#JerusalemDay | Illegal settlers provocative march Al-Quds & Al-Aqsa – Photography

May 20, 2012

The “Dance of the Flags” is the culmination of “Yom Yerushalaim”. The day on which Israeli nationalists celebrate the conquest of East Jerusalem in the 1967 Six Days War. The provocative march, dancing and celebrations go through occupied Jerusalem and west bank of Palestine, even in the old center shop keepers were ordered to close their stores and villages were sealed off for the occasion.

They tour around the west bank on bikes ( Reminder: a palestinian can’t even do that without receiving the daily harassement and obstructions of movement in his own land )

Continuous updates of new footage


In media

  • May 20, 2012 Abolish “Jerusalem Day”, the holiday of the settlers and racists ~ by Gush Shalom
  • Jewish settlers start to defile Aqsa Mosque Sunday morning | Maan
  • Israeli MK’s tour Al-Aqsa to mark Jerusalem Day | Source
  • Islamic-Christian Commission denounces planned Jewish march in Jerusalem | Petra News
  • Hamas warns against Israeli settlers’ plan to attack Al-Aqsa Mosque | PressTV
  • Israeli  down an entire Palestinian village to allow settlers to ride their bikes to Jerusalem Day events | Maan


  • Video of 2011 Jerusalem Day & counter demo in Sheikh Jarrah – ActiveStills
  • Video from last year’s “Jerusalem Day” hate-fest shows Israelis chanting “death to the Arabs” & “Muhammad is dead” | Electronic Intifada

On Al-Quds & Al-Aqsa & Ethnic Cleansing

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