A new settlement project for besieging Al-Aqsa

[ PIC 29/05/2012 – 07:46 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM (PIC) — The Jerusalem Municipality, in cooperation with the occupation Ministry of Tourism, allocated 4 million NIS (about one million dollars) for launching a new settlement project in the neighborhood of Silwan to the south of Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem, under the banner of promoting tourism, Israeli media sources revealed on Tuesday.

The Hebrew newspaper “Haaretz” stated that the project includes developing a museum which will have audiovisual shows giving the Zionist narrative about the history of the so-called “City of David”, in East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan.

The Museum will be built in the framework of the settlement project known as the national park which is operated by the Ir David Foundation, also known as the Elad Association, under the supervision of the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority and the Israeli Antiquities Authority.

According to Haaretz newspaper, “Last week the city’s finance committee approved a NIS 1.1 million appropriation for the project, in addition to the NIS 900,000 it approved late last year. The Tourism Ministry is to match these amounts with an additional NIS 2 million”

In its resolution, the finance committee described the proposed project as “a unique attraction” that was set to be a “first-rate anchor for tourism.”

Besides, the municipality said in a statement it “assigned great importance to developing tourism and archaeological sites in the Old City and its environs, which draw hundreds of thousands of visitors and tourists every year,”

However, the Hebrew newspaper stated that the Deputy Mayor of occupied Jerusalem, Pepe Alalo (from the leftist bloc Meretz) who was the only council member who voted against the resolution, said: “the proposal was a “trick” to benefit Elad, which is trying to take control of Silwan and destroy any possibility of coexistence with the area’s Palestinian inhabitants”. Alalo also said that “giving so much money to the City of David meant denying funds to needy cultural institutions”.

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