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LIVE BLOG ▶ Commemorating 64 Years of Catastrophe in Palestine | #Nakba64
LIVE BLOG ▶ Israel Attacks Gaza May 17, 2012 & lies about it | #GazaUnderAttack
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آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
May 22, 2012 | 233823 Days Since Al-Nakba & Gaza has been under siege for 1805 days

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#Nakba64 | The Nakba in pictures

Newt Gingrich’s private ventures going bankrupt | The Raw Story

IOF soldiers detain child, summons liberated prisoner

Melon harvest begins in Gaza

Israeli police arrest six Jerusalemites

#PalHunger | Lawyer: Gaza engineer still in isolation despite deal – Ma’an News Agency

IOF soldiers nab ten Palestinians including three children

Al Bawaba exclusive: Israeli woman (@SaharMvardi) saves Palestinian boy from IDF guns

Israeli Municipality Demolishes House in East Jerusalem

#PalHunger | Staying power – the key to victory in the war over your rights ~ by Lawrence Davidson

Settlers ‘attack village’ near Bethlehem

YouTube clip shows IOF soldiers protect settlers as settlers attack

The occupation plants thousands of fake graves around Al-Aqsa

The Knesset passes a bill encouraging settlement in the west Bank

Car blast in Sudan, Khartoum points to Israel

Palestinian Journalists threatened during Naomi Campbell visit

Israels illegal Dimona Nuclear Weapons Factory In 3D

Disgustingly racist zionazis- Israelis sling racial epithets to mark 45 years of a Jerusalem ‘unification’

YNet, @Commentary sever relationships with pro-Israel plagiarist Giulio Meotti

New: Burin: arbitrary arrests continue

Latest video’d #TerroristSettler shooting could defuse third rail in #US discourse

Mother of 4 jailed sons: Christians suffer for homeland ~ by @jbaboun

National Union of Students votes unanimously to urge campus divestment from Eden Springs.

Siedler schießen auf Palästinenser – Militär schaut zu

South African Zionist groups go nuts at modest requirement that Israeli colony products not be labeled “Made in Israel”

University in South Africa cancels Israeli official’s lecture

Student activist Khaled Abu Qash kidnapped by undercover Israeli forces

Of today’s racist chants: “the temple will be build, the mosque burned” #JerusalemDay!/SaharMvardi/status/204278315459149825

REPORT: : Three Children Arrested in Beit Ommar

#PalHunger | Lawyer: Gaza engineer still in isolation despite deal

For Second Straight Year Marchers Chant Anti-Arab Slogans During Jerusalem Day

Palestinians call for Punishing Israel at an International level

IDF Probes 15 Cases of Soldiers Ignoring Settler Attacks on Palestinians
1151 attacks since December 2010

Israel slams Western powers for ‘bowing down’ to Iran on nuclear program (I say world needs to slam Israel) – Haaretz

#israel inciting a/  #Iran” after it casted #75TONS DE ON GAZA itself



Israel Foreign Minister Lieberman in UK to meet William Hague &.. Michael Gove. What’s Gove’s foreign policy role?

Islamic Jihad holds PA security responsible for assaults on its cadres

Video: Military Court Orders to Jail Palestinian Activist, Naji Tamimi, for Peacefully Protesting on Nakba Day. See

Palestinians call for Punishing Israel at an International level:

Who Owns Your Congressperson – MJ Rosenberg/ICH

‘I ask you, Oh Israeli Soldier’

“Security fence” lobby chair says real purpose of Wall to keep non-Jews out

The Nakba: Then AND Now

Tent Camp Ter Apel – Still No Solution ~ by @OpPinkPower

#GazaHealthCrisis | The Arab Doctors Union calls to immediately support Gaza – Ahlul Bayt News Agency –

Jenin arrests not based on political affiliation

Arrestation du directeur de la chaîne palestinienne Al-Asir par l’armée israélienne,42649.html

NEW on TWITTER: .@ICAHDUK The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, working to resist the Occupation Pls Follow and RT!

See here for ICAHD’s new report on ‘Demolishing Homes, Demolishing Peace’

IDF hunting down draft dodgers and deserters in largest operation of its kind ever:

11 Palestiniens arrêtés lundi par la sécurité de l’Autorité palestinienne et par…

Charade at Dutch Floriade! Boasting water development while: Israel causes Water crisis in #Palestine

Well-known Beit Jala restaurant destroyed by Israel, again

Note à l’attention des chefs d’Etat de l’UE: immigrer n’est pas un crime.

B’Tselem: The army provides cover for settlers’ attacks

Jewish settlers assault Palestinians in Al Khalil

AUDIO Al-Haq director, Shawan Jabarin, on settlements and peace in Palestine

Al-Quds must be partitioned, Olmert says

#Nakba64 | The Meaning of the Nakba

Palestinian writer says Syria detention facilities are ‘human slaughterhouses’

#PHOTOS | South Hebron Hills settlers attack Palestinians, Army does not interfere

Israel planted fake Jewish graves near Al Aqsa Mosque. No boundary

PHOTOS | Settler violence in South Hebron Hills May 21, IOF not intervened

Video (uncut) van 21 mei livestream #TerApel

#Nakba64 | Speech of @Resistance48 at 64th Amsterdam Nakba Commemoration: VIDEO

“Interstice: Life in the Firing Zone 918”, an on-going Documentary Project About Life in South #Hebron Hills

Nazism, Zionism and the Arab World : Information Clearing House

Student activist Khaled Abu Qash kidnapped by undercover Israeli forces

Please join me in asking @UNRWA for action ▶ “Long & Healthy Lives” of Children in Danger as Vaccines are Depleted

#PalHunger | Conference About Palestinian Prisoners’ Situation in Israeli Jails

Activist prevents Israeli officer from arresting Palestinian child

Activist prevents Israeli officer from arresting Palestinian child

#PalHunger | Palestinian prisoners still on hunger strike – Kuwait Times

Conference for protecting Palestinian fundamentals

West Bank settler, anti-Arab racist, & Israeli FM, Lieberman is in London today. Protest his JNF talk, 6.15pm, here

Jews must clean their own house first  ~ by Khalid Amayreh

For who does not know: Israel even constructs FAKE GRAVEYARDS to occupy Jerusalem

Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem sells Real Estate to Zionists

US House Stealthily Passes Extreme Pro-Israel Legislation

Settlers, amongst soldiers, fire live ammunition on Palestinians – Videos

#PHOTO | Criminal settler armed with M4 assault rifle shot Nemer Fathi – Will justice be done? Pls spread picture!

B’Tselem: the occupation army provides cover for settlers in their attacks

Islamophobia: A New Form of Colonialism

Netanyahu: Stop African hordes fr overrunning Israel B4 it’s 2 late.:

“The Temple Mount is in our hands and … it shall remain in our hands,” Netanyahu

Al-Quds & Al-Aqsa and Ethnic Cleansing

Ethnic cleansing & Denial of Palestinian identity – Special Topic
Israel’s Likud threatens to invade Al-Aqsa Mosque – Overview
More Information about Al-Aqsa Under Threats – PDF
All posts about Al-Aqsa Mosque – Category

Israel. Not looking for Peace. Nor Talks. But this…


Al-Aqsa Assault – February 19, 2012 – Video & Photography
Al-Aqsa Assault – February 24, 2012 – Photography

Illegal Detention & Human Rights abuses of (Child)Prisoners

Palestine’s Prisoners Pictures
Palestinian Prisoners Special Topic
Palestinian Prisoners Category
The History of Israeli Torture Topic
All posts about Torture Category
Child Arrests – Topic

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