My 2 Cents on Israel condemning the Syrian Massacre

May 28, 2012

Assad’s systematical crackdown on the people of Syria and forthcoming violence has cost over 15.234 lives so far in one of the most atrocious massacres ever.

Last year the “First world” together. Invited  some  Arab representatives and  attempted earlier to achieve an end of the Assad rule, which failed in February 2012 due to a veto by China and Russia.  Last Friday Hillary Clinton called for humanitarian aid and a blue helmets in, additional to the already present “UN Observers”.  Obama stated “We are going to continue to keep the pressure up and look for every tool available to prevent the slaughter of innocents in Syria.”  Aside from slamming, condemning, calling, observing and body counting this seem to be about all the “pressuring efforts” this world’s powers are making.

On April 12, a cease-fire was brokered as part of a plan by Kofi Annan. We can state this plan was as “Dead-On-Arrival” can be, for since the so called cease-fire 1,635 people have been murdered according to the Local Coordination Committees of Syria.

The Houla Massacre

In 14 months of onslaught in Syria, than all of a sudden when people are being slained in Houla, live real time tweeted and shared photos and video’s posted on youtube cause a global outrage. Photos of the Houla Massacre going viral on social networks finally ringed some bells, reached the outer space of the vacuum of Syria.

Despite Houla’s cries for observers, they never came. Only when the world observed on the internet, footage, spread by scared people, cyberspace got appalled, shocked, nauseated and finally the outrage reached the White House!  It  even made the UN gather and convene in an emergency meeting all of a sudden….  again, all of this after 13.000 already were  killed.

I seriously do not know what’s worse.

The footage? Or this world ineptitude and in-actions, idleness and silence. My personal opinion is that the complicity of International Governments, institutions with a mandate like UN are complicit in their silencing, lack of actions and so,  not only are enabling the ongoing savage and horrific massacre on Syrians but sustaining it as well. Or the media, which seems to be reduced to white chair copy and paste slaves which did not display footage before. Nor facts. Verily, Journalism died for the only investigative talents media has, it deploys nowadays to investigate employee benefits or causes fear to loose a job. Or to find a better one? The complicity of main stream media lacking actions is definitely sustaining the ignorance of this world, which, would this kind of footage  have been exposed at the first 100 deaths of the Syrian massacre, it would have reacted as appalled as now. Yet it didn’t. The last 100 death’s footage did it.

After tens of thousands of photos which are daily pushed by desperate Syrian people and those supporting them, over the web. Censored by Facebook, Google and other online complicits of the violators like Assad who  already silence people even to death, but also online.

This all is way more nauseating than any picture or video ever can be.

Aside from all this, the alleged “all seeing eye” of world’s intelligence  knows to eliminate any ‘suspect’ on the fly of a drone without a blink of an eye. Yet allegedly did not alert nor act on the excistance of the  Assad hitlist. An overwhelming piece of work:  a digital 718 page counting  hitlist.  A digital document which contains thousands of names, phone numbers, activities and more. This merely shows, it is actually not in Assad’s plan to stop with all, which he has been allowed to do now for 14 months.

13.000 deaths later UNSC talks, Hillary makes plans, Obama condemns, all verbs are used yet only those which implicate everything but: Actions.

And than, when you think you have seen it all: Israel condemns the massacre on Houla.

Israel which is usually (ab)using Syria as decoy to distract this world’s vision from Israel’s own atrocities, inciting all kind of conspiracies, scenarios involving Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas whatever makes the buzz for imaginary threats which keep justifying state of alert but especially, keeps the paranoia vera alive and most of all:  assures continuation of the flow of  tax dollars for it’s own genocidal practices.

Israel the pot, blaming the kettle Assad

The master butcher condemning with over 6 decades of experience and proven ‘achievements’ blames the other butcher.

Israel eying parts of Syria, already occupying illegally the Golan Height butchered and still butchers around there as well.  The zionist propaganda machine wants you to believe little poor Israel is a victim with has to bear a continuous breathing in it’s neck from alleged Iranian nuclear threats (which already have been debunked by the IAEA). Israel displays itself like a victim which is pounded by rockets and missiles day in day out, if not from Hezbollah than from Hamas, and in between get’s targeted by thousands of suicide bombers. And of course any non corrupt (i.e. non collaborating Arab) in the “neighborhood” is a threat as well endlessly abusing a mistranslated quote of Ahmadinejad who according to Israel said Iran wants to “wipe Israel off the map” (The hoax)

In short: There are no threats to Israel other than they incite, or invent, or use to buy time to achieve the zionist plan of the “Greater Israel” Israel is not interested in peace for the violence it is committing or sustaining is part of the ongoing ethnic cleansing of the region. To sustain this process, it keeps creating myths, keeps pumping up the paranoia and enables and uses all (for as long as they are of use) to create unrest in any country beyond it’s “borders” which is it pushing slowly but steady with world’s consent and ignorance, further and further. By eradication.

