Palestinian Journalist Forum condemns Al-Asir TV channel director’s arrest

[ PIC 18/05/2012 – 10:32 AM ]

GAZA,(PIC)– The Palestinian Journalist Forum condemned the arrest of Al-Asir TV channel managing director Baha Mosa and the confiscation of its equipment after storming its headquarter in Jenin in occupied West Bank.

“It seems that the occupation, which was forced by the prisoners’ steadfastness to respond on their demands after the battle of empty stomachs, wants to achieve a placebo victory through pursuing the supporters of the prisoners’ fair issue,” according to the forum’s statement on Thursday.

It stressed that the occupation’s various attempts to suppress the supportive voices to prisoners and their rights will fail as all previous attempts to silence those voices by arresting journalists failed, pointing out that eight journalists are still jailed in occupation prisons.

The forum called on journalists to work for supporting the prisoners’ just cause and their legitimate demands and to confront the occupation’s aggressions through covering and highlighting the different Palestinian issues and the prisoners’ issue in particular.

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