camp. A refugee camp within the borders of Europe, denied the very basic human rights is exactly the thing that shows how disconnected today’s European politics are from humanity.

Could this be a new spark in the shift millions of people have been anticipating? We shall see.


Marianne Bathoorn (SHUV) +31 6 40744537

Update May 23, 2012  reg. evacuation:


Ali Mohamed Abdille 06 86 12 13 11.
Sam Saeed 06 842 04 556
Iraniërs: Nazimi, 06 8438 32 54

Advocaat die probeert ontruiming te voorkomen/ Lawyer who attempts to prevent evacuation:
Marcel Schuckink Kool – 070 383 1616

Andere vertegenwoordigers vluchtelingen in het kamp/ Other representatives of refugees in the camp
Sudanezen: Yahya 06 850 311 78
Eritreërs: mw Daniel Ledetu 06 84 35 85 34
Ethiopiërs: mw Mesrkarem 06 84570 534.
Azerbeidjanen: Safiyar, 06 855 3425.
Nederlanders: Marianne Bathoorn 06 407 445 37.

Left from the Protest camp:

Ali Aziz 06 8131 8559,
Hadi Abu Sanad 06 841 25 905,
Ali Asadi 06 840 20 192

Mansour, 06 85 65 9631

Somaliërs en advocaten tentenkamp 1 + 2 en Vluchtelingen op Straat:

Samatar (kamp 2): 06 179 88 466
Nuuradiin: (kamp 1) 06 41 444 048
Yasin (buiten) 06 855 111 30

Advocaten Somaliërs:
mr Sinoo, advocaat: 06 196 00 900
mr Walls van de mislukte uitzetting in nov 2011, walls@ziggo,nl

List of needs and urgent supplies as well as continuous updates


Update May 18, 2012


(Source in Dutch)

Ter Apel Camp News 18 may 2012

#HulpTerApel | The counter stands at 350.  Staying in the tent camp at this moment 20 Afghans, 225 Iraqis, 80 Somalis, 15 Iranians, 2 Sudanese and 3 Eritreans, 3 Azerbadzans, 1 Ethiopian.

Internet and live radio

Yesterday they managed to create an internet connection in the camp. With this live radio can be distributed. Listen live via: m2m streamtime.  With the power generator refugees are able to use computers and load their cellphones.

Mayor Kompier visited the camp

Today Mayor Mayor visited the camp. “She greeted everyone, shook hands, made chats”, tells Ali Mohamed Abdille. She was even honored with a look at the body of a man with scabies.  Ali: “She wanteds to know if the location was clean and safe enough. She was positive “.  On the NOS news broadcast of 8PM today she seemed not going to proceed (quickly) over to evacuation.  Ali: She said that she could do nothing except putting her land for us at our disposal.  For all other matters, we must be in the Hague.  She did said: ‘ If you  want to be busy with preparing your return, then I have rooms and showers ready for you. I asked: Back to where?  We are stateless. We want a life. We are humans just like you “.

Doctor visit-UNHCR

Yesterday a doctor examined people in a tent,  treated them and recipes were written out. One pharmacy would not cooperate, another one did though.  A UNHCR staff member was also visiting the camp.

Lawyers in action

“Humane or Hypocritical. Close your eyes no longer. The reality knocks at your door “. This writes Alie Westerhuis,  lawyer specialized in  Immigration law, in her solidarity statement to the protesting refugees. She names examples of  injustice expierenced by refugees she encounters in her work on daily basis.  As people whose asylum application are being marked as unbelief or put innocent in detention.  According to Mr. Westerhuis every lawyer specialized in immigration law knows legions of these examples. “The group in Ter Apel is only a limited reflection.  Thousands of people living in illegality. Surviving for reasons as described above “. Thus westerhuis.
The Hague’s refugees organisation PRIME calls on lawyers to write a comment and also to show solidarity with the refugees in the tent camp. See

‘ Throwing refugees over the hedge  = no solution’

“Kerk in Aktie” (Church in Action) INLIA are challenging the Minister in a letter to come out with real solutions instead of diverting the problem on foreigners,  municipalities,  churches and other social organizations. The tent camp is living proof that the ‘ over the hedge ‘-policy for asylum-seekers in the community brings not a single solution. If countries do not take back their nationals, there is an inter-state dispute for which the Government is responsible  that shouldn’t be passed on ‘ fearful foreigners who no longer know what they should do, on the  municipalities which are put on a dilemma, on civil society organisations which after years reach their borders ‘.

In Media

Updates May 19, 2012!/OswaldRoch/status/203764091540602880

About 9:55 Dutch Time reported on twitter, that the COA (central organisation for refugees) forbade refugees in the camp to use fieldbeds to assure “public order”. Reminder that there is one pregnant woman among the refugees as well.

I sincerely start to doubt on efforts and implementation of the ICRC (in this case the Dutch “Rode Kruis”) not using it’s mandate and standard supplies. In case of emergencies, the Red cross hands out supplies like tents, blankets and those standard basic supplies include fieldbeds as well. Which now, have been marked as a danger to public order. Getting crazier by the minute!

The ICRC, normally active in (armed) conflicts, has another mandate  to act for mankind according to this legal basis:

“In the event of internal disturbances and tensions, and in any other situation that warrants humanitarian action, the ICRC also enjoys a right of initiative, which is recognized in the Statutes of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Thus, wherever international humanitarian law does not apply, the ICRC may offer its services to governments without that offer constituting interference in the internal affairs of the State concerned.” (source)

In Dutch Media

  • May 19, 2012 | Acties in Assen voor tentenkamp Ter Apel – RTV Drenthe
  • May 19, 2012 | Ter Apel, solidariteit en radicale humaniteit | PeterStormSchrijft
  • May 19, 2012 | Toespraak van @carlavanos in Maastricht van vandaag | Speech


Updates May 21, 2012

The Int’l Association of Medical Students Associations ( posted a call for it’s members for aid/supplies at twitter and facebook:

  • May 21, 2012 | Supplies & needs ( Overview May 21, 2012)
  • May 21, 2012 | Public Pad for updates on #HulpterApel | PiratePad
  • May 21, 2012 | Continuous updates about #HulpTerApel at the weblog of HulpTerApel
  • May 21, 2012 | Continuous updates about #HulpTerApel also at OccupyUtrecht
  • May 21, 2012 | reports there is still an S.O.S. Ter Apel
  • May 21, 2012 | Occupy51 | Support Occupy Ter Apel | Anonymiss Express
  • May 21, 2012 | Staten Groningen roepen op tot menswaardige opvang voor uitgeprocedeerden in Ter Apel | Source
  • May 21, 2012 | Participating Refugees In Multicultural Europe “HUMAAN of HYPOCRIET” | Stichting PRIME
  • May 21, 2012 | Video (uncut) van 21 mei livestream | Watch

Lack of actions by (inter)national organisations which have an obligation to act in humanitarian emergencies silenced by the Dutch immigration as well as a media silence and coverage merely seems to happen in the blogsphere and the internet.

The article on “meedogenloos” (translated as: “merciless”) also featured the video below made on May 19, 2012 showing, still no solution has been found for over 300 people with no place who are on the doorstep of deportation.

Although the Dutch increasingly seem to support the cause is also visible on twitter were a civil campaign is started to get structure and supplies and needs are shouted out, logistics are being arranged to transport aid to the refugees.

Sourcing a bit around on the website of the Red Cross in Holland, we noticed the Red Cross is acting at events! Varying from small exhibitions to popconcerts. (Can be read here) yet not in Ter Apel.

Reported on twitter the Red Cross is forbidden by COA (immigration authorities) to deliver aid:

Apparently the COA  in Holland is an empire within a kingdom and puts itself above international law and regulations and human rights.

Heart warming to see reporting on twitter a doctor who came to bring pallets volunteered a few hours to see some of those inflicted by diseases or illness yet it seems most of the care is given at this moment by unqualified volunteers.

A shame for Holland it neglects people present on it’s territories and now made dependent on civil initiatives to get help which is in the beginning already arranged for by law and regulations still reports echoing over the internet of pharmacies not willing to cooperate and calls for medical professionals also can be seen continuously.

Great video aid delivery May 21, 2012 by


Makeshift “kitchen” in refugee camp Ter Apel, in the middle of the alleged welfare social security state called Holland

More photos added here at Flickr

Updates May 22, 2012

GGD in Ter Apel

On this day, May 22, 2012 the Dutch government debates about the refugee camp the Dutch GGD (Community Health Services) was present in the Camp for an observation and to inform themselves about the situation in the camp. Kindly notice Minister Leers deliberately silenced during the debate about the fact that the decision to evacuate the camp already was made and silenced by Minister Leers during the debate.

On the general website of the GGD, you can read their mission statement and also mentioned are their tasks among which: Public health for asylum seekers.
Read more about GGD here

In Media

  • May 22, 2012 | Tent Camp Ter Apel – Still No Solution ~ by @OpPinkPower
  • May 22, 2012 | Number of refugees raised to 388, GGD expected today | Source
  • May 22, 2012 |  ‘Bied onderdak aan uitgeprocedeerden Ter Apel’ | VluchtelingenWerk
  • May 22, 2012 | Spoedvragen over tentenkamp in Ter Apel | Source
  • May 22, 2012 | Dutch and Iraqi ministers to meet to discuss Ter Apel protest camp | Source

Updates May 23, 2012

Where yesterday, Minister Leers told there would be no forced evacuation, today the camp is being evacuated. At first police denies the camp is being evacuated according to Elsevier(Timestamped 7:43)  Even at a later moment moment in an audio file of an interview with the police, clearly is being stated that there is no such thing going on as an evacuation.

