#PalHunger | Attoun and Halaiqa: liberating prisoners is more important than elections

[ PIC 28/05/2012 – 09:54 PM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– The two Palestinian Legislative Council’s deputies for the cities of Jerusalem and Al-Khalil, Ahmed Attoun and Samira Halaiqa called on those meeting in Cairo on Monday to end political detention and summonses in the occupied West Bank which ran contrary to the spirit of reconciliation.

MP Ahmed Attoun said that the reconciliation is a necessity and a national interest for maintaining the unity of the Palestinian people, in the face of the Zionist plans to Judaize Palestine, to obliterate its identity and to desecrate its holy sites as well as the occupation’s ethnic cleansing policies against the Palestinian people.

Attoun called for creating the appropriate atmosphere for reconciliation through releasing the political detainees and halt the summonses. He also emphasized on the need for a true partnership for the interests of the Palestinian people and for the rejection of the security coordination with the occupation.

For her part, MP Samira Halaiqa called on those meeting in Cairo not to end their meeting before ageing on the immediate release of Palestinian political detainees in PA jails in the West Bank, especially those who have been detained for years with no justification.

She also demanded the PA’s leadership in Ramallah and its security apparatus to stop the policy of summons which affected dozens of Hamas members and liberated prisoners, and called PA to work hard for establishing a sound basis and a peaceful community to form the new government and to hold the elections.

Halaiqa also called PA president Mahmoud Abbas, to end the suffering of the protesting students in Birzeit University who had signed an agreement with the security apparatus and the freedoms’ Committee in order to continue their studies.

The MP stressed on the need to implement the terms of reconciliation which have never got off the ground despite the various meetings that took place between the leaders of Hamas and Fatah in Cairo.


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