Israel blaming Syria is as inappropriate and ridiculous as Pol Pot condemning the  WWII Nazi’s holocaust.

The Facts – Crash course genocidal Israel

  1. There is a 130 year long record of religious Jewish opposition against the zionist scheme | Source Neturei Karta
  2. The sole one starting terrorism in the middle east is Israel, King David Bombing  July 1946, before any state of “Israel” was founded at all. | Source
  3. During the King David bombing, zionist terrorist organisations killed 91 people with a single bomb attack. So far the myths who started bombings | Source
  4. Israel committed over 77 massacres during the Nakba | Overview of all massacres
  5. The first massacre of the Nakba in Deir Yassin where zionist terror organisations behaved like nazi’s in WWII | Source | Video
  6. Deir Yassin is just one of the examples how Israel wipes of complete villages off the map of this very earth.  Every red dot on this map represents a vanished Palestinian town | Map
  7. Skipping some massacres, but this footage of Sabra & Shatilla could easily be mixed up for Holocaust footage | Photos | Documentary
  8. Holocaust comparisions do not make me happy, but this footage must be seen and please make up your own mind | Photos Hashoah vs Al-Nakba
  9. And before you jump into conclusions, this footage of Abu Ghraib style “trophy pictures” of Israel’s own soldiers says it all | Photos
  10. The Nakba, intended to ethnic cleanse Palestine for the sake of the greater Israel never ended. | Article by Alan Hart
  11. It goes on even today. In a continuous process of ethnic cleansing | Overview & resources
  12. Most people do not even have the slightest idea of the magnitude of the genocide on Palestine which killed est. 5.1 Million Palestinians since 1948 | Research
  13. Genocide is committed in 2 ways: By direct violence or passively: by deprivation | Research by Dr. Gideon Polya
  14. The policies of Israel to deprive people are similar to those which cause the death of 1 in 6 million, so 1 million Jewish people who died due to deliberate deprivation by the Nazi’s during world war 2. Yet, Israel is doing the same on Palestine. | More
  15. These deprivation policies are even proven for Israel went to Supreme Court to prevent documents about near starvation from leaking | Source
  16. Every mean possible is deployed by Israel to deprive cause illness and death while it keeps displaying a bodycount cause by direct aims and confirmed hits only. To be very clear: The alleged rockets from gaza have killed 21 Israeli in 11 years | Source Israelproject
  17. Israel inciting alleged threats of Gaza is hiding the facts about the myths about the home made flares | The Facts | The Footage
  18. Israel accusing Iran of being a so called nuclear threat was revuked before by the IAEA | Source Febr 2012
  19. Israel itself, is denying any investigation into it’s own nuclear arsenal which it’s possession it has been denying as in forever. While in Vanunu already exposed pictures of the Dimona nuclear weapon plant from 1985 | Footage
  20. Aside from this, US gave Israel, short before the Cast Lead Massacre 1000 GBU-39 bunker busters which it pounded indiscriminately on high dense urban areas of Gaza | Source
  21. In the soil of Gaza, 75 Tons of depleted uranium were found after the assault on Gaza | Report 1 | Report 2 | Report 3
  22. These weapons not only kill on impact, but while Israel folds it hands, kills on passively by causing cancer, increasingly as well | Report
  23. Which fits the zionist plan: “Shoot them, kill them, otherwise give them cancer” | Report
  24. If one gets inflicted by diseases like cancer: Deprive them of medical aid | Overview of facts of death due to deprivation of medical aid
  25. Where in Warsaw during WWII smuggling reduced the number of death due to deprivation, Gaza smuggling tunnels are systematically bombed by Israel, killing so far over 160 men. | Link Gaza | History of Warsaw Ghetto smuggling
  26. Or Israel kills by denying access to medical aid,  173 children died this way | Report
  27. 35 babies died (still births) before they could be born, because their mother was denied access to medical care, as well as 18.000 women a year develop complications during pregnancy due to restrictions of movement to medical aid facilities | Report, Facts, Resources and Video footage
  28. In a shocking  report of Israeli Physicians for Human Right it shows, that even inside 1948 (which is called Israel nowadays) people of Palestinian origin are severely infringed on their rights to medical assistance, treatments and even denied access. Causing high deathrates, less survival chances if inflicted by a terminal disease and even factor 4 to 5 reducing birthrate caused by racist policies | Report by PHR Israel
  29. Dialysis supplies, which cost about 29 dollar per treatment are prohibited from entering or delayed, causing continuously over 400 lives to be in danger, making the ill hostage of deliberate politics | Facts, Resources, Footage
  30. Cancer and Thallasamia patients neither have medications | Facts & Footage