Article of Elsevier – May 23, 2012

The police not seems to tell the truth or in state of denial because a rough 45 minutes  before,  the VID (Traffic Information Service) reports explicitly at their website (Timestamped 6:52) the road already has been closed in both directions for evacuation which can not solely been seen as a discrepancy but clearly shows a premeditated. Especially because later on, several reports at twitter were made by people, who had seen very obvious and abnormal amount of traffic by the riot police in direction of the region Ter Apel already the day before

Police seems to persist in denial: Here is the audio fragment (in Dutch) in which a police officer denies there is an evacuation going on | Audio from RTV-Drenthe

Riot control units deployed to clear the camp

On twitter is being reported media is “removed” from the camp and have to keep their distance.!/marritanne/status/205190184646615040

Translation:  Ali on the phone: “They are afraid, the police tells them to leave voluntarily or they will evacuate by other means!” this is  threatening!!/marritanne/status/205203752246972416

  • ME (Riot Control forces) Is also there..  “Volunteers” are leaving as well. Media is reporting people are leaving voluntarily but reports of tweeps at the ground contradicting those. Minister Leers apparently has decided to shelter some Iraqi refugees till the Iraqi delegation arrives in Holland, and a “”guaranteed return” will be arranged. (according to Spits)

Reminder: A laissez passer does not automatically implicate that after this return the safety of asylum seekers and refugees will be guaranteed!!!

  • 09:49 reported on twitter: By Chris Klomp  on twitter refugees from Somalia planning to stay remarking: “We Stay. Otherwise we will land on the streets again”
  • Report on twitter: By MarritAnne:  All roads Ter Apel are closed expected 163 refugees and others present will be arrested. Update at
  • A lawyer has started a  preliminary injunction against evacuation of the camp. More details at,
  • 11:21 is reported:  Evacuation awaiting verdict of judge | Twitter update
  • 11:21 picture is tweeted about Iraqi entering the refugee center, contradicting reports some time later about the voluntarily character of the even for one volunteer in contact with an Iraqi present at the scene tweets: Who now stands in front of the fence: “We go in but we will never go back” he hopes Leers grant asylum after all “There is no life there”. According to reports of volunteers in contact with the refugees the Iraqis succomb to the demands of Leers out of fear of being regarded as “criminals”
  • Update at about live contact with one of the evacuated Iraqis

Photo by Chris Klomp – @chrisklomp

  • 11:47  Camp is still awaiting the verdict of the judge in the preliminary injuction. | Tweet
  • 11:50 @VlagtweddeNL send a tasteless tweet about an alleged “relaxed athmosphere at the camp”
  • 11:57 reported some members of the SP faction managed to get into the camp | Tweet
  • 12:01 reported evacuation is in the process | Tweet
  • 12:20 Actievoerders Ter Apel vormen front: “Wij willen ons recht als vluchtelingen” | DutchRevolution
  • 12:24 reported: Mayor afraid to evacuate the camp because of cameras | Tweet & updates here
  • 12:26 Twitter account @steunterapel suspended again by twitter | Tweet
  • 12:48 reported: 10 buses of riot control police in proximity of the camp to transport Iraqis | Tweet
  • 13:04 reported: 10 buses of riot control police in neighborhood of Veendam | Tweet
  • 13:25 reported: All Iraqi except 4 inside refugee center now, Somalians, Iranians stay in the tent camp | Tweet
  • 13:45 Mayor Kompier agrees with an emergency order | Source
  • 13:46 Somalian request asylum. Letter of Demissionair Minister Leers to government full of inaccuracies. | OccupyUtrecht
  • 13:52 Reported that around the AZC refugee center present: Ambulances, firefighters, police and all paralel roads are closed. | Tweet
  • 13:55 Report from @kaatje36 who is in Ter Apel: the remaining refugees fear they will be forcefully removed today | Tweet
  • 13:56 Reported:  Apparently the Netherlands even went this far in it’s new police-state-behaviour that they installed Checkpoints. A volunteer had to pass 3 of them
  • 14:01 Reported: Aside Somalians now also Iranians refuse to leave the protest camp | Tweet
  • 14:18 Many police officers reported at the protest camp, protesters restless | Tweet
  • 14:18 Emergency order for eviction ready according to lawyer of Vlagtwedde municipality | Tweet

14:21 Evaction has started

  • 14:27 Ontruiming tentenkamp Ter Apel begonnen | Evacuation Ten Camp Ter Apel Started | DVHN
  • 14:29 Spokesperson tells journo @chrisklomp he has to leave the refugee camp for his own safety | Tweet
  • 14:29 Fire fighters “ready” in case of attempted self-immolations | Tweet
  • 14:33 Emergency order in force: “Leave or Evacuate ” | Tweet
  • 14:34 Approx. 15 police buses arrived as well as a platoon riot police | Tweet
  • 14:36 Refugees left until 15:00 to leave or riot police will intervene for eviction | Tweet
  • 14:38 Report from @kaatje36 in Ter Apel: refugees are given an unknown amount of time to pack their tents. Cops everywhere. |  Tweet
  • 14:41 Detaining refugees costs 200 euro per refugee per day. NL is facing heavy austerity. Gov’t is batshit insane. | Tweet
  • 14:46 Evacuation proceeds peacefully. Somalians and  Iranians packing their belongings, about 50 police officers | Tweet
  • 14:48 Refugees not left yet. Again negotiations. Police has an arrest unit in the camp. BRATRA only | Tweet
  • 14:50 Text of Emergency order to clear refugee protest camp in Ter Apel | Emergency Order
  • 14:52 Reported a fight between asylum seeker and riot police officer | Tweet
  • 14:53 Refugee camp ter Apel is now being evacuated | Tweet
  • 15:01 Somalians cross hands, handcuff-pose,  refugee camp still full | Tweet
  • 15:02 Cops are tearing down tents. Refugees are chanting. (radio 1) | Tweet
  • 15:08 Remaining refugees are not leaving “voluntarily.” She expects shit will get ugly soon. Tweet
  • 15:09 Photo: Dutch police state  | Tweet

  • 15:11 Police closing in refugees from all sides now | Tweet
  • 15:20 NOS tv reports if people not accept “the offer” they will be arrested | Tweet
  • 15:23 Individuals not complying with the emergency order risk 3 months detention | Tweet
  • 15:25 SP Faction will demand clarification about the evacuation and deployment of riot police | Tweet
  • 15:28 First Arrest | Tweet
  • 15:29 ‘We will die here. We have no life. I wil die here’ Atmosphere is getting tense | Tweet
  • 15:34 ANP reports refugees are leaving, tweeps contradict that. My contact in Ter Apel also says the remaining refugees will not leave. | Tweet
  • 15:38 “Occupy camp Ter Apel Attacked” | Tweet
  • 15:40 Town of Vlagtwedde twitter account announces camp will be evacuated (like we didn’t notice) | Tweet
  • 15:44 Tofik Dibi of SP faction supported by Groen Links (Green Left) is going to demand clarification of Demissionair Minister Leers before 17:00 | Tweet
  • 15:49 First arrests occurred, also bystanders are threatened with arrests Indymedia | Tweet while a reporter at the scene at exactly the dame moment reports that police as well as refugees are standing idle and only looking at each other | Tweet
  • 15:58 16 riot police buses arrived | Tweet
  • 15:59 Somalians  Rather in jail than on the street” | Source | Tweet
  • 16:00 Sharon Gesthuizen (SP) asks Minister Leers to react before 17u reactie about escalation in Ter Apel. GL, PvdA, D’66 en CU support SP. | Tweet
  • 16:00 Twelve buses of riot police and around 60 riot police officers now clearing the camp, although no arrests so far. The Dutch NOS news channel reports though some arrests have occurred. Nizami, one of the refugees tells the police also started to demolish the tents. (Reported by “Vluchtelingen op Straat”)
  • 16:00 Riot police is starting to act. Dutch have to leave first | Tweet
  • 16:00 Ter Apel is being evacuated | Powned Tweet
  • 16:01 Riot police surrounded the camp. Massive deployment | Tweet
  • 16:06 Live stream #TerApel | Link
  • 16:10 Police does not allow people to fetch their personal belongings. A Somalian youth was arrested says Mohamed Abdille. Contrary to the reports in some media, only 20 Iraqi – out of the 388 refugees – have accepted the offer for temporary shelter until half june 2012. (Reported by “Vluchtelingen op Straat”)
  • 16:11 Riot police in line through the camp. Tents are raged to the ground | Tweet
  • 16:19 Refugees closed in by Riot police calling on Allaah SWT | Tweet
  • 16:23 “Forced eviction was evident. Proof in hands” | Tweet
  • 16:24 Riot police acting now | Tweet and riot police deliberately parking vans in front of media to hinder sight at evacuation | Tweet
  • 16:26 Refugees are forced hands up against the buses of the Riot police and being body searched. At this moment the communication with the spokesperson at the camp is being interrupted and no spokespeople are reachable. (Reported by “Vluchtelingen op Straat”)
  • 16:29 Not a single tent standing straight in the camp. Asylum seekers vanish one by one in buses | Tweet
  • 16:34 Report from @kaatje36: riot cops kicked a doctor in the back and arrested him. #hulpTerApel Human rights mean nothing in NL | Tweet
  • 16:38 Radio 1 reports riot cops are using vans to block reporters view of the camp. | Tweet
  • 16:39 Spokesperson of the police refuses to talk to radio 1 reporter.  | Tweet
  • 16:39 40 people have been arrested so far. 70 people are being body searched two by two says Sam from Somalia. 2 People suffering of blood tension problems have fainted. (Reported by “Vluchtelingen op Straat”)
  • 16:49 Update from @kaatje36: an epileptic person urgently needs his medication which i in the car close by. Cops deny it. | Tweet
  • 16:52 Marianne Bathoorn (SHUV) has been arrested. Cops have been finally convinced to get the epilepsy medication from the car. | Tweet
  • 16:55 City council was confidentially informed about the eviction of the camp inside sources tell me. | Tweet
  • 17:08 NOS Audio: Ontruiming Ter Apel volop aan de gang | NOS
  • 17:10 Cops still blocking reporters view of the camp radio 1 reports | Tweet
  • 17:12 130 people have been taken or almost taken into custody including an MD and Marianne Bathoorn os the SUHV (Support Organisation for Refugees). The MD was aiding the people in the camp for over 3 days Ali tells. All tents have been leveled now. (Reported by “Vluchtelingen op Straat”)
  • 17:19 Doctor Co van Melle has been arrested @kaatje36 reports | Tweet
  • 17:26 DOX City council members that voted against a proposal not to evict refugeecamp in Ter Apel | Overview via Anonymous
  • 17:30 We want our rights as refugees, refugees say at eviction of their tent camp in Ter Apel /  “Wij willen ons recht als vluchteling” zeggen vluchtelingen bij de ontruiming van hun tentenkamp in Ter Apel |

