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LIVE BLOG ▶ Israel Attacks Gaza May 17, 2012 & lies about it | #GazaUnderAttack
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آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
May 23, 2012 | 23823 Days Since Al-Nakba & Gaza has been under siege for 1806 days

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#Nakba64 | The Nakba in pictures

60% of Germans polled disagreed that Germany owed Israel a special obligation after the Holocaust

A woman is told she deserves to be raped for not agreeing with a Tel Aviv mob that all Africans must go

Babies: the mortal enemies of Israel as defined by its leader. My latest @intifada post

“Don’t Hate Negroes? May You Be Raped!” – video from Tuesday night’s rally in Tel Aviv to expel all non-Jewish Africans

Racists living on stolen Palestinian land rally for the expulsion of African refugees.
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Fail Again and Fail Better’: Max Ajl interviews Matan Kaminer on J14 Protests in Israel

Israel – Self-made Global Pariah (even of a biased BBC poll.. imagine that!)

Prisoners’ leadership: We will not leave Abu Sisi in isolation

Good news: Gaza Company Exports 200 Tonnes of Cotton to South Africa –

Occupation continues with its repression in Al-Khalil

Mansi calls PA to halt security cooperation with the occupier

Obstruction of #humanrights – WHO: 8 Patients Denied Permit to Leave Gaza Strip

Press Release: Palestinians once again back to build in Um Fagarah village

Turkish prosecutors seek life for Israeli raid commandos

Reminder: #MaviMarmara massacre photos:

MTV’s Xenophobic Crusades

Gaza fleet leashed by Israel, starved for fuel

Palestinian worker Moussa Abu Ramis الله يرحمه dies in Jerusalem accident‎

Zughayar tells the real story of how he got seriously injured after Israeli soldiers’ stabbing

Eight thousand Sudanese are working in Israel & being badly exploited

Palestinian teen, two children rounded up in Qalqilia village

#GazaHealthCrisis | Water apartheid leaves Palestinian children ill

This morning: Israeli Incursion East of Deir al-Balah in Gaza

PEA: Occupation tries to embellish its image by allowing Qatari fuel into Gaza

Massive rally against Lieberman’s visit to London

Minister: Israel to return Palestinian bodies within week

Teen stabbed by soldiers in ‘stable condition’

IOF troops tear down six tents for Palestinian Bedouins

IOF incursion in central Gaza

MK Sarsour: Israel bears consequences of any attempts against the Aqsa Mosque

PA news agency: Israel demolishes Hebron tents

#GazaUnderAttack | Israeli Incursion East of the Gaza Strip

Knesset to discuss bill to legalize West Bank settlements (which have been condemned already by UN & world),7340,L-4233121,00.html

‘I am the law’: Settlers filmed attacking Palestinians and activists

The Knesset passes a bill encouraging settlement in the west Bank  offering facilities to construct illegal settlements

Israeli Forces Abduct Palestinians From Across the West Bank, Take Them to Unknown Destinations

More photos from yesterday’s right wing protest against refugees & asylum seekers in #telaviv #israel

Lawyer: Abducted Gaza engineer Dirar Abu Sisi still in isolation despite deal

Palestinian factions: Egypt’s new president will be an ally to Palestine

Jewish extremist settlers attack again, this time in Bethlehem village

Turkey ‘indicts Israeli commanders’ over Marmara raid

“Gesture of Zionism” Israel hands over 130  bodies to PA,7340,L-4233226,00.html

Denmark to label products from illegal Jewish settlements

EU Defends Right of Palestinians to Peaceful Protest

Abed Rabbo resigns as head of PBC

Farmland exploited for Israeli military exercises

Israel demolishes multiple homes, structures throughout South Hebron Hills area on Wednesday

Confrontations and large forces surround Hosh Ouda

Israel demolishes 2 homes, 2 animal shelters and 1 storage shed in Widadi and Jesh villages, South Hebron Hills, this morning.!/aicnews/status/205239165032464384

Lieberman spoke to @WilliamJHague about “the rights of Israelis to freely express their opinions on [UK] campuses”

The Flag Procession” establishes the division of Jerusalem

Israeli Forces Kidnap Eight Palestinians in Hebron, Qalqilya:

DFLP Member Calls for Punitive Measures Against Israel at International Level

Settlers Caught on Film Shooting at Palestinian Protestors

#Thoughtpolice: Palestinian, UAE men held over Twitter comments

Israel urged to release satellite TV director

How #Israel targets #Press #Journalism #Photographers to prevent they SHOW you truth:

The #MaviMarmara massacre in PHOTOS

Turkey Seeks Life Sentence for Israeli Commanders, Sabah Reports – Bloomberg

Israel is doing everything to separate Gaza, West Bank – Haaretz Daily Newspaper

DFLP: Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike: Who exactly represents them?:

@benabyad: The British Israel Coalition deleted my comments – but left up remarks by Kahane fans & Roberta “EDL” Moore

DFLP: A letter to the US Judiciary:

#PHOTOS | Demo in London against the visit of Israel’s Lieberman | #LiebermanLondon

Salah Zghaier, in the hospital recovering from his injuries after he was shot by the IOF earlier this week

Palestine’s Future in Safe Hands ~ by Ramzy Baroud

Armed border officer chases a 10 year old Palestinian child

Israel arrests head of Palestinian prison news channel – CPJ Press Freedom Online

#PalHunger | the Zionist jails administration refuse the Lawyers request to visit the prisoners to hide the facts,especially after the Hunger Strike!/Palhunger/status/205164533612937216

Turkey implements development and service projects in Palestine

Hundreds in Vancouver mark 64 years of Palestinian resistance to ethnic cleansing (incl many links to photos & video)

Burin: arbitrary arrests continue

Al-Quds & Al-Aqsa and Ethnic Cleansing

Ethnic cleansing & Denial of Palestinian identity – Special Topic
Israel’s Likud threatens to invade Al-Aqsa Mosque – Overview
More Information about Al-Aqsa Under Threats – PDF
All posts about Al-Aqsa Mosque – Category

Israel. Not looking for Peace. Nor Talks. But this…


Al-Aqsa Assault – February 19, 2012 – Video & Photography
Al-Aqsa Assault – February 24, 2012 – Photography

Illegal Detention & Human Rights abuses of (Child)Prisoners

Palestine’s Prisoners Pictures
Palestinian Prisoners Special Topic
Palestinian Prisoners Category
The History of Israeli Torture Topic
All posts about Torture Category
Child Arrests – Topic

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