Palestinian factions: Egypt’s new president will be an ally to Palestine

[ PIC 23/05/2012 – 09:45 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Some Palestinian factions expressed their optimism about the first presidential election in Egypt after the January 25 revolution, saying the coming president would be a strong supporter of the Palestinian people.

In a press statement to the Palestinian information center (PIC), senior Hamas official and lawmaker Yahya Moussa said “it is a historic moment and milestone in the Islamic and Arab history and for the first time in the modern history, the Egyptian nation is exercising its right and freedom to choose its leaders.”

Moussa expressed his belief that the Egyptian people would choose a leader able to restore the political stature of their country in the region and lead them towards prosperity and development.

He also hoped that the elected president of Egypt would assume his responsibilities for defending the Palestinian cause as a core issue for the Egyptian people.

In two separate statements to the PIC, Ramzi Rabah from the democratic front for the liberation of Palestine and Kayed Al-Ghoul from the popular front for the liberation of Palestine were also optimistic about the positive reflections of the democratic elections in Egypt on the Palestinian cause.

Rabah stated that the Palestinian people are eager to see Egypt regain its historic role towards their national cause and become an important political factor in the region against the Zio-American policies.

For his part, Ghoul stated that the Palestinian cause would be highly considered by any upcoming president in Egypt and on the top of his agenda regardless of his name and political affiliation.

He underlined that all presidential candidates highlighted in their different statements their strong support for the Palestinian people and their aspiration for freedom.

Apart from this optimistic tone, the Palestinians in general are anxiously following up the presidential race in Egypt hoping that the new president will not be from the former regime.

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