  • 17:42 Handcuffed refugees are now being  evacuated by police in civilian clothing | Tweet
  • 17:48 Dutch Police spokesperson account tweets evacuation went quietly | Tweet
  • 17:51 PHOTO | Refugees from the tent camp just have been deported in blinded vans | Tweet

  • 17:55 PHOTO | Road around the AZC has been closed for deportation of refugees | Tweet

  • 17:57 PHOTO Riot police driving off the terrain | Tweet

And this, this is the result of raging and leveling the camp after the riot police lined up and trashed all at the location of tent camp Ter Apel

  • 18:02 Dutch Police Spokesperson twitter account announcing  tents have been dismantled and a small group of Somalians are being deported one by one now | Tweet

In media

  • May 23, 2012 | Succesje voor Leers: Iraki Kamp Ter Apel worden afgevoerd | Krapuul
  • May 23, 2012 | Radio fragment with one of the Iraqi refugees who does not want to leave – Audio
  • May 23, 2012 | Kort geding om ontruiming tentenkamp |
  • May 23, 2012 | Marianne Bathoorn komt op voor de uitgeprocedeerde asielzoekers – Audio

Tweeted by @chrisklomp this picture, of belongings packed by the refugees:!/marritanne/status/205227432058433536


Updates May 24, 2012

  • BREAKING: Judge: emergency injunction (by mayor/Vlagtwedde) was disproportionate! – Tweet
  • BREAKING: According to the judge there were no major problems or threats in the tent camp – Tweet
  • May 24, 2012 | MD’s arrested and abused at eviction of refugee camp in Ter Apel | Artsen opgepakt en mishandeld bij de ontruiming van vluchtelingenkamp Ter Apel | Source
  • May 24, 2012 | Refuge camp in Netherland evicted | Anonymiss Express
  • May 24, 2012 | Parliament will debate about the eviction of refugeecamp Ter Apel next week. | Source
  • May 24, 2012 | Verdict of judge about the evacuation before 18:00 Dutch time available at | Tweet
  • May 24, 2012 | Medical tent was leveled too. Violating the agreements. Doctor lost his bag with medical equipment and is going to file a complaint, also of being hit by the Riot police | Tweet
  • May 24, 2012 | Reasons of evacuation remain partially secret | Tweet

Verdict of Dutch Court

Regarding the court case itself, aside from the facts that as well Minister Leers,  Vlagtwedde, Police and apparently the GGD was aware of the premeditated evacuation, at the session in court itself, the lawyer of Vlagtwedde City turned the pledge into an almost apocalyptic plea, exaggerating and inventing facts, (mostly about alleged safety and health concerns) which had been proven to be wrong already during the visit of the GGD to the camp.  Such is also visible in the report by the MD’s of the camp which clearly gives an insight in the communication and explanations of such, which the doctors handed over to the Judge at court.

For more detailed info about the court case itself please visit the Vluchtelingen op Straat weblog (Translation: Refugees on Street)

  • May 24, 2012 | The Verdict of the court. Case LJN BW6584 |

Silenced… The beating & arrests of medical doctors

Yesterday 2 medical doctors were arrested for living up to their Hippocratic Oath. Media is biased and suggesting all kinds of scenarios about the how, why, when and abouts of evacuation, grounds, the secrets of the eviction order and more, while totally ignoring the arrest of 2 people who totally selfless offering their knowledge and time to those, who are abandoned by a government which is already violating the human rights by denying medical care or assistance. (Update: a statement of 2 MD’s of the refugee tent camp is posted below)

Worse it is, for one of the doctors even was beaten by the Dutch Riot Police as well.

Preventing medical professionals in assisting wounded or those in need of medical assistance is a groce violation of fundamental human rights. As well is threatening, beating and arresting doctors a severe violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which under all circumstances clearly states protection of medical professionals. It seems the media is not only silencing, but also very ignorant on this issue. Appalling too, that riot police, after Doc Co state he was a doctor arrested him and beat the other. This should be investigated and not go unpunished.

Facts show, that medications were crushed, people were not allowed to fetch their belongings during the riot, and thus, the riot police in this matter obstructed not only medical care or intervention but also prohibited access to medical supplies to those dependent on those medications like epileptic and diabetes which causes a severe violation of fundamental human rights.

Below a video (unfortunately not in English) of Doctor Co.

For those able to understand the video it wil be clear, this world needs more Co’s!

  • May 24, 2012 | For latest updates check the website of Vluchtelingen op Straat (Dutch)
  • May 24, 2012 | Shocking aftermath statement of riot police intervention in Ter Apel  by MD (was beaten too) | Dutch | English
  • May 24, 2012 | The verdict of the judge who deems the eviction disproportional | Video
  • May 24, 2012 | Evacuation of the camp was already known by the GGD on May 22, 2012 which has been silenced for the MD of the refugees in the tent camp. GGD says, evacuation and choices GGD are politically steered. Statement MD of the GGD Groningen posted below, 4 pages 

Page 1 – Click to enlarge

Page 2 – Click to enlarge

Page 3 – Click to enlarge

Page 4 – Click to enlarge

Regarding the disgusting nature of violations of human rights as well as the violation of protection of medics acc. 4th Geneva convention, below a statement of the MD’s of the refugee tent camp in Ter Apel :

English translation below the original as posted below

Date: May 24 2012 19:13

1. In het proberen te volgen van onze patiënten welke we gezien hebben op het tentenkamp in Ter Apel kwamen we bij de eerste patiënt die we contacteerden het een en ander tegen waarover we niet onze mond kunnen houden en dan ook met toestemming van de betrokkene aan je het volgende willen berichten.
3. Het betreft zoals ik al zei een patiënt die we gezien hadden en waarvan wij het zeer noodzakelijk vonden en vinden dat betrokkene door een specialist gezien zou worden. Hier waren we dan ook al mee bezig vanuit het tentenkamp, om een specialist en ziekenhuis te vinden die bereid waren te doen waarvoor je als arts toch ooit een eed hebt afgelegd.
4. Helaas bleek het bijna het zoeken naar een speld in een hooiberg te zijn.Hetgeen ons persoonlijk ook zeer bedroefde en zelfs vervangende schaamtegevoelens opriep en roept.
6. Maar dit terzijde.
8. Betrokkene deelde mede dat ondanks ons advies en onze verwijzing, er niet naar hem geluisterd noch gekeken werd, enkel op het moment dat betrokkene zeer luidruchtig en obstinaat werd kreeg hij een gesprek met een verpleegkundige.
9. Deze hem liet verstaan dat ze niets met hem aankonden omdat betrokkene niet meer in het “Systeem” zat en er dus ook geen dure medische zorg geboden zou kunnen worden en betrokkene daar ook geen recht op had!
11. Na zeer veel aandringen van de kant van de betrokkene heeft een verpleegkundige uiteindelijk contact opgenomen ( aan betrokkene werd medegedeeld dat we de telefoon voor zeker meer dan een uur niet opnamen…echter aan onze kant geen gemiste oproepen ! )
12. Na overleg met de verpleegkundige is gelukkig wel een stap in de goede richting gezet naar een adequate behandeling, daar betrokkene dan uiteindelijk deze middag met een taxi naar het ziekenhuis zal gaan voor alvast een aantal oriënterende onderzoeken zoals bloedonderzoek etc…
13. Ik ga er dan ook vanuit dat betrokkene door de juiste specialist ( de specialisatie die we aan de verpleegkundige hebben doorgegeven) gezien zal worden en de behandeling die benodigd is gestart zal worden.
15. We zullen dit blijven volgen !
17. Daarnaast kregen we van betrokkene te horen dat betrokkene in een AZC zit zonder zijn vrienden/kennissen, maar dat de meeste Iraakse mensen die bevriend waren met elkaar uit elkaar gehaald zijn en verspreid over andere centra. Men wist vanuit ‘observatie’ welke relaties er onderling bestonden. Betrokkene zit nu in een AZC zonder bekende relaties en voelt zich daardoor helemaal geïsoleerd.
18. ..
20. Daarnaast deelde betrokkene mede dat hij sinds gisteren, 23-05-2012,13.30 uur geen voedsel meer had gekregen ( op 23-05-2012 had betrokkene een dubbele boterham met kaas gekregen). Hem werd medegedeeld dat hij zelf naar de winkel moest gaan en het zelf moet bereiden etc… Echter betrokkene is i.v.m.. zijn fysieke gezondheids toestand zeer moeilijk in staat dit te kunnen doen. Als zijn bekenden bij hem zouden zitten hadden deze dat natuurlijk wel voor hem gedaan, dit deden ze ook in het Tentenkamp.
22. Maar nu die er niet waren was er dus ook geen voedsel zoals betrokkene verklaart.
24. Betrokkene is geen Koerdistaan en is nu geplaatst in een groep van 50 Koerdistanen.
26. In mijn ogen een heel simpele oplossing zou zijn betrokkene over te plaatsen naar AZC bij Nijmegen, zodat de vriend van betrokkene die daar naar toe is verplaats deze zorg voor hem mede kan vormgeven hetgeen hij per slot van rekening al ruim 2 jaar doet.
27. Maar het plaatsings en verspreidingsbeleid is natuurlijk geen zaak van of voor mij, daar ga ik niet over en misschien maar goed ook het is dus maar een pragmatische suggestie die in ieder geval een betere conditie zou verschaffen voor betrokkene en die minder externe en interne inspanning van het COA en andere vereist.
29. Hierover, de voeding, wederom met AZC medische dienst contact opgenomen, deze gaf aan dat dit niet hun taak/afdeling was maar dat ik hierover met de COA contact op moest nemen. Het beste met de “woonbegeleiding” maar dat het wel het beleid was van het COA dat de mensen alles zelf doen en als ze het zelf dan niet kunnen om welke redenen danook dat er dan maar de bekenden of vrienden voor moeten zorgen !
30. En dat terwijl betrokkene zijn vrienden die dit ook in het Tentenkamp voor betrokkene deden ( bewust ?) elders geplaatst zijn!
32. Meerdere keren gepoogd deze afdeling van het COA te bereiken.
34. Echter de telefoon wordt tot nu toe niet beantwoord en ik vind dit wederom zwak gezegd niet erg prettig voor betrokkene dat dit nog niet gelukt is. Aan alle betrokkenen was toegezegd dat er goede en adequate zorg geboden zou worden als ze vrijwillig gebruik zouden maken van het aanbod van Minister Gerd Leers, dat ik hier niet zal herhalen om het verhaal niet langer dan noodzakelijk is te maken.
35. Hoop dus dat dit alsnog zal lukken.
36. Ik spreek mijn oprecht gemeende hoop uit dat dit niet exemplarisch zal zijn voor de andere patiënten, welke wij dus ook zullen trachten op te volgen. Tevens hoop ik ook dat betrokkene die me dit heeft medegedeeld, met ook de uitdrukkelijke toestemming om hierover te berichten, hier geen nare gevolgen van zal ondervinden.
38. Maar dit is wel exemplarisch voor de ontstane situatie waarin wij als behandelende artsen niet in de gelegenheid gesteld zijn om überhaupt maar een patiënt over te dragen aan de COA artsen / G.G.D. artsen. Hetgeen ik ook al duidelijk schriftelijk en officieel verklaard heb aan de Edelachtbare Rechter in het kort geding welke deze ochtend diende in Groningen.
40. Erger nog ons is geen melding gedaan vanuit het COA / IND waar ‘onze’ patiënten naar toe zijn geplaatst. Zodat we ze op de juiste manier kunnen volgen dan wel overdragen. Dit betreft dan de groep Irakezen welke zich ‘vrijwillig’ hebben gemeld bij de centrum in Ter Apel. Van de mensen die gevlucht zijn is het natuurlijk nog moeilijker, maar ook die zullen we trachten te volgen en te begeleiden naar de juiste zorg. Onder andere door de organisatie Dokters van de Wereld die in deze hun hulp hebben aangeboden.
42. Ditzelfde geldt voor de mensen die in detentie genomen zijn, waaronder mensen zijn die, zoals ook in mijn eerder vermeldde verklaring staat, zelfs niet in de gelegenheid gesteld zijn om hun antibiotica kuren volledig af te maken. Omdat ze hun persoonlijke spullen, toen ze bijeen gedreven waren, niet meer uit hun tenten mochten halen.
43. Zo ook een voorbeeld van een diabetes patiënt wiens aangebroken medicatie vertrapt, na de vernielingen van en door de ME, onder de achtergebleven puinhoop gevonden werd door andere vrijwilligers, die nog probeerden uit de puinhoop te redden wat er te redden viel.
45. Voor betrokkene zijn nu via het vrijwilligers netwerk mensen bereid gevonden die voor betrokkene even zorg te dragen en hem deze avond een maaltijd zullen verzorgen.
46. En mogelijk de komende dagen ook totdat betrokkene een paar nieuwe vrienden gemaakt heeft die hem ook willen helpen danwel dat misschien mijn suggestie voor overplaatsing naar Nijmegen niet zo gek wordt bevonden.
48. Want hoewel je als uitgeprocedeerde asiel zoeker in hetzelfde schuitje zit betekent dit niet automatisch dat je na jaren van solitair op de straat overleven waarin andere daklozen zelfs je mogelijke ‘concurenten’ zijn je de zorg voor de ander zomaar weer zonder enig voorbehoud zou overnemen/ondersteunen.
51. Update :
52. COA verpleegkundige heeft contact opgenomen met m’n partner en besproken dat deze avond zich een aantal vrijwilligers van buiten het COA zich zullen melden voor betrokkene en de COA verpleegkundige zou zorgen dat er door COA woonbegeleiding contact zal worden opgenomen, dit wachten we dus maar af, inmiddels alweer 3 uur niets meer gehoord!
55. Tot zover voor nu,
57. met vriendelijke groetjes,
59. E.
61. Arts in Tentenkamp Ter Apel.

