Settlers attack mosque Imam, IOF arrest a boy

[ PIC 27/05/2012 – 08:08 PM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– A number of Jewish settlers attacked on Saturday the imam of Ain Silwan mosque in Silwan town in Jerusalem after storming the neighboring area.

Jerusalemite sources stated that the settlers attacked the seventy-year-old imam of Ain Silwan mosque, Adam Samreen, under the pretext of enabling tourists to enter the place. Meanwhile, the Zionist settlers raided the neighboring area, and attacked the guard causing him injuries.

It is noted that the ongoing Zionist attacks against Jerusalemites aim at forcing them to leave their lands and properties.

Local sources revealed that the IOF arrested on Saturday a boy, Saiid Alian, from Dheisheh camp in Bethlehem when special units broke into his house for searching. The boy was transferred to an unknown destination after being severely beaten.

The IOF also deployed, on Saturday, at the entrances to Al-Khalil southern West Bank and set up several checkpoints at the entrance to Halhoul town, near Wadi Al-shajna village to the south and at Dhahiriya crossing. The soldiers searched the vehicles and no arrests have been reported.

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