  31. May 19, 2012:  204 types of medication and 218 types of medical consumables are depleted. 200 others are on their way to depletion. Because the siege on Gaza | Source
  32. While UN is celebrating “Long and healthy Lives” achievements, Israel prevents entry of vaccines, which is an obligation of UNRWA in Gaza for the refugees who also lack action or use of their mandate, putting Gaza’s children at vunerable ages at risks aside those they already are exposed to by all other factors | Facts
  33. Like water pollution: Only 5% of Gaza’s water is fit for human consumption. Supplies for aquifiers are prohibited from entering, causing water born diseases, blue baby syndrome, pollution and environmental damage. | Facts, footage, resources
  34. March 5, 2012 Again dams are flooded deliberately | Report
  35. “Access to safe water is a  fundamental human need and therefore a basic  human right.” ~ Kofi Annan | Website RighttoWater, legal resources, reports, research
  36. Israel steals 85% of Palestine’s water | Facts
  37. Israel if not stealing or destroying poisons water wells, flooding sewage or even directly poisoning orchards deliberately | Report
  38. Israel cuts electricity supplies, fuel, causing a severe crisis and blackouts sometimes over 18 hours a day. Directly targeting all which is functioning on electricity as well like dialysis machines, Intensive care and heart units, nurseries,  and at the moment even endangering the ability to do surgeries | Report by UN
  39. Electricity cuts also prevent aquifiers to work, sewerage and waterpumps, violating human rights but also endangering health | Report by Muftah
  40. May 24, 2012 | Even emergency rooms in Gaza now face dangerous situations and shut down | Report
  41. June 9, 2012 | Gaza health ministry cautions over 450 medical items running out | Petra News Agency
  42. While it slained 1500 people, of which 352 children only during 1 of the many massacre Operation Cast Lead on Gaza in 2008-2009, during 22 days | Photos | Videos | More
  43. With not only “traditional” ammunition launched by tanks, naval vessels, drones, F16’s but also previously mentioned Nuclear as well as chemical weaponry like white phosphorus which is forbidden by law | Report
  44. Israel deploys 24 hours a day drones and has an enhanced remote killing technology  called ” Spot and Shoot ” | Report
  45. With which it commits extra judicial killings in Gaza, turning the open air prison not only into a concentration camp but effectively into an extermination camp as well | Report 1 | Report 2 | Report 3
  46. Over 825 people have been killed this way by drones only,  in the last 5 years in Gaza | Report
  47. While Israel has adopted a Mine Clearance Law, it leaves over 1,5 million Antipersonnel and antivehicle mines, IEDs, other UXO’s in the ground of occupied territories, causing many  deaths | Report Roots of
  48. Left behind ordnances or explosive devices caused 3356 casualties of which between 2000-2010 only, at least 141  confirmed deadly outcome | Report Landmine and Cluster Ammunition Monitor
  49. Snipers at the Gaza border shoot at over 1 mile range people working on their lands to death. Seems to be more for fun than danger | Report
  50. An example: This is 17yr old mentally disabled Khames, he was shot by snipers 10 times in head and upperbody | Case study
  51. Already in 2004 doctors in Gaza cried out to this world about the shocking rise of deaths by snipers who are merely hunting kids | Report 2004
  52. Not only in Gaza, in the west bank as well: A sniper shoots a 4 year old girl and paralyses her, she died earlier this year of wounds and complications | Report
  53. Or are hunted to death in a chase: An example: A healthy 30 year old worker chased to death | Report
  54. Or wounded, are refused treatment, and dumped by the army aside of a road, where one man died  this way | Report
  55. People are abducted and vanishing for Israel’s organ trade, sometimes corpses returned with missing bodyparts | Report
  56. Hit and Run Attacks. Cars used to kill. Or to disable. Hence even people in wheelchairs are ran over. None of the attackers has been punished for murder . Yet one of the attacks received an award | Overview 
  57. Prisoners are deliberately neglected and refused medical aid. As extermination tool | Report
  58. Israel uses over 105 torture techniques since 1967 resulting in at least 66 documented cases of torture deaths | Report
  59. Israel deliberately wounds and kills unarmed civilians with riot dispersal gear (tear gas, rubber bullets etc) in illegal ways causing death like Mustafa Tamimi | Overview, facts
  60. Israel arms settlers which caused an increase of racist induced settler violence wounded and deaths | Report
  61. Israel inciting so called dangers from Palestinians, it violent every day In the first 3 months of 2012, over 1000 attacks on Palestinians | Overview Jan – Mar 2012
  62. Not only killing inside Palestine, also those who want to visit it. Like the Mavi Marmara Massacre: 9 deaths | Overview, Footage, Facts

This list can go on for ever for in over 60 years, there still has not come an end to this genocide.