English Translation

  1. In attempted follow-up of our patients which we have seen in refugee tent camp Ter Apel, we encountered some issues with the first patient we contacted, of which we choose not to remain silent. With consent of the patient we want to inform you of the following:
  2. As i said, it concerns a patient we have seen and in our opinion requires examination by a medical specialist. We found and find it extremely necessary that this patient is seen by a medical specialist in the hospital. Already from the camp, we have been in the process to find a medical specialist and a hospital willing to do this, for which one, as a doctor took an oath once.
  3. Unfortunately this search seemed to be searching for a needle in a haystack. Which personally saddens us very much and even evoked and still evokes vicarious shame
  4. But that aside.
  5. The concerned has informed us that despite our advice and referral he has not been heard nor examined. Only when the person involved became very clamorous and obstinate he came into dialogue with a nurse.
  6. The nurse told him that they were not able to help him since he was not ‘listed in the system’ anymore and therefore neither costly medical aid could be offered and the person concerned neither would have a right to such!
  7. After the concerned kept persisting, the nurse started to contact us. (To the person involved was told we did not answer the phone for over an hour. Yet on our side we did not notice any missed calls.)
  8. After consultation with the nurse, luckely there is made a step in the right direction to aqequate treatment; the concerned eventually this afternoon will be going to the hospital by taxi for preliminary screening like blood examination and so on.
  9. I assume that the patient concerned will be seen by the right medical specialist (in this case a neurologist which we adviced) and the required treatment will be initiated.
  10. We will continue to follow the process!
  11. Aside from this, concerned informed us that he is present in the AZC without any friends/acquaintances, but that most Iraqi people acquainted have been torn apart and have been spread over other centers. One knew out of ‘observation’ which mutual relations existed.
  12. The concerned is not in an AZC without any acquaintances and feels himself totally isolated.
  13. ..
  14. Aside from this, the concerned informed us that he since yesterday, May 23, 2012 13:30 not received food anymore. (On May 23, 2012 the concerned had received a double sandwich with cheese). He was told to go to the store, as well as to prepare any food himself.
  15. However, regarding his physical condition, it is very difficult for the concerned to do such. If his acquaintances would be with him of course they would have done such for him. As the did in the tent camp.
  16. Now these acquaintances are not present therefor neither was food available, according the statement of the concerned.
  17. The concerned is no Kurd and is not placed in a group with 50 Kurds.
  18. In my opinion, transferring the concerned to the AZC in Nijmegen would be am easy solution so the friend of concerned who is transferred to this location can be an aid realizing this care for him which he after all is doing already for over 2 years.
  19. Of course are the placement or transferring policies not my business nor to be a matter for me. This is not within my authority and maybe such is better anyway. It is merely a pragmatic suggestion which would provide a better condition for the concerned which also would require less external and internal efforts of the COA.
  20. Regarding the nutrition we have contacted the medical service of the AZC. They pointed out that this was not their task nor department and that I had to contact the COA about this matter. Preferably with “living guidance” but that it was in the policies of the COA that people are supposed to arrange all themselves. If they are not able to do such – for whatever reason – acquaintances or friends need to take care!
  21. Whereas acquaintances of the concerned who did such for him, deliberately (?) have been located somewhere else!
  22. Several attempts were done to get in touch this department of the COA.
  23. However, the phone remains unanswered until now and to delicately expressed I regard this not very pleasant for the concerned that such has not been achieved yet. All concerned have been promised that there would be offered good and adequate care if they would voluntarily accept the offer of Minister Gerd Leers, which I am not going to repeat here to make the story not longer than necessary.
  24. I express my hope that such will be achieved after all.
  25. I also express my sincere hope that this will not be an example for the other patients which we also try to follow. I also hope that the concerned with whose consent I am reporting about this matter, will not suffer any negative consequences because of this.
  26. Although it is characterizing for the resulting situation in which we as medical doctors not have been granted the possibility in the least to hand over a patient to the medical doctors of the COA or G.G.D. Which is also very clearly declared verbally as well as in written letter to the Honourable Judge in the summary procedure which took place this morning in Groningen.
  27. Worse, us has not reached any notification from the COA nor IND to which location “our”  patients have been transferred. This concerns the group of Iraqi which have reported themselves voluntarily at the center in Ter Apel. Of those who fled it is of course more difficult but we will attempt to follow and guide them as well to proper care. Including by Doctors of the World who have offered their help in this.
  28. The same applies to those who are taken into detention, among which are people – like stated in previous mentioned statement even not have been granted the opportunity to finish their antibiotic cure completely. Because when they were driven together, were denied to get their personal belongings out of the tents.
  29. Also an example of a patient suffering diabetes whose medication has been crushed after destruction by the riot police and was found by volunteers – attempting to save what could be saved – under the debris which was left behind.
  30. For the concerned and via the network of volunteers there have been found people prepared to take care of the concerned and to prepare his meal this evening.
  31. Possibly also the coming days until the concerned has made some new friends who are willing to help him, or that maybe, my suggestion to transfer him to Nijmegen will be regarded not that foolish.
  32. For although you, as legally exhausted asylum seeker row in the same boat, this does not implicate automatically that after years of surviving in solitary on the street – where homeless people even can be your possible ‘competitors’ – you are able to take over/support the care for another unreservedly.
  33. Update :
  34. The nurse of the COA has contacted my partner and discussed that this evening some volunteers from outside the COA will report themselves for the concerned and that the nurse of the COA would take care that the COA living guidance department will be contacted, such we will await. In the meanwhile we didn’t hear nothing for 3 hours!
  35. Till so far for now,
  36. With kindest regards,
  37. E.
  38. Medical Doctor in Tent Camp Ter Apel

Updates May 25, 2012

Photo via website

Photo via website

Dutch journalist Chris Klomp who was reporting the evacuation and tweeting  live updates has been threatened by the police with a complaint. The complaint seems to be about his updates at twitter. In particular as is reported by Meedogenloos because Chris Klomp does not ‘Fails to disclose a source” of a document.  At 14:05 reported the complaint was canceled.  In his blogpost “Journalistiek misdrijf” (translated: “Journalistic crime”) which leaves nothing to imagination; Chris Klomp exposes the ignorance, bigotry and arrogance of the “force” which tried to intimidate him for doing that what investigative journalists do the best: Obeservation, investigation, analysis and reporting the facts for truth, even if this is not a nice reality. Especially not if it exposes the ineptitude of those, who should be safeguarding the rights of others, prevent abuse and violations of those in the first place.

