#VIDEO | Four Years Of Struggle In Ni’lin

May 28, 2012 Video by

Join the march of loyalty to Ni’lin martyrs who were brutally murdered during a Peaceful protests against the apartheid Israelii wall in Ni’lin village in the west bank.

Time: Friday 01.06.2012 at 01:00 pm
More info: contact  http://www.nilin-village.org/

Ahmad Mousa, 10 years old,killed on 29.07.2008
Yousef Amireh, 17 years old, killed on 30.07.2008
Arafat kawaja, 22 years old, killed on 27.12.2008
Muhammed Kawaja, 18 years old, killed on 27.12.2008
Aqil Srour, 36 years old, killed on 05.06.2009

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