Prisoners’ leadership: We will not leave Abu Sisi in isolation

[ PIC 23/05/2012 – 05:43 PM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)– Tadamun foundation for human rights confirmed that Captive leadership in occupation prisons is making a great effort to end Dirar Abu Sisi’s isolation in Ashkelon prison.

Ahmed Betawi, a researcher at the foundation, quoted Mohammed Sabha, leader in Captive movement, as saying that the movement leadership will not leave Abu Sisi in isolation, trying to end his isolation and move him to prisons at any cost.

Sabha insisted that they are pressing on occupation to remove Sisi’s isolation as soon as possible, adding that the prison service claims that they are looking for an appropriate prison as a silly pretext, stressing that they will not rest till Sisi goes out of the isolation cell.

The prison service administration had moved 19 isolated prisoners to normal cells after the mass prisoners’ hunger strike, however it kept Abu Sisi isolated until this moment.

Regarding the administrative detention, he said that the captive leadership has formed a special committee to follow the administrative detainees’ files evaded by the Zionist prosecution.

In the same context, Betawi revealed that the Jordanian ambassador met the two Jordanian prisoners in Gilboa prison, Abdullah Barghouti and Ali Nazzal, two days ago, where he confirmed to them that their families will be allowed to visit them within the next month.

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