This is a very concerning issue:

“For without a free press few other human rights are attainable. A strong press freedom environment encourages the growth of a robust civil society, which leads to stable, sustainable democracies and healthy social, political, and economic development.”
(Source: Committee to Protect Journalists)

At the day of the evacuation the police stated that presence of (photo) press would unnecessarily increase “tension” (Tweet) while at the scene, the area was “a no go zone” for photographers had to stay inside the “Press Box“. While (as can be seen in the live blogged tweets of that day) the view of this press box was being hindered by vehicles of Riot Police.

It makes one at least wonder, why a so called democratic country in a public place has to hide it’s police actions by silencing the press and attempt to prevent coverage of an event, involving human rights of over 400 people who already hit the headlines with their action and anyone, has a right to information! (As is stated in Art 19 ICCPR = a Human Right too!)

The court case has been postponed (Tweet & article) in a pathetic move and bid of weakness, to avoid justice is be done or frustrate such  (?). Repors the emergency order would have been canceled and  fences were placed at the scene. An upgrade of non democratic restrictions of movement and violation of free movement (UDHR Art 13:1). What’s next? A watchtower in Sperrbezirk Ter Apel?

In the meanwhile increasing reports on twitter that the premeditated eviction from people, witnessing Riot Police  entering the region day before the evacuation. | Tweet

Reminder: Before there had been a negotiation.  Before the town of Vlagtwedde forefilled it’s legal obligation of publishing the emergency order, and in line with the early announcement on (for crying out loud) the website of the VID at 06:32 in the morning announcing an evacuation, while even in previously blogged audio files police officers on tape can be heard DENYING such is happening / going to happen.

  • May 25, 2012 | Retweet and win a complaint by the police! (English google translation)/ Retweet en win een aangifte van de pliesie! |
  • May 25, 2012 | This afternoon at 14:30 Civil Action against the emergency order refugee camp Ter Apel | Tweet
  • May 25, 2012 | Report by Co van Melle MD, about the evacuation of tent camp Ter Apel  (English google translation) / Verslag van Dokter Co van Melle over de ontruiming van tentenkamp Ter Apel | Groningen Dichtbij
  • May 25, 2012 11:37 | Answer of Minister Leers regarding the evacuation of tent camp Ter Apel | Tweet with link to PDF
  • May 25, 2012 12:00 | Civil court case suspended because emergency order is lifted. Fences have been placed around the area of the camp. | Tweet
  • May 25, 2012 12:01| May 29, 2012 at 15:00 Court case vs Vlagtwedde | Tweet | and vs COA about placement of fences  | Tweet
  • May 25, 2012 12:03 | Kortgeding om terugkeer tentenkamp TerApel – Binnenlands Bestuur
  • May 25, 2012 13:05 | Dutch govt. judicial tricks to frustrate the refugees of Ter Apelonce more officials show corruption | Tweet
  • May 25, 2012 13:10 | No preliminary injunction today about Manifest in Ter Apel / Geen kort geding manifestatie Ter Apel vandaag | Rechtspraak
  • May 25, 2012 14:05 | Complaint against journalist Chris Klomp canceled. | See Tweet
  • May 25, 2012 16:02 | Evacuation refugee camp Ter Apel was a dirty political game / Ontruiming vluchtelingenkamp Ter Apel was een smerig politiek spel | Source
  • May 25, 2012 | Fences around refugee camp Ter Apel | Source
  • May 25, 2012 | Vlagtwedde withdraws emergency order to evacuate (Google english translation)| Vlagtwedde trekt noodverordening to ontruiming in | RTVNoord Dutch

Alarming call by an MD of the tent camp

(English translation below the original in Dutch)

  1. Alarmtelefoontje van dokter J. met betrekking tot ontruiming Ter Apel.
  2. Conform de toezeggingen van Gerd Leers hebben de mensen die zich vrijwillig weer gemeld hebben bij het AZC in Ter Apel en nu verspreid zijn over de verschillende AZC’s in het land recht op medische zorg.
  3. Dokter .. heeft in het tentenkamp vele patienten gezien en behandeld. Er is dringend overdracht van deze gegevens nodig naar de medische dienst in de verschillende AZC’s. De dokter heeft alleen vandaag al 123 telefoontjes gehad van patienten.
  4. Hij heeft contact opgenomen met de COA directie om een lijst te ontvangen van de personen en waar ze zich nu bevinden zodat hij dit kan matchen met zijn gegevens.
  5. Het COA draait de rollen echter om. Ze willen van de dokter een lijst met namen, geboortedata en de medische gegevens hebben.
  6. Probleem zit echter in de spelling van de namen en het feit dat het handgeschreven is. Bij het kleinste foutje herkent het COA ysteem de persoon niet.
  7. Er kunnen dus geen medische gegevens overgedragen worden!
  8. Tweede probleem is dat er klaarblijkelijk enkel verpleegkundigen in de AZC’s betrokken zijn waardoor er geen medicatie voorgeschreven kan worden en de zorg niet verder gaat dan het geven van een paracetamolletje.
  9. Er is zeer dringend druk op het COA nodig om de kwaliteit van de medische zorg te waarborgen!
  1. Alarming phone call of — MD concerning the evacuation of (refugee tent camp) Ter Apel.
  2. In accordance to promises made by Minister Gerd Leers, people who have reported themselves voluntarily at the AZC [note: Dutch abbreviation for Center for Asylum Seekers] in Ter Apel, now scattered over several AZC’s in the country have a right to medical care.
  3. Doctor — has seen and treated many patients in the tent camp. There is an urgent need of transfer of the statuses of these people to the medical service of the various AZC’s.
  4. The doctor received – only today so far – 123 phone calls of patients.
  5. He has contacted the Management of the COA in order to receive a list of individuals and their whereabouts so he can match this with his data.
  6. However the COA is turning the tables. They want a list of the doctor displaying names, dates of birth and medical records.
  7. The problem consist in the spelling of the names and the facts that it is handwritten. At the tiniest mistake the system of COA does not recognize the person.
  8. Therefor it is impossible to exchange medical data!
  9. A second problem is that in the AZC’s obviously only nurses are involved as a result of which there can not be prescribed any medication and care not exceeds nothing else than the handing over of a Paracetamol.
  10. There is a very urgent need of pressuring the COA to secure the quality  of the medical care!

Video | Fences around Tent camp Ter Apel

Updates May 26, 2012

The transfer of data of patients still has not been forfilled. Although the minister’s department promised to do so. The MD had to contact GCA who coordinates the healthcare for the refugees. This GCA turned out to be a callcenter from a private insurer! Administrative PPL, no medical nowledge whatsoever! It’s still a status quo, COA wants his files, but he can’t give them and COA won’t let him see the names in the system for ‘protecting privacy reasons

Regarding the above, there, where not already fundamental rights have been violated, now, fundamental rights to medical care are being infringed due to prevailing political and bureaucratic fuzz, obstructing again the obligation of the Dutch government to ensure proper care to needy, without any discrimination which is forbidden as stated in Art 1 of the Dutch constitution: “for no reason at all’.

Even a persona non grata has a right to care

In this light, the following verdict of the High Council of the Netherlands may shed a light on the rights of stateless, by verdict of Sept 9, 2011 stating that by Dutch government declared “Persona non grata” declared people, have a right to proper medical care based on Art 8 of the EVRM. Go hereto readmore | Verdict at Rechtspraak | “Even a persona non grata has a right to care based on Art 8 EVRM”  PDF

Article 8. – Right to respect private and family life

1. Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.
2. There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as is in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.

Further on Guiding principles on internal displacement (30-09-1998 Article, International Review of the Red Cross, No. 324 – Source ICRC) are being violated.These Guiding Principles address the specific needs of internally displaced persons worldwide. They identify rights and guarantees relevant to the protection of persons from forced displacement and to their protection and assistance during displacement as well as during return or resettlement and reintegration.

More bureaucratic “repellants” …

In an awkward bid to prevent return of refugees to the tent camp location in Ter Apel, the mayor of Vlagtwedde very swiftly decided to transfer land to the COA to extract it from public land. Such has been decided on May 24, 2012 as well as was orderd to inform the town council of the decision. It seems Vlagtwedde boldly goes where no moral man has gone before… in splits to arrange any return whatsoever possible | Source Website Vlagtwedde

Never mind perusal…


For people who lost personal possession during the evacuation of the refugee camp there is a possiblity to call or email:

In media

  • May 26, 2012 | Shocking Eye witness account from Antwerpen | Indymedia
  • Magnificent pictures of #TerApel refugees | Website Kees van Veen , Photographer

Updates May 27, 2012

In Media

  • May 27, 2012 | Film screening in solidarity with the refugees of Ter Apel – English Google translation / Filmvertoning in solidariteit met de vluchtelingen van Ter Apel – by Abu PessOptimist – Dutch
  • May 27, 2012 | De Puinhoop in Ter Apel | M2M (Dutch only, translation will follow)
  • May 27, 2012 | Flashback: Video Report – May 21, 2012 by Hussain | Video
  • May 27, 2012 | Flashback: Interview with Ahmad – May 21, 2012 | Video
  • May 27, 2012 | Flashback: Interview with Iranian – May 21, 2012 | Video
  • May 27, 2012 | Journalist zonder antwoorden ~ by Chris Klomp

Updates May 29, 2012

Below an excerpt of the blog post by Maritanne:

May 23, all refugees who are caught in the AZC received a note stating they can not leave the village. This notereceived is in Dutch only and it is not entirely clear for them what is on it. “Look, proof of residence here, that I may sleep

Then enthusiastically telling in which AZC  their friend is located and telling that is they are planning to visit …

“Sorry .. Impossible.  The note that what you just showed them the town is that you should not. If you do, you may be arrested. “