Definition of genocide:


Noun: “The deliberate killing of a large group of people, esp. those of a particular ethnic group or nation”

This violence, these massacres and much more as is listed above is going on over 60 years and even today. Enable by world’s powers, silenced by the lobby, muted by zionist policies as well. Truth does not bother Israel, as long as it is not exposed. | Facts

The sole success of “Israel’s” 6 decades long ongoing genocide is solely based on ignorance, silencing and lack of actions on facts which are well known by this world’s powers | Facts

And by muting all those, who can convey truth, targeting press, shoot, kill or jailing them, ransacking offices, confiscating equipment, shutting down radio and tv stations, creating genuine blackouts  from phone and internet communication, bloggers, tweeps, photographers, hijacking mobile phones and much more for real time updates and cameras have become a greater danger to Israel than any Palestinian with a gun. One like that, or even without a gun, they just shoot to death. While a camera or a (citizen)journo “hits” Israel were it is the most vunerable:

The Achillus heel of Israel: Exposure of truth and it’s atrocities about the genocide on Palestine.

~ So you stay ignorant.
~ So you keep believing the myths and lies
~ So it justifies the need of protection, arms and funds
~ To go on while you sleep well believing they are protected
~ While in reality, they commit a genocide enabled by your tax, ignorance and silence

Israel, having the audacity to condemn a Syrian Massacre?  Maybe you just need to watch some footage and compare these to the footage of Houla. And make up your mind.

A Toddler, killed in the Houla Massacre in Syria

2 year old Islam Qre’qa killed by Israel Aug 2011

3 little children assassinated in the Houla Massacre Syria

3 of the Samouni children, killed in Jan 2009 by Israel in Gaza

Smashes skulls in the Houla Massacre in Syria

Smashed skulls in the Gaza Massacre Jan 9, 2009

Slit throats killed a child in the Houla Massacre in Syria

Slit throats killed a child in the Sabra Shatilla Massacre sept 1982

Reminder:  The factor time and speed do not matter in a genocide
Reminder:  The massacres and genocide on Palestine already take place since 1946 and go on even today, passively or violently
Reminder:  These massacres go on. Unless there comes an action. Starting with ending your silence too…

And a last reminder: Do not forget, you can turn off your screen, turn your eyes away for this awful footage but the people in Syria, nor Palestine can not run away for those, committing these massacres on daily basis.

Share the facts, end ignorance, challenge your media, write your representatives, keep a demo, share articles, do whatever you can to create awareness for only by ending ignorance, these atrocities of mankind can stop. When the majority of sane mankind will call for a permanent halt to these genocides. Do not be a wheel of the machine which keeps running by silence. Break it.

Photos say more than a thousand words

Gaza Under Attack – May 17, 2012Photography
Gaza Under Attack – April 4, 2012 – Photography
Gaza Under Attack – March 14, 2012 – Photography
Gaza Under Attack – March 13, 2012 – Photography
Gaza Under Attack – March 12, 2012Photography
Gazz Under Attack – March 11, 2012 – Photography
Gaza Under Attack – March 10, 2012 – Photography
Gaza Under Attack – March 2012 – Photography
Gaza Under Attack – Feb 2012 – Photography
Gaza Under Attack – Jan 2012 – Photography
Gaza Under Attack – Dec 2011 – Photography
Gaza Under Attack – Oct-Nov 2011 – Photography
Gaza Under Attack – Aug-Sept 2011 – Photography
Gaza Cast Lead Massacre – Photography
The Sabra & Shatilla Massacre 1982Photography


Gaza Cast Lead – The children of the Samouni family

Houla Massacre – Child with half it’s skull cap gone & brain exposed takes his last few breaths, the father wipes away boy’s tears



Martyred By the Oppressors

انّا للہ و انّا الیه راجعون

May Allah Subhana wa Ta’ ala grant the Shuhada Jannatul Firdaus, and ease it for their families, loved ones and anyone around them. Allahumma Ameen ya Rabbil Alameen. ‘ Inna Lillahi wa ‘ Inna ‘ Ilayhi Raji’un, Allahu Akbar


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