Hebrew Language in Gaza’s Schools

Al Qassam Website 26-05-2012,08:11

Al Qassam website (Agencies)– The Ministry of Education in the Gaza strip, headed by Hamas, decided to launch a course to teach Hebrew language in several schools in Gaza at the beginning of the new academic year.

The son of Ismail Haniyeh said in an interview with Israel’s channel 10 “because we are under Israeli occupation and we watch the Israeli channels, we should know what Israel talks about Gaza Strip.”

A teacher in one of the schools said that 90% of the students will choose to learn Hebrew in Gaza; the report showed that the majority in Gaza chose the Hebrew language over the French language to be learned in schools.

Deputy education minister, Ziad Thabet, told Agence France-Presse (AFP) that the decision to teach Hebrew is “because we are still under occupation, so we must learn and understand it, it’s the language of the enemy. ”

He also added, “We will start teaching Hebrew in two schools; one for boys and one for girls, and we will apply this program in 14 other schools in Gaza.”

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