In Media

  • May 29, 2012 | Cor van Melle MD was carrying a recorder at the moment he was arrested | Audiofile (Dutch) | On the tape one can clearly hear Dr. Co van Melle saying “I’m a doctor” than police ordering him to walk along (at the moment of his arrest)
  • May 29, 2012 | Shocking! | Falling out of the frying-pan into the fire – Tent Camp vs AZC (English Google translation) /  Van de Wal in de Sloot  Tentenkamp vs AZC | Marritanne
  • May 29, 2012 | Woman from Eritrea: I need hope | Audio
  • May 29, 2012 | Human rights Violations in Smallingerland | Mensenrechtenschendingen in Smallingerland | Article

Preliminary Injuction about the eviction

  • May 29, 2012 | 15:20 | Court started: Subpoenas COA and Town of Vlagtwedde are being read now | Tweet
  • May 29, 2012 | 15:26 | Complaint: The means used by police and city of Vlagtwedde are too severe regarding the circumstance in the refugee camp | Tweet
  • May 29, 2012 | 15:32 | May 14 allegedly Town of Ter Apel prepared the emergency order. On May 23, 2012 they said although the next step was unknown | Tweet
  • May 29, 2012 | 15:36 | Evacuation seems premeditated. After this arguments #GGD were brought forward to really evacuate | Tweet
  • May 29, 2012 | 15:43 | Ter Apel pleas: Land is property of the CoA so civil law is ruling, yet, land has been transfered to the COA in the last moment. | Tweet
  • May 29, 2012 | 15:50 | Ter Apel tries to refute verdict of the “vovo” by saying there was not evidnce available. (Demonstration is legal until proven otherwise?) | Tweet
  • May 29, 2012 | 15:59 | Ter Apel please:  Modus operandi can not be regarded as disproportional as apv is being followed | Tweet
  • May 29, 2012 | 16:07 | People in and around the camp Ter Apel would be moving “on the street” which is dangerous. Which road? | Tweet
  • May 29, 2012 | 16:11 | Ter Apel: Emergency order was available in December 2011 “one has to be prepared in case situations like this occur”  | Tweet
  • May 29, 2012 | 16:13 | Ter Apel: “There were clear signs of suicidal people, Jerrycans of fuel have been confiscated | Tweet (note occpal: fuel to operate the generators)
  • May 29, 2012 | 16:16 | (Ter Apel going ballistic now): Ter Apel: “The police did negotiate with danger for life in the ten camp” I don’t say this quickly but | Tweet
  • May 29, 2012 | 16:17 | COA speaking now: “We want to prevent a return of the tent camp #TerApel” | Tweet
  • May 29, 2012 | 16:24 | COA : People in Ter Apel have rejected the offer (to forced) return to own land | Tweet
  • May 29, 2012 | 16:27 | COA  “It is clear that supporters want to occupy the area again. This is not allowed by civil law | Tweet
  • May 29, 2012 | 16:43 | Illegal placement of fences is the conequence of illegal decision of Ter Apel to violate the constitutional right of demonstration | Tweet  (Note occpal: Human rights as well: UDHR 20(1) Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.)
  • May 29, 2012 | 16:52 | Prosecutor: “Main reason was so safety was in dispute. Now all of a sudden it seems to be about enforcing of law ” | Tweet
  • May 29, 2012 | 16:55 | Letters of MD’s to COA management, including approval for publication | Brief artsen aan COA directie incl. toestemming publicatie. |
  • May 29, 2012 | 17:14 | Judge: What is exactly the juridical ground for the complaint? Ter Apel still is owner of the land. So civil rights and human rights are valid. Further on, any piece of land has an owner: for exmaple Malieveld. Also there people have the right of manifest. | Tweet
  • May 29, 2012 | 17:18 | Most important question COA and Ter Apel try to emphasize is if the premisses is public or not | Tweet
  • May 29, 2012 | 17:22 | Demanding party : Wish of COA legtitimate? COA says only the land is theirs. Before it used to be a place for manifestations as well. | Tweet
  • May 29, 2012 | 17:24 | Court Case “humanity” vs Ter Apel now 2,5 hours going on | Tweet
  • May 29, 2012 | 17:38 | Ter Apel: “I compaint about intonation of calimant that the mayor exercized “I got you”-practices | Tweet
  • May 29, 2012 | 17:43 | Ter Apel is angry. “I regret the mayor is being displayed as evil” | Tweet  (Note occpal: The whole evacuation was a self fullfilling prophecy and in contradiction with legal procedures, premeditated. This is evil!)
  • May 29, 2012 | 17:53 | COA: “we have done all possible kind of offers to shelter people of #TerApel, the only condition is they have to return…” | Tweet (Note occpal: which they can’t)
  • May 29, 2012 | 17:58 | Court Case #Ter Apel ended. Verdict Thursday at 15:00 | Tweet

In the meanwhile several Dutch media are inciting possible threats of refugees committing suicides. My 2 cents on this: You drove them to such an act if this happens:

  • The human right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health | OCHA

Letter of MD’s to management of COA| May 28, 2012 | PDF available here

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Letter of E., MD | May 29, 2012 | PDF can be found here

Click to enlarge

Important for MD’s, hospitals and other health care professionals:

  • Forms for declare  costs of medical  care to refugees without insuranceHere

Update | May 29, 2012 | 22:30

In a very weak bid of censorship @groningendb blocked an article about medical care being a human right. Were we stated previously in this article, that even persona non grata have a right to medical care, we really do not see the reason why a reminder to such has to be censored from a media website.

The article also reminds about all the attempts of the MD’s of the refugee camp to transfer vital information about their examinations of the people previously present in the refugee camp, very important for now, the COA leaves this kind of observations to non qualified personel: nurses without any mandate to prescribe medication, and worse, not with any aquired skills, leaving the people over to themselves.

Another very serious violations of human rights is that the refugees now located in the camps are not allowed to go to a hospital for they have received warnings if they leave the village they could be arrested, which puts them practically under curfew and unable to search for help even if they judge themselves they are in need of such.

The censored articles also included the letters of the MD’s above, which, with consent of the MD’s were given free for publication.

Read the full article here at

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Updates May 30, 2012

TER APEL – Photo via Dagblad van het Noorden

May 30, 2012 | Source in Dutch: Dagblad van het Noorden  (Translation into English):  TER APEL – Two Somalians with sleeping-bags have taken root in the verge in front of COA Ter Apel.  RTV Noord reported this afternoon.  AZC’s Dronten and Basexem have send Nasir Ali Omar and Mouhamed Abukar Ali last Friday to Ter Apel because their legal procedures are exhausted. Once at the center they requested a new asylum-procedure.

As is stated by the Immigration and Naturalisation Authorities (IND) it can take up to two months before these requests are being processed. In the meanwhile they are not allowed to reside in the center and have to take care for accommodation themselves. Because of this they were send outside on Sunday. They say they have no place to go and will stay in Ter Apel, for they get food and drinks from the people inside the COA.

(End of report by Dagblad van het Noorden)

Another picture via RTV Noord – Photo by Goos de Boer

In Media

  • May 30, 2012 | Why do you help refugees? / Waarom help je asielzoekers – Video
  • May 30, 2012 | Artsen Ter Apel: Medische zorg voor mensen zonder papieren schokkend slecht geregeld | Redactie Medical Facts

Groningen Dichtbij, after first censoring the article linking to a 403 page (Access Denied) today decided to unblock the content which is now posted here:

  • May 30, 2012 | Artsen Ter Apel: Medische zorg voor mensen zonder papieren schokkend slecht geregeld | Groningen Dichtbij
  • May 30, 2012 | Again refugees camp out in Ter Apel / Opnieuw kamperende asielzoekers in Ter Apel | RTV Noord (incl Audio interview)
  • May 30, 2012 | Amnesty International explicitly refused in a phone call to send observers to refugee tent camp / Amnesty weigerde in tel gesprek expliciet om waarnemers naar tentenkamp | Tweet
  • May 30, 2012 | Interview with Marcel Schuckink-Kool, Lawyer of the #TerApel tent camp refugees, tuesday | Video
  • May 30, 2012 | Again sit-in at AZC Ter Apel | Powned
  • May 30, 2012 | Korte betrouwbaarheidsanalyse media en hoe wij elkaar kunnen helpen. | by Kaatje36
  • May 30, 2012 | More attention needed for caretakers said ANP, but silenced Doctor Co / ‘Meer aandacht nodig voor hulpverleners’ zei ANP maar ze zwegen over Dr Co.  |Source
  • May 30, 2012 | ‘Fence around tent camp Ter Apel has to be removed’ / ‘Hek om tentenkamp Ter Apel moet weg’ | De Gelderlander
  • May 30, 2012 | MD’s tent camp today in COA Schalkhaar, reporter of the NOS was not allowed to enter /Artsen tentenkamp vandaag op COA Schalkhaar, journalist van NOS radio mocht niet mee naar binnen! | Tweet MD’s of evacuated refugee camp gave radio interview outside the gate of the COA, broadcast tomorrow | Tweet

Updates May 31, 2012

Today at 15:00 verdict of the court in case Refugees Ter Apel vs. COA & town of Vlagtwedde

  • May 31, 2012 | Refugees a threat to public health | RTVNoord (MD’s of refugees report  that Dutch gov’t halted medical care despite previous agreements
  • May 31, 2012 | MD Volunteer of refugees: I am Ashamed to be Dutch | Audio NOS
  • May 31, 2012 | Ter Apel dropped food, medications, sleeping-bags and electronic devices of refugees, now complaining about smell | RTV Noord
  • May 31, 2012 | Artsen Ter Apel overwegen kort geding tegen COA / MD’s Ter Apel consider a preliminary injuction against the COA | Meedogenloos
  • May 31, 2012 | Artsen overwegen kort geding tegen COA , Irakezen op dodenlijst – MD’s consider Preliminary injuction against COA , Iraqis on death-lists| Groningen Dichtbij
  • May 31, 2012 | American report: “Iraq remains a deeply troubled nation”  | Report (pdf)
  • May 31, 2012 | Friday, June 1, Raad van State sessions in The Hague about (im)possible return to Somalia / Vrijdag 1 juni Raad van State zitting Den Haag over (on)mogelijke terugkeer naar Somalië – STIL
  • May 31, 2012 | 52 arrested refugees which have been transfered to “Vught” keep refusing to stamp daily. They risk for this to be thrown on the streets but they wish to receive the same treatment as other refugees housed in the AZC’s nor do they want to be treated as criminals | Occupy Utrecht 
  • May 31, 2012 | UN criticizes Dutch asylum policies |  VN kritisch over Nederlands asielbeleid  | De Stentor
  • May 31, 2012 | UN reprimand The Netherlands for Asylum policies | VN berispen Nederland om asielbeleid | Elsevier
  • May 31, 2012 | Verdict in preliminary injuction | Source
  • May 31, 2012 | @carlavanos @DefenceChildren roept VN op om NL regering te manen tot leiderschap mensenrechten #UPR_NL | Defence for Children
  • May 31, 2012 | Full report of UN | National report submitted in accordance with paragraph 5 of the annex to Human Rights Council resolution 16/21 | Source
  • May 31, 2012 | Minister Leers denies involvement in Ter Apel | Minister Leers ontkent bemoeienis met Ter Apel –
  • May 31, 2012 | Minister Leers dominates debate Ter Apel with false arguments (English translation) /Minister Leers domineert debat Ter Apel met valse argumenten | Source (Original Dutch resource) | Same article posted now at Groningen Dichtbij
  • May 31, 2012 | UN:  ‘Dutch Asylum policies do not meet requirements /VN: ‘Nederlands asielbeleid voldoet niet’ |
  • May 31, 2012 | Refugees evacuated camp claim damage for lost posessions / Schadeclaim asielzoekers voor ontruiming tentenkamp | NL Vandaag
  • May 31, 2012 | Photo reporting of evacuation of tent camp Ter Apel severly hindered | Fotograferen van ontruiming tentenkamp Ter Apel ernstig belet |

Letter of MD to Dutch Government, Some refugees Holland wants to deport are present on deathlists

Translation into English below the original in Dutch

  1. Dag beste leden van de Tweede Kamer,
  2. Dank voor u tijd en interesse de laatste dagen.
  3. Bijgevoegd vindt u onze laatste brief aan COA directeur Harry Paul. En voor
  4. diegene onder u die de overig verstuurde correspondentie nog niet hebben
  5. ontvangen die stukken nogmaals. De stukken zijn vrij duidelijk en spreken
  6. voor zich.
  7. .
  8. Het eindresultaat is in ieder geval dat het overleg met het COA totaal
  9. vastgelopen is en dat we een kort geding overwegen welk belang zwaarder
  10. weegt, ons medisch beroepsgeheim dan wel de WBP waar COA zich op beroept.
  11. Wij zijn behandelend arts en willen in de gelegenheid gesteld worden onze
  12. patiënten te volgen c.q. op de juiste manier te kunnen overdragen. Maar
  13. zolang CGA, bij monde van de MOA, de betrokkenen vanuit de het tentenkamp
  14. meedeelt dat ze geen recht hebben op medische zorg en voor wat betreft hun
  15. dringende klachten maar moeten wachten tot na 15 juni, kan er van een
  16. serieuze intentie tot een goede overdracht en überhaupt goede zorg toch
  17. geen sprake zijn.
  18. Gisteravond  weer zelfde typische voorbeelden meegemaakt met patiënten
  19. binnen het AZC wiens klachten, zowel somatisch als psychisch, genegeerd
  20. worden door het CGA. Mensen krijgen gewoon te horen dat ze moeten wachten
  21. tot na 15 juni en krijgen geen toegang tot verdere zorg. Maar na 15 juni
  22. zullen al deze mensen ofwel teruggetransporteerd zijn ofwel in de
  23. illegaliteit verdwenen zijn.
  24. Gisteravond wederom een schrijven van ons aan de directie van het COA
  25. verstuurd, waarin we ons ongenoegen over de situatie wederom duidelijk
  26. maken. En dat we verder geen energie meer zullen steken in overleg met het
  27. COA, want na 7 dagen overleg zijn we geen stap verder gekomen en kunnen we
  28. onze tijd veel beter besteden aan onze patiënten, die we individueel
  29. trachten op te sporen, en en voor wie het CGA geen oor heeft.
  30. Triest dat zoveel dagen overleg tot zo weinig kan leiden, zoveel
  31. bureaucratie en zoveel ondeskundige managers die enerzijds zo weinig op de
  32. hoogte zijn van medische zaken waar ze over moeten beslissen en anderzijds
  33. zo weinig oplossingsgericht bezig zijn.
  34. Buiten onze medische competenties en veld spreken we natuurlijk de mensen
  35. over meer zaken en hebben we een vertrouwensband opgebouwd.
  36. *Vandaar dat we op het volgende gestuit zijn*;
  37. Dit vertellen we aan u in goed vertrouwen opdat het geen negatieve
  38. repercussies zal hebben voor de betrokkenen in de AZC’s en VBL’s, en we
  39. hebben van een aantal Irakese mensen de toestemming verkregen dit aan u
  40. mede te delen. Het probleem voor deze mensen is dat ze nu ze zgn.
  41. uitgeprocedeerd zijn ze in de meeste gevallen geen juridische bijstand meer
  42. hebben/krijgen en anderzijds vanwege de beperking van de bewegingsvrijheid
  43. ( ze mogen het grondgebied van de gemeente waar het AZC dan wel de VBL ligt
  44. niet verlaten en meerdere mensen zijn hun gsm afgenomen)  waardoor
  45. ze, indien ze nog een raadsman dan wel raadsvrouw hebben,  ze deze niet
  46. kunnen bezoeken etc.. Ditzelfde probleem doet zich voor bij bezoek aan
  47. ziekenhuis na doorverwijzing door ons o.a. maar dit terzijde.
  48. Er bestaan in Irak momenteel zeker een twintigtal websites, waarvan enkele
  49. duidelijk gelieerd aan het huidige regime, waarop lijsten van mensen met
  50. naam en toenaam staan. Van mensen die bij terugkomst in het land bedreigd
  51. worden c.q. verklaard wordt dat deze mensen er beter goed aan doen zich
  52. beter niet meer te vertonen. Anders zou hun hetzelfde lot wachten wat al
  53. reeds anderen hebben ondergaan; namelijk dat hun leven niet zeker is en dat
  54. ze een kopje kleiner gemaakt zullen worden. Een zogenaamde hitlist. Het
  55. betreft websites in het Arabisch, op deze lijsten staan ook een behoorlijk
  56. aantal mensen uit Irak waarvan onze regering heeft verklaart dat ze geen
  57. gevaar lopen bij terugkomst. Echter de recente geschiedenis heeft geleerd
  58. dat al een aantal van deze mensen die op deze lijsten staan het leven
  59. hebben gelaten (bij terugkomst) in Irak.
  60. Bij verschillende gesprekken in de AZC`s hebben we hier kennis van genomen.
  61. Ik heb een aantal voorbeelden van dergelijke websites gezien. In eerste
  62. instantie dachten we natuurlijk dat de IND dit zou weten en dat de IND toch
  63. op zijn minst toch ook de namen gegoogeld zou hebben, in de originele taal.
  64. Maar helaas blijkt dat in geen van de gevallen waar we dit over gehoord en
  65. gezien hebben dit is voorgekomen in de asielprocedure, hetgeen ons zeer
  66. bevreemdt. Waardoor we er dus vanuit gaan dat de IND dit niet onderzocht
  67. heeft anders was het wel vermeld in de asielprocedure.
  68. Wij leggen dit vandaag aan een advocaat voor of dit van enig juridisch
  69. belang nog kan zijn. Het heeft niets te doen met ons werk, ook ervan
  70. uitgaande dat dit al lang onderzocht zou zijn. Maar nu dit niet zo blijkt
  71. te zijn, kunnen we in deze onze mond natuurlijk niet houden.En hebben we
  72. aan enkele betrokkenen de toestemming gevraagd en gekregen om dit
  73. zomogelijk geanonimiseerd kenbaar te maken. En het lijkt ons voor de IND
  74. niet moeilijk om de lijsten die ze hebben c.q. de mensen te googelen ( in
  75. het Arabisch natuurlijk) en  individueel te interviewen of dit voor hen van
  76. toepassing is en het dan gericht te onderzoeken.
  77. Deze lijsten van namen zoals eerder genoemd zouden ook op de vliegvelden in
  78. Irak aanwezig zijn. Hetgeen wij natuurlijk niet kunnen verifiëren.
  79. Wat we wel hebben kunnen verifiëren is het bestaan van de websites en dit
  80. kunnen we indien gewenst ook u doen toekomen met bijvoorbeeld een concrete
  81. casus van een betrokkene Irakees, die vanuit het tentenkamp naar een AZC is
  82. gebracht, met alle details en indien gewenst ook naar eer en geweten
  83. vertaald in het Engels. Dit met toestemming van de betrokkene.
  84. Dit heeft natuurlijk niets te doen met onze huidige zorg t.a.v. de medische
  85. verzorging hier in Nederland, maar is voor betrokkene uitgeprocedeerde
  86. asielzoekers wel degelijk zeer (levens)bedreigend en u kunt zich
  87. voorstellen hoe de gemoedstoestand zal zijn van deze mensen.
  88. We verzoeken u of u hier ook aandacht aan zou willen besteden en misschien
  89. de Minister zou willen verzoeken dit grondig te laten uitzoeken alvorens
  90. deze mensen verder onder druk gezet worden om alsnog ‘vrijwillig’ terug te
  91. keren naar een ‘veilig’ vaderland .
  92. Voor nadere informatie zijn we tussen ons reguliere werk door voor u
  93. bereikbaar, en we kunnen u dit ook met concreet voorbeeld verder
  94. documenteren.
  95. met vriendelijke groeten,
  96. E. S.  Bonsen
  97. Arts tentenkamp Ter Apel

English translation of the letter of the MD to the House of Representatives of the Dutch Government

  1. Good day dear members of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands,
  2. Thank u for your time and interest during the last days.
  3. Included you will find our latest letter to Harry Paul, the General Manager of the COA. And for those among you which have not received the remaining correspondence we send the productions again. These productions may speak for themselves.
  4. .
  5. Anyway, the end result is that talks with the COA got stuck and that we consider a preliminary injuction about which merit should prevail; our medical confidentiality either this or that the WBP on which the COA is appealing.
  6. We are treating MD’s and want to be granted the opportunity to follow our patients as well as transfer those in an accurate manner. But as long as the CGA, as expressed by the MOA, those involved from the refugee camps informs they have no right to medical care and that they have to wait, in case of urgent health complaints til after June 15, there is no question, there can be no serious intention to an appropriate transfer, hence neither of proper medical care.
  7. Last night we experienced again the same typical examples with patients inside the AZC whose complaints are somatic as well as psychological, generated by the CGA. People simply get to hear that they will have to  wait til June 15 and do not get further access to health care. But after June 15, these people will be deported or vanish into illegality.
  8. Yesterday night, we again send a letter the management of the COA, in which we again expressed our disgruntlement about the situation very clearly. Also that we will put no more efforts in any talks with the COA for after 7 days of negotiations we did not proceed a single step forward and we can dedicate our time in a better way to our patients which we try to trace individual and for which the CGA has no ears.
  9. It is saddening that so much days of talking can lead to such a minimal result. So much bureaucracy and so many incompetent managers who, on one hand, are not well informed about medical issues about which they need to decide and on the other hands not work very hard nor  pragmatic towards a solution.
  10. Outside our medical competences and working field we of course do speak with people about more issues and have we build up trust.
  11. *That’s why we encountered the following*;
  12. We tell you this in good confidence in order that such will not have any negative repercussions for the involved in the AZC’s and VBL’s, and we have received the consent of some Iraqi people to report this to you. The problem for these people is that they have exhausted their legal possibilities of appeal and in most of the cases do not have nor get any legal support anymore due to the restriction of movement (they are not allowed to leave the area of the community in which the AZC or the VBL is located en several people saw their cellphones being confiscated) as a result of which, in case they still have a lawyer they are not able to visit him/her.. A similar problem occurs in case of visiting a hospital after our referral but this aside.
  13. There exist in Iraq at this moment at least about twenty website, of which some are clearly affiliated to the current regime, on which are posted lists of people with are mentioned with name and surname. From people who on return in the country, are threatened and as is stated, those people do well better not to show up. Otherwise they could meet the same fate which many already have undergone; namely that their lives will be insecure and they will be “cut down to size over night”. A so called hit-list. It concerns websites in Arabic. On these list a considerable amount of people from Iraq are mentioned, of which our government has declared that they will not be in any danger on return. However, the recent history taught us that some of the people at these lists (on return) have lost their lives in Iraq.
  14. In several talks in the AZC’s we have taken notices of such.
  15. I have seen a few examples at such websites. At first we were thinking that the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Authorities) would know this and that the IND at least would have ‘googled’ a name in the original language.
  16. Unfortunately it seems that in none of the cases in which we noticed such and have seen this  no where this reoccurs in the procedure for asylum, which astonishes us. For this we assume that the IND did not investigate this, otherwise it would have been mentioned in the asylum procedure.
  17. We will present this today to a lawyer to consult if this might still  be of any legal importance. It has nothing to do with our work, also assuming such would have been investigated a long time ago already. However, now this not seems to be the case, we of course can not remain silent in this. And we asked several involved for their consent which they granted us as far as possible anonymous, to notice you. It seems to us it should not be very difficult for the IND the lists which they possess c.q. to google those people (in Arabic of course) and to interview them individually of such applies on them and than to investigate such directly.
  18. These lists of names as mentioned before could also be present at the airports in Iraq. We can not verify this of course.
  19. What we could verify is the existence of websites which we if desired can send to you by for example a tangible case of an Iraqi concerned who was brought from the tent camp to a AZC, with all details and if desired also to all honor and consciences translated into English. This with consent of the person involved.
  20. Dit of course, has nothing to do with our current care regarding the medical care in the Netherlands, but for the involved refugees who exhausted the legal tracks such is defenitly (life) threatening and u can imagine how the we state of mind of these people will be.
  21. We appeal to you, to dedicate your attention also to this matter and maybe would be willing to request the Minister to investigate this thoroughly before these people will be put under more pressure to return “voluntarily” to their “safe” country of origin.
  22. For further information we are within reach for you between our regular work and we can document this furthermore with a tangible example.
  23. With kindest regards,
  24. E.S. Bonsen
  25. MD Tent Camp Ter Apel

Updates June 1, 2012

Photo ANP

In Media

  • June 1, 2012 | How long does Leers want to live between hope and fear? / ‘Hoe lang wil Leers nog tussen hoop en vrees leven?’ |
  • June 1, 2012 | Pieter van Reenen: IND not or almost not applies European regulations / IND past Europese regels niet of nauwelijks toe | Source
  • June 1, 2012 | Report debate Dutch House of Representatives which took place on May 31, 2012 | Report (Dutch)
  • June 1, 2012 | Verdict Court May 31, 2012 | Source

Updates June 2, 2012

  • June 2, 2012 | 90 Photos  that do not exist according to “press” who let itself “lock in” a press-cage #TerApel | PHOTOS
  • June 2, 2012 | The two Somalians were allowed to enter the refugee center and get shelter at least until their interview for asylum / De twee Somaliërs zijn toch binnengelaten en krijgen in ieder geval opvang tot hun asielinterview | Source
  • June 2, 2012 |World has strong criticism on refugee policies in the Netherlands /  Wereld heeft stevige kritiek op mensenrechtenbeleid in Nederland | Source
  • June 2, 2012 |Waan van de Dag, uitzending gemist | Source Video (Dutch)

In EU, after Holland now Norway also denies Refugees Basic Human Rights.

A video about a palestinian asylum seeker in Norway, living in a tent camp in the streets of Oslo. Mohammed and other about 20 other palestinians refugees are demanding their basic human rights. Like the people in Ter Apel, denied even the most basic rights. Papers are withheld and only granted back on leaving the country. Apartheid… installed. Watch it for yourself: How European Union and it’s members violate, literally every regulation and rules they committed to in the ICHR (EVRM) to assure “Human rights”… As it shows, not for valid for humans who seek asylum:

Updates June 5, 2012

  • June 5, 2012 | The problem of ‘legally exhausted’ asylum seekers of Refugee camp Ter Apel newly mapped / Het probleem van uitgeprocedeerde asielzoekers door tentenkamp in #TerApel opnieuw op de kaart gezet – VIDEO

Updates June 7, 2012


Appeal to support to enable legal assistance of refugees in #TerApel | APPEAL

  • June 7, 2012 | By cancer inflicted couple forced to sign for ‘voluntarily departure’ and stay in dirt VBL or will be put on the streets / Handtekening zetten voor vrijwillig vertrek & in onhygienisch VBL TerApel blijven of als kankerpatiënt de straat op | Source (Dutch) | Translation (English)
  • June 7, 2012 | Update | Armenian couple got one extra week. Case is re-viewed with a higher case manager & regional politicians. | Source

Updates June 8, 2012

  • June 8, 2012 | Update |  #TerApel-Leaks: Source – Iraqis in tent camp Ter Apel used in political game,  even until death follows/Irakezen tentenkamp #TerApel inzet politiek spel, zelfs tot de dood erop volgt

Updates June 10, 2012

Photo by @marritanne

Updates June 11, 2012

  • June 11, 2012 | Iraq refuses forced deportation of Iraqi refugees | Source
  • June 11, 2012 | All attacks in 2012 in Iraq, how unsafe it is you can read here

Updates June 14, 2012

COA Ter Apel

  • June 14, 2012 | URGENT | Refugees thrown on the streets again. urgent need for tents. | Appeal
  • June 14, 2012 | Female asylum seeker, 9 months pregnant thrown on the streets. |RTV Drenthe
  • June 14, 2012 | Supreme Court: Communities are obliged to shelter legally exhausted asylum seekers/ Centrale Raad van Beroep: Gemeenten zijn verplicht uitgeprocedeerde asielzoekers op te vangen | Source
  • June 14, 2012 | Story from Ter Apel | VIDEO
  • June 14, 2012 | “Invitation” of the COA to  Iranian refugees for making acqaintance for the purpose of return/  “Uitnodiging” van COA aan Iraanse vluchtelingen: kennismakinggessprek in het kader van terugkeer | Photo

Updates June 15, 2012

The police came and took the tents away. As well as the blankets. The9 month  pregnant woman and child that were thrown on the streets yesterday are back inside COA. The 4 men are out on the streets. Without any shelter at all. A disgusting violation of any human right imaginable!

Some of the refugees have been fined by the police for causing a gathering while the law states, refugees who exhausted their legal possibilities but have no ways to (safe) return should be sheltered by the community etc etc.

  • June 15, 2012 | Refugees likely to be jailed for not being able to pay the fine | NoordNieuws
  • June 15, 2012 | Dutch police confiscated blankets of asylum seekers living on the streets | Source

Update July 23, 2012

Announcement documentary ‘Greetings from Ter Apel’. Première mid August somewhere in the Netherlands.

Aankondiging documentaire ‘Groeten uit Ter Apel’. Medio Augustus 2012 première ergens in Nederland.


Update July 27, 2012

  • July 27, 2012 | Refugee work wants protection for Syrian refugees | VluchtelingenWerk wil bescherming voor Syrische vluchtelingen (“Vluchtelingenwerk” has appealed to give them help) Five political parties agree

Update July 28, 2012

  •  July 28, 2012 | You can “freeze in” chicken or fish but not a human life |  in” ‘Je kunt kip of vis invriezen, maar niet een mensenleven’ – Socialisme Nu

Update July 30, 2012

  •  July 30, 2012 | Syrian Refugees on hunger strike in Heerlen | Syrische asielzoekers in hongerstaking Heerlen | Video

Update Aug 2, 2012

While many refugees of Ter Apel, still have no security about their fate, the Ter Apel affair get’s a spin off to 2 other major cities in the Netherlands: Heerlen and Den Bosch where refugees started camping out and the mayor is threatening to evacuate the camp as well

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Keep spreading the message and just  imagine for a moment, it would be your mother, father, brother, sister, or your child camping out in an attempt and desperation for some dignity and for a bit of human rights which are really inalienable. Neither in Ter Apel!


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  • NEW | Dood door beleid – List of deaths due to asylum policies – Resource

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